816 Chapter 816: Confession

    Ming Lan waited for Long Chen to answer without interfering with him, feeling like it was some important matter.

    "Wait a minute, let me call others as well. I want everyone to know."

    Long Chen brought everyone outside, including Ming Rin, His father, his grandfather, his mother, Zhiqing, Mingyu, Xue, Mei.

    "Hmm? What happened? Everyone's here? Are you in trouble?" Long Jun asked Long Chen as soon as he appeared.

    "I am perfectly fine. There is no trouble. I just called everyone out because I need to confess something that all of you deserve to know," Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    " I didn't tell you all before, but the truth is that Ming Rin is..." Long Chen started speaking again. "She is my wife!"

    After confessing, he looked at Ming Lan to see her response, but he only saw her chuckling.

    The others, however, looked more stunned since they believed that Long Chen wouldn't joke like that.

    Ming Rin herself didn't know how to react. She didn't expect that Long Chen would really tell everyone about it.

    "Your jokes are getting better. Right mother?" Ming Lan answered, as she controlled her laughter and glanced at Ming Rin.

    Seeing Ming Rin's expressions, she felt like something was wrong.

    "I'm not joking. What happened was that..."

    Long Chen started explaining the events as they had transpired.

    "And that's how a misunderstanding resulted in her giving me her Marriage Crystal that entered my body without my permission, making her my wife. After the misunderstanding was clear, she decided against me telling everyone, worrying for me. I can't let her stay alone like that forever and hide the truth from others," Long Chen replied as he sighed.

    "That... Are you really telling the truth?" Sima Ziyi asked.

    "Yeah, she is my wife. I can't deny that," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head.

    "Well, that is weird. My In-Law is my Daughter-in-law as well. You should've told me before," Sima Ziyi let out with a wry look on her face as she looked at Ming Rin, not knowing how to react.

    " I know it makes things awkward, but it's better than hiding the truth. I'm ready for any punishment you guys have for me for hiding the truth," Long Chen responded as he sat on the bed.

    "There's no need for punishment. With how you described the event, it's clear that it was no one's fault. This misunderstanding caused everything. I have no complaints. Just don't hide things like this again," Long Ran said as he stepped back, removing himself from this awkward situation.

    "I, ah, it's not my area of expertise, but I am sure you meant well. It's for your wives to forgive you, though. I'm not putting my nose in it," Long Jun smiled wryly as he also stepped back.

    "True. It's the matter of my daughters-in-law. Let them handle it on their own. Their decision has my full support," Sima Ziyi chimed in as she also stepped back.

    Ming Rin didn't even raise her head in embarrassment.

    "Alright. Let's go with proper order then. The Wife Council will declare their Punishment separately. Xue, You're first," Zhiqing laughed as if she was enjoying this situation.

    She placed her hand on Xue's shoulder.

    Everyone looked towards Xue.

    "It isn't your fault. There's no need for punishment. I accept what happened," Xue said sincerely.

    "Hahaha, I expected that from Xue. You're always fine with what he does. Mei, what about you?" Zhiqing inquired.

    "I agree with sister," Mei said with an innocent smile on her face.

    "Alright. Now, time for the boss lady. Mingyu, what's your verdict?" Zhiqing asked Mingyu.

    Mingyu sighed as she looked at Long Chen. "Aren't these misunderstandings happening more and more often with you? Your second misunderstanding this time. Sigh, I can understand why you were worried, though. I can't complain about it since it already happened, but please control the misunderstandings. The schedule is already running thin."

    "True. This guy is really uncontrollable. Collecting wives left and right. Hahahaha, I don't think it's intentional at this point. I have no punishment either. Just control yourself a little. No more! At Least not through misunderstandings," Zhiqing chimed in with her opinion.

    "I will keep that in mind and try to be more careful," Long Chen replied as he rubbed the back of his head.

    "Ming Lan, you're the last one. What do you have to say?" Zhiqing asked Ming Lan.

    Ming Lan looked at Ming Rin, who finally raised her head to look at her daughter apologetically.

    Ming Lan walked towards her mother and raised her hand.

    "I have no complaints. I am instead happy that my mother gets to experience love. She has never been with a guy in all her existence. She finally has someone, and that too, someone like him. What better could I hope for," she said as she placed her hand on Ming Lan's cheeks.

    "Alright. The Wife's council has decided. Long Chen is free of all crimes. There shall be no punishment!" Zhiqing declared after getting everyone's opinion.

    "Doesn't this mean it'll be mother's turn next week? She would get to see this world. It's so nice." Ming Lan muttered as she smiled.

    "Oh, right. Since all of you are already here, let me introduce you to a little guy who's accompanying us. He's more like a little brother, but I am teaching him Cultivation. I will call him here," Long Chen said as he left the room.

    After a few minutes, he came back with Xu Liang.

    He introduced everyone.

    After a lively conversation and get together, everyone went back to the Fake World.

    "Lan'er, you stay here with Liang. I will be right back after meeting someone," Long Chen told Ming Lan after everyone left. He left the hotel and went back to the Xie Clan since it was the time when he was supposed to meet Xie Luqing.

    Long Chen reached the place and started waiting as he casually walked around the Xie Estate without arousing suspicions.

    After half an hour, Xie Luqing stepped out of the mansion.

    Seeing Long Chen, he started walking towards him, but he didn't stop near Long Chen. He continued walking.

    Long Chen understood that it wasn't to cause suspicions. He started following after him.

    "What's the update? Is he the same guy?" Long Chen asked the man as he walked beside him.

    "Yeah. I asked his name. He said it was Ji Shan. Also, when I gave him the talisman and told him that his friends are here, he was really shocked. He told me if it was someone called Long Chen. He asked me to deliver you a message as well," Xie Luqing replied, confirming Long Chen's suspicions.

    "So it is him. That's good to know. What was the message?" Long Chen inquired.

    "He told me to convey to you that this place is dangerous and that you shouldn't place yourself in danger for him. Oh, and he apologized to you. I don't know why. He just told me to tell you that he was sorry," Xie Luqing answered.

    " He was sorry? Well, let alone the fact that I can't leave him behind, even the fact that he made me curious as to why he was sorry is enough of an excuse to meet him," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "How was the security of the prison tower? And which floor was he kept in?" Long Chen inquired with an amused smile on his face.

    "The Security is very strict. There is only one way to enter the tower, and that is through the main entrance, which is guarded by a Sky Realm Elder, two Earth Realm Cultivators, and many Gold Realm Cultivators. It's a place where the enemies of the clan are kept, so it's pretty secure," Xie Luqing explained.
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