819 Chapter 819: Battle of Tricks

    "I just went to get fresh air, Elder. I was feeling a little sic-" the man replied as he turned back towards the Earth Realm Elder, but he couldn't finish his sentence as his face turned pale.

    He was stunned to see what was before him. He couldn't even believe his eyes. The Earth Realm Elder was looking at him with blood coming out of his lips. There was a Giant Sword rusted coming out of his chest.

    Another sword slashed, cutting his head right in front of Xue Luqing.

    The black sword was pulled out, letting the body fall on the ground.


    "How could it be!"


    The nearby Gold Realm Cultivators couldn't believe what had happened. How could someone appear behind them and kill their Earth Realm Elder, that too so fast? How did it happen?

    Not only the unaware Gold Core Realm Cultivators but even Xie Luqing couldn't understand what was happening. Did he actually get killed?

    "Shocked at just that? There's more to come," Long Chen muttered as he turned back and started walking deeper inside the Prison Tower, leaving the Gold Core Realm Cultivators behind.

    "You bastard! You think you can casually go inside after killing an Elder? Did you forget about us?!" The other guards pulled out their swords as they started running towards him.

    "Who told you I forgot?" Long Chen muttered as he smirked.

    He didn't even turn back, but he still heard the pained screams that were coming from behind. A flying sword was going in a zigzag motion, cutting necks of the Gold Realm Cultivators who were like powerless dolls, unable to protect themselves from the assault of the Spirit Sword of Long Chen.

    Long Chen had only taken ten steps when all the guards behind him dropped dead.

    Long Chen suddenly stopped as he glanced back.

    He looked at Xie Luqing, who was standing there with a pale face, unable to comprehend what just happened.

    A few minutes! It had only been a few minutes, and tens of dead bodies were lying on the ground, which included the dead body of the Earth Realm Elder as well.

    Was the young looking man really that strong? Just how powerful was he to kill an Earth Realm Cultivator in an instant? And how powerful was his Sword that sliced the necks of so many Gold Realm Cultivators without that young man even guiding him?

    Just what skill did he use to control the sword like that? What grade of treasure was it exactly? He couldn't help but lament. His body was also uncontrollably shivering in fear.

    "Are you going to stay there? Who will lead me inside? It's not like I know where I'm supposed to go," Long Chen asked.

    "A-ah yes, Master!" The Man let out as he subconsciously called Long Chen as Master.

    "Sigh, why does that title feel degrading when coming from you? Even Xu Liang hasn't called me that yet. Whatever, lead the way," Long Chen said as he moved to the side.

    "Ah, M-master. How about I tell you the path while following you from behind to protect your back. I can't let enemies attack your back," Xie Luqing shamelessly suggested.

    He didn't say straight what his real intentions were.

    "Hah, Aren't you just afraid that the next enemy we face will be an Earth Realm Elder? Don't worry. He won't attack you. He doesn't know that you have betrayed the clan. By the time he knows, he would be dead. Lead the way," Long Chen said as he refused to let Xie Luqing do as he wished.


    A heavy thumping sound came.

    "Oho? So he betrayed us? I had a feeling that something was wrong. It's a good thing that I came to check. So it was exactly that."

    Long Chen and Xie Luqing gazed in the direction as they heard the voice. They could see a bulky man standing there who seemed to be in his middle age. Just his arms themselves were as thick as Xie Luqing's head.

    There was a heavy hammer placed before the man, who happened to be the man.

    "So you're the second Earth Realm Elder assigned here. I suppose I should thank you for coming to me yourself," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    He glanced at Xie Luqing and gestured to him to move back. "As it happens to be, you don't need to escort me to him. Stand back. You can take the lead after I'm done with him," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    Xie Luqing already wanted to be as far away from the battle as he could. He didn't give Long Chen a chance to repeat himself as he moved back.

    "Good hammer! Let's see if it can survive a head-on clash with my sword," Long Chen thundered as he started running towards the Earth Realm Elder.

    'He's facing the Elder who is known for his incredible strength head-on? Has he gone crazy? No! He is someone who can kill so many people so easily. He can't be crazy. Maybe he has the strength to take on him? Who would have thought!' Xie Luqing thought as he observed the actions of Long Chen.

    Long Chen slashed with his sword. The Earth Realm Elder also swung his giant hammer. As their weapons were about to clash, Long Chen disappeared.

    "On second thought, the head-on clash is just useless when it's easier to end the battle this way," Long Chen muttered as he appeared behind the Earth Realm Elder and stabbed his sword where the Elder's heart was supposed to be.

    "Y-you shameless!" The Earth Realm Elder let out weakly as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    "Why would I keep my words to you? We aren't friends, are we? I would've killed you head-on if you were able to take this attack. Oh well, I guess I expected too much from you. Have a great time in hell," Long Chen replied with an amused smile on his face as he pulled out his sword.

    While graceful swinging his sword, he cut the head of the Earth Realm Elder. The body and the head dropped on the ground at the same time.

    Xie Luqing stood there blankly, wondering what just happened. When he thought Long Chen was a fierce warrior, he turned out to be a cunning warrior. He expected a battle of strength, but it was nothing.

    He was starting to doubt if Long Chen even had the strength of his own or not. He only killed both Elders from behind, and the rest of the work was done by his Sword.
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