4 Chapter 4 : A Dragon is Always Superior

    "Everything is fine now Tian'er. Grandpa won't let anybody hurt you . Let's go home now, your mother must be waiting for you" smiled Long Ren while talking to Long Tian. But he got no response

    He looked at Long Tian only to see him looking at him but his eyes had no focus, his face had no expression. he was just Lying there dully

    "Tian'er??? ... Are you alright? say something.." Long Ren said in a tender voice. but he received no reaction from Long Tian. All he got was a Dull look.

    "Alright, Let's go home. You're probably tired, you need some rest" after saying this Long Ren flew towards Long mansion while carrying Long Tian in his arms.

    Long Ren entered the mansion while carrying Long Tian in his hand and straight away went to Long Tian's courtyard. His courtyard was beautiful and huge which was to be expected as this was the dwelling of a genius young master of Long clan.

    Outside was covered with a beautiful garden Having a wide variety of colorful flowers. Long Tian liked looking at them whenever he came out of his room. There were many capable servants assigned for taking care of this garden and they did their work with full dedication as they knew how much their young master liked this garden

    "Father in law, that happened to tian'er? why are you carrying him like that? " Just as Long Ren entered the courtyard, Came the worried voice of Sima Ziyi. she was the Mother of Long Tian, and daughter in law of Long Ren.

    She had one more identity. She was from the Sima clan. She was the daughter of the clan leader of Sima clan. Although her clan wasn't as strong as the three super clans 'Long, gu and qin', it was still in the top 5 clans in the nation.

    "Ziyi...Someone tried attacking him, there was an assassination attempt. thank the heavens he's still alive" Long Ren said in a worried tone

    Ziyi Ran towards him and took him in her arms from his grandfather's arms.

    "Tian'er. are you alright? say something to me, look its mother..... please say something" Ziyi had tears in her eyes while looking at her son. She kept talking to him trying to get him to talk, but there was no response

    "Let him rest first, he needs it. I'll tell you everything that happened later" said Long Ren. Only then did Ziyi came to sense, she took Long tian inside the house and put him in bed and covered him with a golden blanket to rest .after looking at her son for a while with tears in her eyes she came out.

    she straight went to where Long Ren was standing

    "who did this to tian'er?" she asked with a voice full of grief

    " Unfortunately I don't know who it was or I would destroy everyone and everything related to them and have  them wish they were never born on this planet!!" Said Long Ren while looking towards Long Tian's room

    Then he described everything that happened with great detail, how he knew Long Tian was in danger, what he saw when he got there, how he saved Long Tian. Ziyi was shocked to know that her child was actually dead for a few moments. Tears kept coming out of her eyes as she imagined what her son must have faced these past few hours.

    Long Ren had already sent someone to get the Royal physician with his seal. The physician he invited was the best physician in all of the nations. He mostly treated the Royal family and three super clans. He was called physician Zhang

    After the physician arrived he went to check on Long Tian. After a long observation he came out and said:

    "I don't think there is anything wrong with Long Tian His body is pretty healthy other than a few minor injuries."

    physician Zhang  stopped for a moment and then continued

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    "I'm not sure how or why it happened but Long Tian has lost his intelligence and became dumb" he quickly realized that he had said something wrong before quickly correcting himself

    "I meant he has become slow. He can't process what's happening around him. It's like when you try to talk some intelligent stuff with a 2-year-old, you won't get any response"

    " Is there a solution?" asked Long Ren in heavy voice

    " I am not sure what will work. maybe he'll be fine after a few days rest or maybe he won't recover ever. Anything can happen and I can't say anything for sure as I've never seen this condition before. But I'll pray that he gets better soon. "

    "I  should go now," said the doctor

    " I'll bring you out,"   said Long Ren with a heavy heart as he escorted physician Zhang out.


    As Long Chen accumulated these memories he also felt sad that an 8-year-old child has to face that. What made him especially upset was what happened after Long Tian lost his intelligence and became dull. And how people in his own clan treated him.

    He was constantly bullied by his cousins. His cousins could only be jealous of his talent before but couldn't take it out on him because of his strength and position. But now that he lost everything, they could take their revenge.

    They would take him out with the excuse of playing and bully him, Make him sit on his hands and knees and use him like a table, sometimes even kick him from behind to make him fall and get injured. But give excuses that he fell while coming home whenever anyone asked about it.he could do nothing as he didn't understand these things.

    Even the servants stopped giving him respect when no one was there. They would treat him like they were masters instead of the opposite.

    That is how 4 years passed . He was now 12 years old. and still at peak of Body refining realm, but that wasn't special anymore as he was not the strongest in his generation now. Many kids had reached 10th stage body refining when 12. even in his own clan there were 5. With a few even breaking past body refining and were already at sprit Establishment. Strongest one in his clan's younger generation being the son of his eldest Uncle. He was only 13 this year and already at 3rd stage of Spirit refining

    "Hah, Now that I'm here, time to get everything back. I'll show than a Dragon is always superior to wolves, no matter how inured"  Long Chen smiled as he got up from bed ready to start his journey in this new world.
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