817 Chapter 815: Special Prisoner

    "One Sky Realm Cultivator, two Earth Realm, and multiple Gold Core Realm. It's not a bad lineup simply to guard the prison. Is someone special inside that makes them keep such powerful elders placed there? The Clan Master is only a Heaven Realm Cultivator, so the clan can't have many Sky Realm Cultivators. I don't think it's as simple as just guarding a prison," Long Chen inquired as he squinted his eyes.

    "It's not. There is a special person there. I can't tell you who he is, but no one wants him to escape. That's why the security is high," Xie Luqing answered.

    "A special person? Tell me who he is. Your loyalty should be only to me. Your life is in my hands. You shouldn't forget that!" Long Chen reminded the man in a severe tone.

    "Ah, y-yes. I remember. I still can't answer you, though. The truth is that even I don't know. That person's cell is fully enclosed, and only the Sky Realm Elder is allowed to enter. I tried asking around, but no one knows. We only know that the Sky Realm especially guards the prison tower for the person inside that cell," Xie Luqing answered Long Chen.

    "Even you don't know, and only the Sky Realm Elder is allowed to enter. Must be a high ranking person that they don't want others to know. Or maybe it's someone strong. It raises my curiosity a lot. I wonder if I should release that person just to mess with the clan that dared to hurt my friend," Long Chen muttered as he rubbed his chin while thinking.

    "What's the exact Cultivation of this Elder of yours?" Long Chen asked the man.

    "His Cultivation? We aren't sure, but from what I know, he's in the middle of the Sky Realm. He might even be in the higher level of the sky realm. I'm not in a position where I can judge his strength," Xie Luqing answered Long Chen.

    'Hah, true indeed. Someone as weak as him shouldn't be able to see the cultivation of Sky Realm Elders. If he's in high realms, he can be an opponent, but I should be able to handle it. I was dealing with Heaven Realm Cultivators when I had barely entered the Sky Realm. Now that I'm a 4th stage Sky Realm Cultivation, I shouldn't be having much of a hard time. I can be considered a mid Sky Realm Cultivator myself,' Long Chen thought as he glanced at the man.

    "You gave him the Talisman, so your work is mostly completed. Your second mission is to escort me inside the Prison Tower. Exactly at midnight, I will meet you near the Prison Tower inside your clan. I can find the tower using that talisman but finding the exact floor and room will take time, so I would need your help. You will escort me," Long Chen declared.

    "I-i can't! If other elders saw me escorting an intruder, I'll be called a traitor and executed. If you can get there, can't you go inside alone without my help? My life would be over if I did that. I don't want to be called a traitor and killed!" The man protested as he suddenly looked towards Long Chen, losing his control on his emotions.

    "Control your emotions," Long Chen muttered as he continued walking without stopping and looking at Xie Luqing.

    "As for the future, you will die if you don't help me first. So the first option is still better. Also, you don't have to worry about them finding out. No one that guards the prison will be left alive so no one can expose you. They will all be dead," Long Chen answered, calming the man.

    " Even if it happens like that, I would still be blamed! It's also my duty in the prison. If only I'm left alive, it would be too obvious that I was responsible!" Xie Luqing replied, finding a hole in the plan.

    "Hmm? Didn't you say it wasn't your duty in Prison Tower last time?" How come it suddenly became yours?" Long Chen inquired with an amused smile on his face.

    "I-i am not lying! Didn't you hear the people say that duties were about to be reassigned today? I got put in prison duty again," the man answered.

    " Right, if it's your duty in prison, it would be suspicious if only you were left alive. Don't worry; I have a way for that as well. I'll injure you, but I'll miss your vitals until others. You can act dead and claim that you barely survived the attack. You will save your life, and you won't be blamed. In any way, you're coming with me. So it's the only option you have. Go back now," Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    "Oh right. You know that the little guy is still inside you. I don't think I need to warn you what would happen if you try something clever. Just finish the commands," he continued as he left.

    Long Chen went back to the hotel, leaving Xie Luqing behind, who placed his hand on his chest as he felt the movement of the Heart Devouring Insect inside his heart.

    He turned back and left as well.


    "So you'll be infiltrating tonight? I can help as well. I have grown strong," Ming Lan told Long Chen after he said to her that tonight he would be infiltrating the Xie Clan.

    "I know you are strong, but it's not a place where I would need help. There are a few Earth Realm Cultivators and a Sky Realm cultivator. Nothing to fret about," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "I do appreciate the offer, though. But it's better if you stay and accompany the little guy," he continued as he pointed towards Xu Liang.

    Ming Lan reached out her hand and placed it over Long Chen's hand as she gently rubbed it. "If you say so."

    Xu Liang was back in his room, and Long Chen and Ming Lan were the only ones left in the room.

    The two of them stayed inside the room as they spent their peaceful time together, embracing each other.

    The peaceful moment seemed to be over in an instant as the day passed and night arrived.

    Long Chen was lying beside Ming Lan; none of them having even a shred of clothes around their bodies.

    Long Chen glanced at Ming Lan as his fingers moved gently over her fair cheeks. "It's time for me to leave."

    "Return fast," Ming Lan muttered as she saw Long Chen standing up.
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