813 Chapter 813: Kidnapped Young Miss

    Long Chen reached out his hand to open the door but found it locked from inside.

    Feeling the urge to kick the door open, he controlled himself and simply knocked.

    "Who is it? Scram from here! My time isn't over yet!"

    'A man's voice? It doesn't sound like the voice of Ji Shan. Does this mean someone else is in there? The woman downstairs said that only one guy could be inside. How could someone else be here? The talisman is definitely pointing here.'

    Long Chen grew confused as he heard the voice from inside.

    "Something is wrong!" he muttered as he decided against waiting.

    He stepped back and raised his right leg as he kicked the door.

    The door was broken, revealing the scene inside where a man was on top of a woman, continuing his movements.

    Hearing the sound of the door breaking, the man looked back

    "Who are you? Is it your turn next? Can't you wait? You dare create a commotion in Blossom Pavilion? You really think the old lady would let you go after you destroy her property? Now be a good boy and wait for my release. Then I'll show you the real meaning of death!" the man warned Long Chen; however, he didn't stop his movement.

    Long Chen ignored the man and stepped inside, following the direction in the talisman to find the one he had given to Ji Shan.

    "Ji Shan, where are you?" he called out as he looked around.

    He reached out his hand and picked up the pant lying in front of him. "It's pointing towards these clothes. It must be there. Did Ji Shan leave his clothes here?"

    He reached his hand inside the pocket of the pants and pulled out the talisman.

    "This is it, the one I gave to him. How can he forget his pants here, though? Did he go out without pants? It can't be his!" Long Chen shook his hand as he refused to believe that these were Ji Shan's clothes.

    "Are these your clothes?" He called out to the man who was focused on the lady in front of him.

    The man looked sideways and saw Long Chen holding pants in his hand.

    "You bastard! Why are you looking inside my clothes?" The man roared as he pulled out. He stood up.

    "Your clothes?!" Long Chen snapped as he heard the words of the man. He disappeared from his position and appeared in front of the man as he caught the man by his neck.

    He raised the man in the air while holding his neck.

    "What is this Talisman doing inside your clothes?! Where is Ji Shan!" he roared as he tightened his grim.

    "Who's causing this commotion in my Pavilion? You bastard! You dare to ignore my commands and enter another room? Not only that, but you also harmed a customer?"

    A feminine voice suddenly arrived.

    The man who was in Long Chen's grasp looked to the side and saw the chubby old lady that used to sit on the ground floor and collect the money.

    "Ahu... Pavillion Lady! S-stop, this man! He has gone crazy!" the man pleaded.

    "If you can still speak, then answer me! Where is the man who held the talisman! Where is my friend!" Long Chen roared as his uncontrollable slaughter aura came out of his body.

    The old lady stood outside the room, but she still felt the chilling aura.

    "This aura! This murderous aura makes me feel like you have killed many people! How dare a monster like you enter my Blossom Pavilion and ignore me! You shall die!" The old lady clenched her fist as she ran towards Long Chen using his immense speed, but before she could even get near him, her headless body fell to the ground.

    A flying sword returned to Long Chen after cutting the head of the woman.

    The man still had some hope of the woman killing Long Chen, but he lost all hopes as he saw a flying sword appearing out of thin air and cutting the old lady's neck as if she was nothing.

    Long Chen smashed the man on the ground. "Answer me this instant!"

    The man coughed out a mouthful of blood as he felt a few of his bones break

    "I-i will tell you everything! I got this from a prisoner! I found this to be pretty, so I kept it with me. I promise that's all! Is that guy your friend? I have no enmity with him! I didn't even touch him! I promise!" The man yelled out everything about the talisman.

    "Prisoner? Ji Shan? Tell me everything! What happened to him? How did he become a prisoner?" Long Chen asked the man. He couldn't control his surprise.

    'Why would Ji Shan be in prison? He came to the continent officially. He should have every permission. As for money, Long Chen had given him plenty of money when he separated from them. With all that money, Ji Shan wouldn't be walking the path of crime! What could have happened to him? Only this man can tell me!' he thought as he released some of the pressure from the man's neck to make it easier for him to speak.

    The naked woman was still on the bed, watching everything. She had covered herself in the blanket, but she couldn't control her shivering due to fear of watching her boss die.

    "Tell me everything you know now! You should know that I'm not known for my patience!"

    "I-i'll tell you everything I know! I am a low ranking member of the Xie Clan. From what I know, about five months ago, the Clan Elders caught a man who was accused of kidnapping our Eldest Miss against her will. He was beaten badly and thrown in the prison of the clan. I was at duty outside the Clan Prison when I happened to check his clothes and found this talisman. It looked pretty, so I kept it with me. That's all I know," The man explained to Long Chen.

    Hearing the explanation, Long Chen started frowning. This story didn't make sense. Why would he kidnap a girl against her will?

    "Kidnapped the Eldest Miss of your clan? How is his condition? Is he harmed?" Long Chen inquired.

    "H-he..." the man muttered, but he didn't finish his sentence as if he was hesitant.

    "Answer me!" Long Chen thundered as he formed a Qi Knife in his left hand and staple in the hand of the man.

    "Aaah!" the man screamed in pain. "It hurts!"

    "It will hurt even more if you don't answer! Trust me when I say! This pain is nothing!" Long Chen warned the man.

    "He is! He is badly injured! His hands were cut! And he is kept in chains for his crime! He is tortured almost daily! At Least that was the case a few months ago when I last saw him. My duty hasn't been there after that, so I don't know how he is now! All I know that he is still alive," the man answered Long Chen.

    " His hands were cut, and he was tortured? What's the strength of your clan?" Long Chen inquired as he controlled his emotions. He was getting even better at it more than he had removed even the last bit of the Heart Demon's anger enhancing property.

    " The Xie clan is one of the five clans of this Kingdom, so their strength is known to be really powerful. The Patriarch is the Mighty Heaven Realm Cultivation after all!" the man explained.

    "If you let me leave safely, I promise I won't tell the clan anything about you. I will even try to be nice to the prisoner if I'm ever put on duty there again!" He suggested, trying to find a way out safely.
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