829 Chapter 829: Caught?

    The Princess was stunned to know that Long Chen was so young. If he was really as old as he said he was, then he was the youngest Heaven Realm Cultivator that she ever met. Most of the Heaven Realm Cultivators she saw were the ones that lived for more than a hundred years of age before they succeeded in breaking through to the Heaven Realm, but Long Chen achieved all that when he was just twenty?

    "Are you telling the truth?" she asked just to be sure.

    "Why would I lie to you? It's not like I need to impress you or anything. Also, it's not much special either. I'm sure there would be Heaven Realm Cultivators much younger than me. It's not special enough for me to lie," Long Chen answered, casually.

    He conveniently hid the fact that he was actually not a Heaven Realm Cultivator and decided to lie to intimidate the Prince more. The Heavens Realm Cultivators were more respected and adored. And as a Heaven Realm Cultivator who was so young, no one would dare to make him their enemy, especially since all he requested was to accompany them.

    "That is true," the Princess said as she nodded her head.

    "I forgot to ask you when you saved me last time. What is your name, and where are you from?" she asked.

    "I am Long Chen. As for where I am from, let that be a secret. I don't wish to reveal my private life and use my influence. I am just a cultivator that happened to come here and found out about a friend who was trapped here. Let's just keep it at that," Long Chen answered, making his background even more mysterious for the girl.

    The words he used were specially crafted this way to make the girl believe that he was from some powerful family.

    "Alright. I don't want to force you to tell me anything. I am already glad that you told me your name. But, aren't you going to ask me for my name?" The Princess asked Long Chen.

    "How would that help me?" Long Chen asked the girl. "All I need to know is that you are the Princess of this Kingdom. After I am done today, I will leave, and we will never meet again."

    ' Sigh, you're so boring. Can't you enjoy life a bit? You have a wife, but that doesn't mean you can't talk to other girls properly," the Princess asked, smiling wryly.

    Long Chen didn't answer her and simply gazed towards the Xie Clan.

    " I am surprised to see that there are loyal people like you in this world that still exist. Most powerful people have more than one wife. Even if they don't, they flirt with every girl they can. You, on the other hand, are so different. Let alone marrying a second girl, you don't even talk properly to girls other than your wife. You're really loyal," the Princess praised Long Chen.

    Cough! Cough!

    Hearing her words, Long Chen started coughing intensely. What was she even talking about? Loyal? One woman only? Who was going to tell her that he had way more than one wife? He was already close to getting killed by his wives for bringing new ones in such quick succession.

    "Are you fine?" The Princess started rubbing his back as she saw him coughing.

    "Ahem, I am fine. It was nothing. Anyway, I had a question to ask," Long Chen inquired.

    "Sure. You helped me so much. You can ask anything. I'll do best to answer you," the Princess answered as she heard Long Chen.

    "Do you know who my friend is that was trapped inside?" Long Chen asked.

    He wanted to know if she knew that Ji Shan was the person who ran away with the future fiance of the Prince.

    He wanted to lead the question in that direction in the end, but he had no idea how his one question would dig a deep hole for him.

    "Ah, I do. I saw him at the Imperial Academy Trainee trials. He is Ji Shan who is a foreigner and came from a weaker continen-" the Princess answered Long Chen, but she suddenly stopped.

    She was stunned to see that Long Chen was here.

    "Wait a minute. He came from a lower continental and was selected by us as soon as he stepped here. How did he become your best friend then? He didn't go to any high-ranking kingdoms, and he didn't leave the sight of our men since he was selected. Your friendship doesn't seem like casual friends but people who know each other for a long time. Does this mean you're from... a lower continent too?" she asked as a look of enlightenment appeared on her face.

    Long Chen was stunned. He didn't expect that she would be so accurate and clever.

    "Not really. I met him on this continent. As for how and when, I don't think it's important for me to explain to you. Could you answer my question now? Do you know he is the one that ran with the girl your brother was about to be engaged to?" He asked, trying to change the topic.

    'Maybe I might be wrong. There are people that get close fast, and our people only selected him after he passed the trial. It's possible that Long Chen was there and formed a friendship? That's right. How can such a strong and talented person be from a lower continent? Was an idiot to think that,' the Princess thought as she heard his words.

    "I do know about him, but my brother doesn't. My brother never saw Ji Shan. If you're worried that he might be angry after seeing your friend, don't be. As long as you don't mention his name, my brother wouldn't know," the Princess answered, smiling.

    "Oh right. My name is Zhu Kiani. I thought that I'd tell myself since you're not going to ask anyway. As for my brother, he is called Zhu Kong," she continued as she smiled.

    "That's good to know. It looks like the raid is beginning. I'll bring my friend here," Long Chen answered as he nodded his head.

    He went back to Ji Shan and brought him to the Princess. Zhu Kiani greeted Ji Shan as soon as she met.

    The raid finally began with the Prince leading the charge with the army.

    The Princess, Long Chen as well as Ji Shan followed behind the army.

    "It will be tough finding that person in such a big clan," Ji Shan lamented as he walked beside Long Chen. He could see how it would be a problem.
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