822 Chapter 822: Help

    "Wai-" Ji Shan called out to stop Long Chen as he saw the face of the girl, recognizing her. He stopped as he realized that his words wouldn't help since he was too late.



    The woman asked in confusion as she

    "Unfortunately, I'm not from the Xie Clan. Whatever happens to them has nothing to do with me, but I would prefer then to suffer since they dared to kidnap my friend and made him suffer. Since you can do it with your family's help, I wouldn't need to bother with everyone. You're free now. Get out of here," Long Chen told the woman before he turned back.

    "I have killed all the guards of the Prison Tower. No one would be able to find out until the morning. You should get out while you can. You're a strong cultivator. You wouldn't have a hard time leaving," he continued as he left without looking back.

    He walked towards Ji Shan and noticed that his hands were healed.

    "Ji Shan, your hands are back. The Life-Healing Pill worked pretty fast. Now let's get out of here as well."

    Holding the hand of Ji Shan, Long Chen took him to a nearby cell and closed the door behind them.

    "Do you know who you just saved?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen.

    "Some girl from some influential family. So what. I don't need wealth or anything. The aims I have can't be fulfilled with the help of any family. It's a lonely path that I must walk through alone. Why would I care who I met and helped on passing? I was just curious who it was. That person is able to create trouble for the Xie Clan; that much is enough for me," Long Chen replied casually as he created a spatial portal using his Law of Space.

    "Get inside. It would take us back to my room," he told Ji Shan.

    "Ah, this... Since when are you able to do something like this? Is this really safe!" Ji Shan asked with a wry smile on his face.

    "It's perfectly safe. I've used it many times. Just get inside, and we'll be out of here. It would close if I enter first, so you need to go before me," Long Chen told the man, comforting him.

    Ji Shan nodded his head, but he didn't enter. He gazed at Long Chen as he inquired, "Can we take that girl with us as well? She might get caught if she goes out alone. Since you already saved her, we might as well go all the way."

    "Not really. She's not close to me, so I'm rather uncomfortable showing this ability of mine to her. Also, don't underestimate her. She's a Sky Realm Cultivator. Most of the Cultivators guarding this place are weaker than her. Even the strongest is only at Earth Realm. They wouldn't even be able to detect her if she's careful while leaving. Don't worry about her. Enter the portal. I can't keep it up for longer," Long Chen told Ji Shan, tapping his shoulder as if gesturing to him to hurry.


    Ji Shan sighed as he entered the portal.

    "Sigh might as well fulfill his one wish since he went through so much already," Long Chen muttered after Ji Shan entered the portal.

    He glanced towards the door. "I know you are standing outside. You can come inside."

    The door opened, and the woman stepped inside.

    "What were you waiting for? Why didn't you leave?" Long Chen asked, curiously.

    "I was waiting for you. I wanted to leave with you guys. I thought you were collecting something you left inside the room before leaving. But this..." the Woman muttered as she observed the portal.

    "It cost me a really expensive Talisman for this one-time use item. Since I used it to save my friend, it was worth it. Now don't waste time and enter fast," Long Chen answered the woman, lying to her about how he created this portal.

    The girl nodded her head as she stepped inside the portal.

    Long Chen followed behind and entered the portal after her.

    As he entered, the portal disappeared.

    Silence returned to the Prison Tower that had been very active recently.

    Nothing but dead bodies were left behind in the Prison Tower, all due to only a single person.

    Not a single person in the entire Xie Clan knew what had happened in the Prison Tower tonight and the people that knew were dead already.


    Long Chen left the Portal and found himself back in his room.

    Ji Shan was sitting on the bed, introducing himself to Ming Lan and asking who the lady was.

    "This is my wife, Ming Lan. Lan'er, this is the friend I talked about," Long Chen introduced the two of them.

    "Wife? Where are Mingyu and Zhiqing? Didn't they come with you? Where did you leave them?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen after not finding the two girls he knew here.

    "They're right here. I'll introduce you to them later," Long Chen answered as he glanced back at the woman who was standing near them. He didn't want to use the Fake World Ring right in front of her.

    Ji Shan gazed at the girl and understood why Long Chen was being so careful. "Oh right. You saved her as well. I knew you wouldn't leave her behind. Without even knowing who she is, you brought her here. Exactly the kind of person I knew you were."

    "I did it for you since you wanted me to help her. I personally believe that she was more than capable of leaving alone. Anyway, lady, it's still night time. You should go back to the clan you're from before the people of Xie Clan find out about the prison break. If that happened, things would get really complicated for you," Long Chen told the woman, trying to get her to leave now that she was here.

    "As the Princess of this Kingdom, I wish to express my gratitude for saving me. I have nothing to give you since all my belongings were taken by those Bastards, but if you ever need help, you can always come to me in the Royal Palace. Whatever you want help with, I'll help as long as I can," the woman thanked Long Chen gracefully before she turned towards the door and left.

    "The Princess, huh. That doesn't change anything. It's not like I wish to stay in this kingdom for long," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    He looked towards Ji Shan and said,  "Now tell me, what happened after we separated?"
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