820 Chapter 820: Sky Realm

    "Stop daydreaming and lead me to my friend! Are you waiting for the morning? The faster we finish, the faster you can be free of my little friend that's wriggling inside you. You want to be free of it, don't you?" Long Chen called out for Xie Luqing, who was standing there in a daze.

    "Ah, yes," Xie Luqing came out of a daze as he heard Long Chen.

    He ran towards Long Chen and started leading him to the stairs.

    He took Long Chen upstairs, where Ji Shan's cell was.

    " We're on the third floor. He should be here, according to you. That special prisoner's cell is right beside his cell, so we might get caught by the Sky Realm Elder if he happens to come out of that cell," Long Chen muttered as he followed the Xie Liang. "Unfortunately, I need to kill him myself since he is the one who holds the key to Ji Shan's cell. It's inevitable that he needs to die."

    "This is the cell where Ji Shan is in. And that's the cell where that special prisoner is kept in. The Sky Realm Elder should be inside as well," Xie Luqing whispered softly as he pointed towards the cells.

    "Alright. You can wait on the side. You did your work," Long Chen muttered as he gestured to the man to move back.

    He walked over to the closed cell where the Special Prisoner was kept.

    "I wonder if I should take the hero entry by breaking the door or a more casual entry? It's been a while since I got to flex," Long Chen let out as he stood in front of the door with his hand on his chin.

    'What's he thinking so seriously about? Is he forming a plan? Or is he getting cold feet? He must be worried. It's not easy to face Sky Realm Cultivators. Such tricks might not work against them. Of Course, he would be scared. Maybe he would cancel the plan and leave,' Xie Luqing thought as he watched Long Chen stand in front of the door in such seriousness without taking a step forward.

    "You're becoming so bad. Now you're thinking about how to toy with your prey that's weaker than you," Xun said to Long Chen as she saw him talking to himself.

    "Hah, you're still taunting me. I'm just trying to be a considerate guy. I want that guy to get the best death possible," Long Chen muttered without the least bit of shame.

    "Alright. I have decided. I might as well be a gentleman in the end," he let out as he smiled. He stepped towards the door of the cell.

    He raised his hand towards the door and knocked on it.

    "Who is it? Who dares to disturb me here?" An Old sounding voice came from inside.

    "Your Death!" Long Chen replied, roaring.

    "What the heck? Did this guy go crazy? He's going to get killed. I thought he would run away, but he's taunting the Sky Realm Elder? He's such a..." Xie Luqing let out, but he didn't finish his sentence as he couldn't find the right word.

    "You bastard! Let me show you whose death!" that old voice came again as the door opened.

    The door opened, but before it could fully open, Long Chen disappeared.

    He used the Shadow Transformation while he moved back, disappearing from everyone's sight.

    An Old Man stepped out of the cell. He was wearing the robes of the Clan, making Long Chen sure that he was the Elder.

    'Hah, only the fifth Stage Sky Realm Cultivator? I was expecting so much more. Whatever, might as well enjoy the show,' Long Chen thought as he smiled. He folded his arms as he waited for the show that was about to take place.

    "Who dares to say that to me without fearing death!" The Elder looked around the corridor; however, he only saw Xie Luqing.

    "Luqing! You dared to disrespect me? Have you no fear of death!" The Elder roared as he glared at Xie Luqing.

    "Ah, E-elder, it wasn't me!" Xie Luqing called out as he frowned.

    "You think I'm an idiot! Who else do you see here? You think you can fool me? What do you see me as? An imbecile? I have already decided on your punishment! You know you deserve death!" The Elder thundered as he flickered his finger, sending a qi knife towards Xie Luqing.

    ' Interesting. He seems to have a skill similar to mine,' Long Chen thought as he observed the skill of the Sky Realm Elder.

    "W-where are you?! Help!" Xie Luqing called out Long Chen for help to protect him from this attack.

    Long Chen did appear, however, not where Xie Luqing thought he would.

    Long Chen appeared behind the Sky Realm Cultivator, slashing his sword towards the old man's neck.

    The old man reacted fast as he turned back and blocked the sword at the last moment.

    "Urgh," Even though he barely blocked Long Chen's sword, he coughed out a mouthful of blood as another sword entered the body of the man from the back.

    "Which traitor dared to attack from the back!" The man roared as he tried to push Long Chen back to make the distance to be able to deal with the second person who attacked him from the back, but his strength failed.

    He wasn't able to push Long Chen back. He was the one who was being pushed back instead.

    "Your reflexes aren't bad," Long Chen muttered as he smiled.

    "You bastard!" The Sky Realm Cultivator let out weakly as he felt his body dying before his heart was stabbed. He still didn't wish to die before his enemies.

    He wanted to kill the enemy while he still had some strength.

    Xie Luqing was already dead as that Qi Knife had penetrated his forehead. He never imagined it would happen to him. He died, unable to comprehend.

    As the Sky Realm Cultivator wasn't able to free himself with force, he decided to use the same attack. His sword was clashing with Long Chen's sword, but his other hand was free.

    He could see that Long Chen's eyes were focused on his face. His other hand was completely free.

    He diverted whatever last bit of power he had towards his hand, creating a Qi Knife that he planned to kill Long Chen with.

    "You bastard! You dared to push me back! You really think you can defeat me in force? So what if two people attack me? I'm still a Sky Realm Elder and much stronger than you!" The Man said, trying to keep his attention on his sword and face as he started to pretend to push back while he threw the Qi knife towards Long Chen from close proximity.
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