818 Chapter 818: Infiltration

    "I'll be back before you even know it," Long Chen muttered as he smiled confidently.

    He walked towards the window and looked down at the empty streets. After he finished getting dressed, he disappeared.

    Appearing on the empty streets, Long Chen started walking towards the Mansion of the Xie Clan.

    As he was walking, he saw a drunk man coming towards him.

    Not wasting any of his usage of Shadow Transformation, he simply decided to walk past the man, not bothering to hide since it was useless.

    As Long Chen was walking past the man, the man caught his hand.

    "Heh, you're a cute little guy. How about you spend the night with me. I will make you rich for just one of your nights," he said.

    Long Chen looked at the man, squinting his eyes.

    "Let alone hitting on the ladies; now I'm being hit on by guys? Sigh," he muttered as he raised his left hand that was caught by the man, effectively raising him in the air before he smashed the man in the group.


    Blood came out of the man's mouth as his back was smashed on the stony street.

    Long Chen's hand was freed. Placing his feet on the chest of the man, he started pressing down.


    The man groaned in pain as his chest was hurt.

    "Next time, drink to the limit and don't try to force anyone," Long Chen muttered as he walked over the man and got past him.

    After Long Chen left, the man got up as he wiped the blood off of his lips.

    He glanced back towards the direction where Long Chen went in.

    "This hurt. I just wanted to mess with him. Who knew it would end up like this," the man smiled wryly as he left.

    Leaving the place, Long Chen reached the Xie Clan estate.

    As soon as he got near the clan entrance, he activated his Shadow Transformation, effectively disappearing from the place.

    He glanced at the ten feet tall walls surrounding the estate.

    Tapping his feet on the ground, he jumped high enough to get over the wall. He stood on top of the wall as he looked around inside the clan, trying to find the tower of Prison.

    He brought his directional talisman out to track the talisman of Ji Shan.

    So the prison is in that direction.

    "Might as well get there a little faster. My shadow transformation had a good amount of progress. Now I can even affect my Heavenly Demon wings with this, making them tough to be seen at night. I should be able to get there," Long Chen muttered as beautiful Heavenly Demon Wings appeared behind his back.

    He took a deep breath before he spread out his Divine Sense in his surroundings and started flying towards the direction of the Prison Tower.

    "It's a big clan. I should have expected something like this from the clans of this continent. The extent to which these places are spread out can't be compared to the small clans of our paces. Even the Major Sects are barely ahead of this place in the area occupied. And the strength of their leaders wasn't as powerful either. The more powerful forces of this kingdom will be even more powerful," Long Chen muttered as he flew through the clan like lightning while watching the entire clan.

    "I wonder how that sect will be. That Spirit in the Divine Heaven Sect told me to help its descendants if I want to have a better future and not be marked by destiny. Was he really telling the truth or just manipulating me? He did give me a few nice things, but the manipulation can be deep as well. Sigh, this thing is really complicated. I don't believe in destiny, but can I really ignore it when I have the Law of Destiny in my storage ring?" He let out as he thought about the words of the Old Spirit that claimed to be one of the heads of the Divine Heaven Sect.

    He suddenly noticed a giant black tower in front of him that was previously hidden behind another tall building.

    "It's pointing towards it. That should be the Prison Tower," he let out as he landed near the Prison Tower, where he saw Xie Luqing standing.

    "I have a feeling that I am going to regret it," Xie Luqing lamented as he looked around. He couldn't see Long Chen, who was still in his Shadow Transformation.

    "You won't regret helping me. Don't worry. Just lead the way to Ji Shan's cell," Long Chen muttered as he canceled his Shadow Transformation.

    Looking behind, the man found Long Chen.

    "When did you arrive?" he asked with a surprised look on his face. He had been looking everywhere, waiting for Long Chen when he just appeared out of nowhere.

    "You don't need to worry about me. Lead me to Ji Shan's cell and don't look behind. Think of me as a ghost that no one can see," Long Chen replied as he smiled. "You just need to do what you're told."

    The man was confused; however, he didn't argue back.

    "Whatever, I have already given up. If my death is written in my destiny, I will die today. Hopefully, you will keep your words and let me live," the man replied.

    He started walking towards the entrance of the Prison Tower as he provided Long Chen about the location of all the Elders. According to him, only one Earth Realm Elders and multiple Gold Realm Elders were at the Entrance. The Second Earth Realm Elder was near the stairs that led to the actual cells upstairs.

    The Sky Realm Elder was in a meeting with the Special Prisoner.

    Long Chen walked behind the man; however, he activated his Shadow Transformation once again before he pulled out the Sword of Time and the King's Sword.

    Both of the Swords stayed in one of his hands as he walked towards the entrance of the Prison Tower.

    The man watched the guards and started sweating.

    "You're back. Where did you go?" The Earth Realm Elder asked the man.

    'Hmm? They're still so casual? Can't they see the infiltrator behind me? Why aren't they attacking or even asking questions?" the man muttered in confusion as he looked back.

    'What? Did he run away? Is he an actual ghost? Sigh, who wouldn't though he was just a scared man who couldn't even come to face an Earth Realm Elder. He was talking too big,' the man thought as he saw no one behind him.
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