821 Chapter 821: The Prisoner

    "Hah," the Sky Realm Elder scoffed as he looked at the knife moving towards Long Chen.

    "It's a good skill, but I have something like it of my own," Long Chen muttered as he formed a Qi Knife of his own, throwing it towards the knife of the man.

    The two knives clashed. The knife of the Sky Realm Elder was destroyed while Long Chen's knife was intact as it kept advancing towards the man.

    Long Chen's Qi Knife stabbed the man, contrary to his expectations. The Spirit Sword that had stabbed him from the back also moved out at the same time, stabbing him again.

    The Sky Realm Elder was in his last breaths. Even though he was shocked that Long Chen had a similar skill, he was more enraged at the person who was stabbing him from the back.

    Not caring about Long Chen, he swung his sword backward as he turned; however, he stood stunned.

    All he saw was a sword flying before him with no person on sight.

    " A cool trick, right?"

    Long Chen's words passed through the ears of the man before his head was slashed. He dropped to the ground, completely dead.

    "That was fun," Long Chen muttered with an amused smile on his face.

    "His skill was similar to mine but way weaker. My Qi weapons have the strength of the treasures of higher grades. His Qi knife was simply a knife made of Qi. Even a Spirit Grade Weapon would have destroyed that. Only good enough for sneak attacks," he let out as he stepped forward.

    He started searching the body of the man to fund keys.

    "There they are."

    Taking the Qi, Long Chen walked over to the cell of Ji Shan.

    He kept trying the keys to see the one that fits.

    Ultimately, he found the right key. The lock of the cell was opened.

    Pushing the door open, Long Chen stepped inside.

    As he entered, he saw a man lying on the ground, sleeping curled into a ball. The man didn't have hands.

    "Ji Shan," Long Chen let out as he recognized that man. He brought the Life-Healing Pill out of his Spatial Ring as he ran closer to him.

    "Wake up. I'm here to take you. How long do you plan to sleep?" He called out as he started shaking the man.

    Ji Shan opened his eyes slowly and saw the face that he hadn't seen in a long time.

    "Long Chen?" He asked weakly as tears filled his eyes.

    "Of course. Who else would it be, you idiot? Here, eat this pill first. We can talk later," Long Chen let out as he reached out his hand towards Ji Shan's face. "Open your mouth."

    Ji Shan opened his mouth and allowed Long Chen to place the pill in his mouth.

    He swallowed the pill.

    "Why didn't you leave, you idiot. Why did you take the risk?" Ji Shan asked as he glared at Long Chen. Tears kept falling from his eyes, but he couldn't even wipe them as he had no hands.

    "What risk? This place? It's no risk. Don't underestimate me, old friend. I can handle this Prison easily," Long Chen answered as he smiled softly.

    He placed his hand on the shoulder of the man.

    "Don't worry. The pills will start showing their effects soon. You'll be back to normal in no time. Anyway, let's leave this place. You can tell me the entire story later," Long Chen told Ji Shan as he stood up.

    Ji Shan nodded his head. He stood up as well.

    "Oh, right. Do you know who is in the next cell?" Long Chen asked the man.

    "What am I asking? How would you know? Just stay here for a second. I'll be right back after checking," he let out, shaking his head before he left the cell and moved over to the cell where the Special Prisoner was kept.

    The door was already unlocked since the Sky Realm Elder didn't lock it after coming out.

    Opening the door, he stepped inside.

    "What the heck?"

    This was the first thing that came out of his mouth as he saw the person inside.

    He had thought that he would see an influential old man or a strong cultivator, but he never expected to find a woman there.

    That woman had both her hands tied in chains as she sat with the support of the wall against her back.

    Her deep blue pupils gazed upwards at Long Chen. That was no emotion in her eyes. She blankly looked at Long Chen.

    She had blonde hair and looked to be in her late twenties. She was wearing a beautiful dress that was looking bad due to all the dirt it had collected throughout the years.

    "Are you the new guardian? I'll tell you the same thing I told the last one and the ones that came before him. I don't know what you want from me. I don't know! Just kill me already. What's the benefit of keeping me alive when I don't have the answers you want," the woman said in a sharp tone.

    "Interesting. Even when you say that you don't know, the first thing you suggest is to kill you. Why not let you go free?" Long Chen asked the woman with a curious look on his face.

    "Hah, you are not an idiot to let me leave because of my position. I'm sure you're all worried that if I left, I'd tell my family about you kidnapping me. They'll destroy you. There is no way you will let me leave. And there is no way I can answer what you want to know since I don't even have an answer myself. Just kill me already!" the woman told Long Chen.

    "You're a Second Stage Sky Realm cultivator. Pretty good for your age. No wonder a Sky Realm Elder was assigned to guard this place," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head. He could see her cultivation, which was lower than his Cultivation.

    "You're right, though. Killing you is the most feasible option for the Xie Clan."

    Long Chen brought his King's Sword out as he walked towards the woman.

    "Finally. I can get free of this place, even if it's in the form of eternal sleep," the woman muttered as she clenched her fist.

    Long Chen stopped before her as he raised his sword.

    "Long Chen?" Ji Shan walked inside the same cell and saw Long Chen about to slash down, but he was too late.

    The sword moved like lightning, hackling down.
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