812 Chapter 812: He is here

    'I'm amazed at him, though. In two months, he seems like he has grown by two years. He looks like he is 12-13 years old now. Such fast growth speed. Is this also because of his Special Physique? Such a peculiar physique. It boosts his Cultivation speed, gives him that mysterious strength that could destroy an entire town, and it boosts his growth,' Long Chen thought as he watched Xu Liang while wondering if these were all his abilities.

    He still wondered what this boy's link was to his bloodline. Even after staying together for so long, his bloodline was still not completely calm. It wasn't uncomfortable for him, though.

    It was as if his bloodline kept releasing even more strength into his body in this stimulated form.

    He glanced back at his talisman, which was still showing the same direction; however, it suddenly switched direction as soon as his eyes fell on it.

    "What the...! The talisman changed the direction. It was showing south, but now it's showing north. That means we passed Ji Shan. It means he's here!" he exclaimed as he stood the Sun Destroying Condor.

    "Oh? So he's in this city? After so long, we finally found him! Let's go and surprise that guy," Zhiqing appealed as she looked down at the city.

    Xu Liang also opened his eyes as he stopped his Cultivation.

    "I achieved another breakthrough. I am an eighth stage Body Refining Realm Cultivator now!" he informed Long Chen of the breakthrough he had just achieved.

    "Congrats. You were fast like always," Long Chen complimented; however, his attention was more on the city.

    "Is something important there? You're both looking down?" Xu Liang inquired, confused why the two of them were looking down.

    "Remember I told you about my friend? He's in this city," Long Chen answered as he made the Sun Destroying Condor go down.

    They got down of the Condor before Long Chen sent it back to the beast world.

    He followed the talisman until it changed the direction. It was pointing towards a nearby building.

    Long Chen turned towards the building and entered with the other two while he followed the talisman.

    As soon as he entered the building, he realized that it was something that he didn't expect at all.

    His face went blank as he realized what this place was.

    "He is here? I thought he would be finding a wife and settling with a nice life, but he's indulging in such things? I'm disappointed. He really changed after coming here. If he wanted this thing, couldn't he have done it in his kingdom where he had all the authority?" Zhiqing let out, sighing. The disappointment was evident on her face. She closed Xu Liang's eyes.

    "Zhiqing, wait outside with the kid. I'll be right out with Ji Shan," Long Chen said, waving his hand.

    "Alright," Zhiqing said as she left with Ji Shan. "Bring him out fast so I can give him a nice scolding."

    After Zhiqing and Xu Liang left, Long Chen walked deeper into the place.

    The walls inside were looking old. The pain had already come out of many places. There were cracks on the walls and bad smell everywhere.

    The walls of the place were filled with portraits of women that weren't wearing anything. All the women in these portraits were using their hands to cover their precious bits.

    There was no one in this fall except a chubby old woman who was sitting on a chair.

    There was a stair behind the woman that led upstairs.

    Long Chen walked towards the woman. He was sure that Ji Shan was above him since the Talisman was moving back and forth as if Ji Shan was on the above floors in the exact spot where he stood.

    "That old lady is a Peak Earth Realm Cultivator. Not bad. I guess I'm back in the main region of the continent," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the woman.

    "Which girl?" The old lady asked Long Chen as soon as he reached near her.


    "You came here without knowing how this place works? Did you think you'll come here and you'll get a girl to serve you instantly? We can't give our customers any random girl to satisfy their lust, can we? Look at the portraits on the wall. These are all the girls that work here. Choose one of them and pay the gold. I'll take you to the girl's room," the woman said, watching Long Chen confused.

    Long Chen looked around the room and saw all the portraits.

    "Your girls aren't bad, but I'm not here for the girls. A friend of mine is here. I only came for him. I'll leave after meeting him," Long Chen said, shaking his head.

    "Hah, do you take me for a fool? Your friend paid for his own time if he's here. Two people can't use our services at the price of one. And we have a rule that there can't be two guys with a girl. Choose another girl and pay if you wish to go up," The Old lady shook her head as she refused to let him go up.

    "Hah," Long Chen couldn't help but sigh at the stubbornness of the last. "Fine. How much does it cost? I'll take the girl in the first portrait."

    "You have good eyes. That girl is in really high demand. Your luck is good. She's free as well. It'll be two gold coins," the woman replied.

    Bringing out two gold coins, Long Chen paid.  "Can I go up now?"

    "Wait. The girl you chose will escort you herself. We can't have you lose and enter another girl's room by mistake when another guy is doing his deed," the old lady laughed as she shook her head.

    She pointed her finger towards the first portrait. A small light left her finger and hit the portrait. "She should be here in a few seconds."

    Long Chen was frustrated, but he didn't wish for a conflict when he was simply here to meet his friend. He decided to wait as he walked back and forth.

    After around a minute, a blonde woman came down the stairs. She was wearing a short dress that barely covered her thighs. It was wrapped around her body tightly, highlighting her huge breasts even more.

    The woman saw Long Chen and understood that he was her customer since he was the only one here. She walked towards him and wrapped her arms around his arms, making her elbows stick to her breasts.

    "Let's go, Darling." The lady started pulling Long Chen and took him upstairs.

    " The women here aren't half bad. I can understand how someone like Ji Shan might lose himself here," Long Chen said as he stepped upstairs with the girl.

    He held the talisman in his other hand.

    The girl took him to the first floor.

    "This is the room. Aren't you coming inside, Darling?" the woman asked Long Chen as she stood in front of the open door, looking at him, who wasn't moving.

    Long Chen was looking at the arrow moving back and forth in his talisman.

    "This is not the right floor. He is upstairs," he muttered as he walked back towards the stairs.

    "Wait, where are you going?" The girl called out to Long Chen.

    "Wait inside for me. I'm just going to say hi to an old friend upstairs. I'll be back in a minute after saying hi," Long Chen said, waving his hand.

    "You aren't allowed to roam around!" She let out, trying to stop Long Chen, who ignored her words. " Well, if he's just saying hi to his friend, it should be fine, though."

    Long Chen went upstairs.

    "It's showing this room. So this is where that guy is enjoying his life. He's in for a long scolding today," Long Chen muttered as he knocked on the door.
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