2 Chapter 2 : Deadly figh

    Long Tian was just 8 years old and already at the peak of stage 10 of the Body refining realm. In the Whole country Amongst people of his generation, none was his match Including kids from Royal clan. But he never grew complacent, always kept working hard.

    There was only one motivation behind his hard work. After his father's death, he wanted to be strong. Strong enough so that his mother won't have to worry about him. Strong enough that he can find the people behind his father's death and take revenge.

    Strong enough to protect everyone so that no family member gets hurt again like his father did. Even if he was just a child he knew the importance of strength

    He kept working hard every day to achieve his dream. Every time he achieved a breakthrough he would go to his mother and tell her about it just to see her happiness. He felt happy when she praised him. One more thing he liked was reading. He had already read every book his clan had by the time he was 8. when he was not cultivating, he was reading.

    Today was the same. He went to the national library to read. This library had the biggest book collection in the country. Although Long clan had a big library as well, it was more about the quality than the quantity. while the national library had the quantity and possibly even a few rare books too. So he went there often. After spending a few hours there, he left.

    Since he was the young master of the clan and a genius he had two protectors as well, both at top of  Spirit refining realm. They secretly followed him to protect him as per clan master's orders. Long tian was in his Clan's golden Carriage which had a Dragon symbol on it representing long clan.

    Normal bandits wouldn't even dream about approaching this carriage as they knew what this symbol represented. Long clan was the top power in the nation. Norman bandits didn't even dream about stealing from any of their shipments much less a carriage carrying a member.

    Long Tian was in his carriage while thinking about something he read in an old book in the library, it was about myths and legend of the continent. Suddenly the carriage stopped. There was no sound from outside. While wondering what happened he came out of the carriage. But was shocked at the sight that met him.

    His carriage driver was dead and a masked man was standing in front of the carriage. Although he was at the top of Body refining but still he couldn't judge another person's cultivation. Only people at Spirit Establishment and above can judge other's cultivation. And there was a big gap between the peak of Body refining and the Spirit Establishment realm. But still, Right then he knew he was in danger. Because The Person in front of him was probably stronger than him since he was standing in front of his carriage and could kill his driver and guards so easily.

    He knew his guards have probably died in the hands of this masked man because even after all this happened they didn't come to protect him. There was only one possible answer, they were dead. But he knew he was the main Target. It was a trap to kill him. And he was already trapped with no possible escape

    His hands were behind his back while facing the masked man. He had a red jade In his hand. He crushed it secretly.

    It was a jade that was gifted to him for protection by his grandfather after his father was assassinated. It was part of a pretty expensive pair of jades, one being in the hands of his grandfather, another being in his. When one of the jade was crushed the other would be destroyed as well and his grandpa will know that he was in danger.

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    While gifting it his grandfather made him promise that he would always carry it with him and definitely use it whenever there was even  slightest danger

    "Do you feel safe after crushing that jade?" said the masked man. His eyes showing that he was smiling inside that mask

    "Who are you?" asked long tian. Although he knew it was a stupid question and the guy probably wouldn't answer, but he had to delay the guy so that his grandpa can come and save him.

    "These tactics won't work on me boy. I know the purpose of this Jade. I assume your grandfather will be here in around 5 minutes. But that's just enough time for me to kill you a hundred times" laughed the masked man

    Long Tian didn't know why he would know about it but this guy was right. It would take his grandpa some time to come to his location. This was his life's most dangerous moments. He had to survive somehow against a guy who is probably in a realm higher than Spirit Establishment. In other words two full realms higher than his.

    "Why do you want to kill me?" asked Long tian softly

    "Is there a need for me to tell you, boy? you should be glad you are dying in the hands of someone like me" laughed masked man

    " At least tell me your name? Are you scared of a person who will soon be dead? or is it that you aren't confident that you can kill me?" smiled long tian

    " Hahaha Me? afraid of you? kid are you trying to make me die laughing? " laughed the guy

    " Enough Chit chat ..... Time for you to die boy" the masked man stopped laughing suddenly and said In a cruel voice. Although Long Tian way standing at a distance of 50 meters from the assassin still he could feel his killing intent. He had probably killed many people to have such strong killing intent

    Long Tian got ready to fight he knew that the only option he had was to survive until his grandfather comes to help him. He had to survive, survive for just five more minutes

    Although these five minutes looked like a short period of time, Only Long Tian knew that it will be like an eternity. Especially when the one he was facing was an elite assassin 2 full realms higher than his . Long Tian put one of his hand in his pocket and grabbed a talisman.

    Just like that two people faced each other. A masked killer in early gold core realm and opposite to him a boy only slightly older than 8 at peak of Body refining realm. A fight for his life was about to start, his survival depended on which.
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