831 Chapter 831: Against Prince

    Long Chen pulled out the Sword of Time from the back of the man. He had thrust the God Grade Sword, which cut through the Earth Grade Armor like butter.

    The man was proud of his Armor, thinking that it was impossible to break, unaware that someone with a much more precious artifact would appear out of nowhere.

    The man's whole body was sweating as he roared in pain. His scream scared the woman who was sitting in the corner even more; however, she didn't make a noise. She didn't wish to attract Long Chen's attention and get killed in the process.

    To make sure that no sound left her mouth, she covered her mouth with her hand as she watched what happened next.

    She noticed the Black Rusted Sword disappear while another lighter sword came flying down, landing near Long Chen's feet.

    Long Chen grabbed the man by his neck as he stepped on his Spirit Sword. He couldn't help but glance at the woman in the corner, which scared her even more.

    "Come on, I'm not even that scary," Long Chen complained as he shook his head. The Spirit Sword started rising in the air and carried Long Chen with him.

    After the two of them left, the woman finally stood up with shaky legs as she walked towards the door.

    Opening the door, she stepped out to mix with the crowd so she could feel safer.

    Long Chen took the man back to the Xie Clan with him. He landed on the concrete pavement where Ji Shan had been standing as he threw the man on his feet.

    "Here is your culprit. You can have your fun," Long Chen said as he smiled.

    The Prince and the Princess both saw the man on Ji Shan's feet. The two of them recognized the person. While the Princess looked surprised, the Prince looked frustrated.

    The Prince walked closer to Long Chen as he said in an annoyed manner, "So you found him. I was wondering where he ran off to. What about the Clan Master? Were the two of them not together, or did you lose him? Sigh, if you knew where they were, you should've told me! We lost him because of you!"

    Long Chen squinted his eyes as he gazed at the Prince. Noticing the anger on the Prince's face, he felt like slapping the man into oblivion, but he controlled himself.

    He also took a step forward so that the two of them were facing each other with only a little distance between them.

    "Prince Kong, you seem to be living under a misconception. I don't work for you, so I do not need to tell you anything. As for who I catch and who I don't, that's also none of your concern when you let these people escape. You're lucky I was there, or you wouldn't have found this guy for an eternity. So be glad and don't show off before me." Long Chen warned the Prince as his golden eyes gazed at him like they were able to look deep inside the soul of the Prince.

    "You! Fine. You did well by catching at least one of them. Guards, take this guy. We would present him before father. He would punish this guy himself for trying to hurt my sister," the Prince commanded his guards as he stepped back to create some distance between himself and Long Chen.

    The Guards stepped towards the Elder of Xie Clan to capture him; however, before they could reach closer, a Sword came flying and started circling around Ji Shan and the Elder of Xie Clan as if creating a boundary around them.

    "If anyone cares to step closer, don't blame me when your heads fall to the ground," Long Chen warned heavily as he stepped forward.

    " You! What are you doing?! Are you really going against us because you're a Heaven Realm Cultivator? Do you think we can't do anything to you?" The Prince roared in rage.

    "I told you that I'm here to kill a guy. This is the guy that we need to kill. That's why I caught him. His life belongs to us and no one else!" Long Chen replied.

    Long Chen glanced towards Ji Shan, who looked back at him as if worried about Long Chen's safety. A smile appeared on Long Chen's face. " Don't worry about anything. I know how much he took from you. You can take your sweet time in killing him. No one will disturb you two."

    " You! I really don't know if you're insane or just acting! When you said that you wanted to kill a person, I only agreed because I thought it would be a random guard! But I can't let you kill the main culprit! It's father's command that we must bring the Clan Master of the Xie Clan and his brother to him. The Clan Master escaped because of you, but I can let it go."

    The Prince scolded Long Chen. The more he spoke, the louder his voice got.

    "As for this guy, I must take him with me. I don't care for what you say! I don't care how talented you are! You think you can do anything just because you're a Heaven Realm Cultivator?! This Kingdom is my territory, and I can have you killed at any second! So step back like a good boy!"

    ' I didn't wish for a face-off, but I can't back off too, can I? It's something that he needs to do to have peace of heart,' Long Chen thought as he smiled.

    "Looks like a Royal will be dying today then," Long Chen replied as he brought the Rusted Black Heavy Sword out of his pocket.

    "Hahaha, you use that crappy Sword, and you show off like that? I can't feel any aura from the crappy Sword. Despite being a Heaven Realm Cultivator, you can't even afford a decent artifact. You must not be anything special then," the Prince laughed as he saw the Sword of Time for the first time, not knowing that the weapon he was laughing at was something that even Heavenly Kings lusted after.

    "Oho? How about this then?" Long Chen replied with an amused smile on his face as he brought his King's Sword out, holding that in his left hand.

    "That... That's better than the crappy Sword but still not something a decent Heavenly Realm cultivator would possess. I was worrying for no reason! Guys! Capture this guy as well! He is an enemy of the Kingdom!" The Prince commanded his people.
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