815 Chapter 815: Bigger Scheme

    "Anyway, the duties have changed again. Go to Elder Lu to get updated on where you will be working from now on," the men told Xie Luqing before they left like they just happened to meet him along the way.

    'New duty? I wonder if it's back as the guard of our Clan's prison tower. If it's that, I might be in trouble since that guy will ask me to help his friend escape,' Xie Luqing thought without looking back.

    The three of them reached their destination soon after.

    Stopping some distance away from the clan entrance, Xie Luqing pointed ahead. "This is our Clan. One of the major clans of the Nightbird City, the Xie Clan. I can't take you inside or let the guards know that I escorted you, so you need to stop here."

    "Alright. You can go inside. Your first job is to give something to my ground, Ji Shan, after confirming his name. Here, give this Talisman to him and tell him that his friends are here. I want to meet you right here after exactly 24 hours to tell you the rest of the plan. Go on in now. And don't try anything clever, I don't want you to die and for myself to have to find another person," Long Chen informed the man after he saw the Xie Clan estate.

    He turned back and left with Zhiqing and Xu Liang.


    Long Chen and the other two were sitting inside the hotel room that they had reserved for a few days.

    " Are you going to sneak inside the clan to help him out?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen, curious about his actions since she wasn't going to be here to see it as it was her last day with Long Chen. It was her seventh day with him.

    "First, I need to confirm if the person inside the prison is Ji Shan or not. Just like Xie Luqing got this Talisman from that person, maybe that person found it from somewhere else? It wouldn't make sense for me to break inside for someone else if they aren't the one I'm looking for," Long Chen answered as he glanced towards the window n

    He looked back at Zhiqing and continued, "If the person is Ji Shan, then I would break inside. The talisman will lead me to him. My abilities will let me escape with him easier. I just need to get inside; leaving is no problem at all."

    Zhiqing nodded her head. "I won't be here to accompany you, but I hope you will give more importance to your safety first. Don't be hasty in whatever you do. As long as you act with a calm head, you will always be successful."

    "Hopefully," Long Chen muttered.

    "I'll go see how Liang is doing. I'll be right back."

    He stood up and left the room. Entering the neighboring room, he checked on Xu Liang, who was immersed in Cultivation.

    Closing the door behind him, he walked back.

    "That kid is really hard working. Despite having such much power, he has no idea. I'll make sure he never gets to lose that control and return to the condition I saw her the first time I met," Long Chen muttered as he sat beside Zhiqing.

    "He's really growing attached to you, I think. He shouldn't be going berserk again as long as you're safe," Zhiqing muttered, sighing.

    "Anyway, it's our last night together. Let's have some fun," Zhiqing grinned as she stood up and walked over to Long Chen.

    Sitting on his lap, she kissed his lips.


    "It's been over two months since you received that Law Orb of Destiny. When are you going to comprehend it?"

    Long Chen was lying beside Zhiqing, who was sleeping after a long and tiring session, when Xue appeared beside Long Chen.

    "It's not the right time yet. If I go to comprehend that now, I don't know how long I will be out for. I want to find Ji Shan first before I settle down in a place to comprehend the Law of Destiny. It might take a month or a year to comprehend it after all," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    He stayed silent for a brief moment before he asked a question.

    'Xun, you said that humans could comprehend laws on their own after years of comprehension, right? Even without law orbs?'

    "Yeah, that's how most of the world learns laws. It's a rare phenomenon in this lower world, but in the higher realm, many people are able to achieve it." Xue answered Long Chen as if it was a commonly known fact.

    Nodding his head, Long Chen turned his face to look at the beautiful sleeping face of Xue.

    "I don't think the girls are any less talented than the people who comprehend these laws naturally. If I share some of my understanding about the laws I know, can they comprehend it?" he inquired.

    "It's not easy, and it would take them a long time to form their own understanding from your words. However, it's entirely possible that they can do it," Xun answered.

    "It's good. I don't care how long it might take. We have a long life together. If I can make them stronger, then there shouldn't be any problem. It would only cost me a few hours daily," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "Who am I to stop you. As long as it doesn't affect the natural order, I won't stop you from doing anything," Xun said, shaking her head before she disappeared.

    'Is long as it doesn't affect the natural order and the bigger scheme of things, huh,' Long Chen thought as he closed his eyes.


    The sun started rising in the distant horizon, signaling the start of a new day.

    Long Chen and Zhiqing woke up and bid their farewells before Zhiqing went back to the fake world.

    Long Chen called out Ming Lan, who appeared near him.

    As soon as Ming Lan saw Long Chen, she hugged him firmly.

    She was the Dark Fairy that Long Chen had married when he was Teleported to the Space between two dimensions.

    Ming Lan had two beautiful butterfly-like wings behind her back that were semi-transparent. There was a star symbol on both her wings.

    "Welcome back, Lan'er," Long Chen let out as he stepped forward and hugged Ming Lan back.

    "I missed you so much," Ming Lan said as she kissed Long Chen.

    "I missed you too," Long Chen said with a gentle smile after he was freed.

    "Here you go," Long Chen called out as he gave her a cloak.

    "It's fine. I don't need it anymore. I have learned to hide my wings," Ming Lan replied, shaking her head. She closed her eyes, and when she opened, her wings had disappeared.

    "Amazing. I thought only your mother was able to use it. You must've worked hard to learn it. Good word, Lan'er," Long Chen praised her as he patted her head.

    " Mother taught me how to do it. It's all thanks to her," Ming Lan answered.

    " Yeah, she would have. I remember she was able to do that back then too. Anyway, there is something I need to tell you guys. I know she promised me not to tell anyone about this, but it was then. A lot of time has passed since then. Technically, that promise didn't mention that I couldn't talk in the future either," Long Chen muttered, trying to give himself an excuse.

    "Tell me something she told you not to? What was it? I'm curious," Ming Lan asked Long Chen, curiously.

    "The truth is that your mother, ah," Long Chen tried speaking, but it was still hard to say it even though it wasn't anyone's fault that it happened.
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