824 Chapter 824: Abducting

    During the night, Long Chen and Ming Lan stayed in the room with Xu Liang, due to which they weren't able to engage in their nightly activities. That's why they only stayed up at night, cultivating.

    Ji Shan didn't sleep for quite some time and kept looking at the moon sky. Only after an hour had passed away did he decide to go back to bed.

    He also fell asleep soon after, losing himself in the dreams of what could have been if he hadn't lost the love of his life.

    The might passed away peacefully, but the first ray of light brought a commotion along with it.

    The Xie Clan member found out what had happened in the Prison Tower as they discovered bodies everywhere.

    The Guards had come to change shifts in the morning only to realize that there was no one alive to switch shifts with. The rest of the guards were all dead in the Prison Tower.

    The guards ran inside the tower to check on the condition inside. They were glad to know that most of the cells were still locked, so the prisoners were still inside.

    "203 and 204 are empty! The prisoners aren't inside! I also found the dead body of Elder there. Someone killed him. Whoever did it was probably to help those prisoners escape!"

    "The prisoners in those cells? Oh no! That means the Princess has escaped! We must tell the Clan Master instantly! You all stay here and guard this place! I will go and tell him as soon as I can!"

    One of the Earth Realm Elders ran outside the prison tower, leaving the other inside.

    He went straight to the Clan Master of the Xie Clan to tell him everything. It was a matter of life and death of their clan, after all!

    "Master, the Princess has escaped the prison?" The Guard told the Clan Master.

    "What are you saying! How could she escape when the security was so tight? Did someone betray us?" The Clan Master asked with shock on his face evident.

    "I-i am not sure. I found every guard inside the Prison Tower. The Princess and the boy who ran away with Young Miss had escaped. I believe someone sneaked inside our clan at night to help them escape!" The Guard answered.

    "You idiots! It all happened at night, and you just found out? How can my Xie Clan have such useless people?" The Clan Master roared in anger.

    He called the Elders of the Clan and informed them everything as well.

    "If the girl left at night, she would have reached the Palace a long time ago! The King must have heard about it as well! The Clan is in danger! Tell everyone to get their things ready! We can't stay here any longer! We need to escape before the Royal Coan prepares for the attack! We can't give them the opportunity to wipe us? We must leave this place!" The Clan Master commanded.

    "We will start preparing. We will only take necessary things. We should be ready to leave in thirty minutes," the Elders replied.

    "Yes. Do that. No delay will be forgiven! I want everyone ready to leave after thirty minutes! Go now," the Clan Master told the Elders.

    Everyone left the chamber, leaving the Clan Master alone.

    "Someone came to help the girl escape? Who could have done it? If it were the Royal Clan, they wouldn't be so sneaky. Who else could do it? Also, why would they take that bastard Ji Shan with them? Could it be that the person came for Ji Shan and found the Princess there?" The Clan Master muttered as he lamented about the situation.

    "If the person came for Ji Shan, it must be some friend he formed in the Imperial Academy. Those annoying brats ruined everything for me! My daughter died because of him, and now he might be the culprit that caused the destruction of my Clan? I hate that guy! If I ever saw him again, I would-" he was cursing, but that's when a sword stabbed his chest while a young man appeared in front of him.

    "You what?" The young man asked, smirking as he stabbed his second sword inside the Clan Master as well.

    "W-who are you?" The Clan Master asked as he coughed out a mouthful of bad blood.

    "I am the friend of the guy who you were cursing and the one who caused all this," Long Chen said proudly.

    "I know I promised Ji Shan that I wouldn't involve myself in this matter any more than I have to, but I couldn't just forgive the architect of the plan that took his happiness. You deserve death and only death, but that needs to be in his hand," he continued as he waved his hand.

    A Spatial Portal appeared near him.

    Grabbing the man by his neck, Long Chen stepped inside the portal.

    He arrived inside Ji Shan's room with the Patriarch of Xie Clan.

    Ji Shan had no idea about Long Chen's plan. He was standing at the window, looking at the people on the streets.

    "Ji Shan, look who is here to meet you," Long Chen called out.

    Ji Shan softly turned back and noticed the Master of Xie Clan sitting on his knees weakly before him.

    "H-how..." Ji Shan muttered, not believing what he was seeing.

    A Heaven Realm Cultivator was lying on his knees in front of him. Since when did Long Chen become so strong?

    "Stop gawking at the man. He is already on his last breath. Even if you don't do anything, he will die in a few minutes. Take out your sword and kill him yourself before he dies on his own," Long Chen insisted.

    "Don't forget, he is the enemy of your happiness. He is the architect of everything you lost. He is the person who caused your love to die, without caring for the fact that the girl was his own daughter," he continued.

    "Someone like him doesn't deserve to live, and to make him incapable of attacking me; I had to attack him seriously. He has critical wounds, and he would die, but only you deserve to be the one who kills him. Do the honors from your own hands."

    Long Chen was right. The Xie Clan's master was looking pale. His breathing was weak. His hands and legs weren't moving as well since Long Chen had wounded him even more before bringing him here.

    Ji Shan looked at the face of the man who took everything from him as he clenched his fist.

    He stepped towards him.
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