6 Chapter 6 : First figh

    Long Tian walked in the Martial arena . after walking some steps some people started noticing him and looking at him.

    "hey everyone, we are so lucky today .we have the privilege to see our Clan's youngest generation's strongest genius, young master Tian.... hahaha" came a mocking voice of someone from nearby. Long Chen recognized that guy. he was called Long Mantian He was also part of the Long clan but was from a small branch family.

    Long clan had quite a few branch families spread throughout the nation along with the Main family in the capital. These branch families were spread throughout the nation and only some talented members from those families could come to the main family for cultivation and get these Superior resources.

    Long Mantian was one of these few branch family kids present in Long Clan. He was not very good looking. he had short black hair, round face with a sharp nose and he was dressed in average clothes . At first look, no one would think of him as anything good . Although he was not as talented as most kids from the main clan, he was still good enough that his family sent him here to cultivate. As soon as he arrived here, he came into contact with Long An and became his follower. Right now he was 14 years old and at an early stage of the 10th stage body refining realm.

    "Young master Tian why are you dressed so nice today? Is today your marriage? which girl is it who is so unlucky??. You should go fast and marry her before she knows the reality about you and kill herself " laughed Long Mantian

    'Such childish insults.... can't he come up with anything better?' thought Long Tian as he saw Long Mantian walk near him

    " Or is it that you are going to fight in some heavenly war as a Commander?..  hahaha... Even if they let you join a war, what're you gonna do?  Stare at your opponents until they surrender? " mocked Long Mantian as he kept laughing while putting his hand on Long Tian's shoulders. He brought him near Long An.

    Long Chen recognized him as the guy who bullied him the most.

    'I need to find an opportunity to teach this guy some manners'  thought Long Chen while Long Mantian was pulling him

    While they were passing on the field a lot of members practicing looked at them. Some looked at Long tian with pity in their eyes for what Long Tian had become and how he was treated now, while some looked at him enjoying his misfortune and happy that this genius fell.

    Quite a few people ignored him as well like he wasn't worth their attention anymore

    "Master An, look who's here to meet you... Your cousin, young master Tian " Long Mantian bought Long Tian near Long An. He wanted to bring Long tian here so that Long An could play with him for a few minutes as well. that way they  could both get some entertainment

    "Don't call this piece of trash my cousin and also that trash isn't worth my attention so take him out of here and play with him yourself. Don't interrupt my training Mantian! " Said Long An without even looking back. He kept practicing during the whole conversation

    'huh, looks like this guy looks down on me alot. Well ..... he does have a right to be this arrogant. I am not a genius anymore and not stronger than him. I don't think I can even fight on him at the same ground as I am right now' thought Long Chen in his mind.

    "Alright Master An, I'll take this trash out. people like him don't have the right to enter this Martial arena made for warriors" laughed Long Mantian as he took Long tian back. But inside he was disappointed that Long An didn't go along with him. He kept pushing Long Tian as he brought him Towards the exit.

    After he brought him out, he took him to a secluded area. Having an evil smile on his face He looked around to make sure no one was nearby before pushing him from behind. But he couldn't move Long Tian in the slightest

    Long Chen was ready for their little tricks as he knew how things happened and he had already spread his strength throughout his whole body. Long Mantian was shocked to see that he couldn't move him even in the slightest. Before today every time he tried it he could do it without any trouble or effort but today he couldn't even after using his early 10th stage cultivation.

    Long Chen knew why it was. Before although Long Tian was stronger than most from the younger generation, but because of his injured mind he never utilized his cultivation to stop his bullies. And although he was at peak of body refining realm, he had been at that realm for 4 years. Even if he didn't cultivate in the last 4 years, he still ate many medicines provided by his mother.

    While Long Mantian was only at an early stage of the 10th stage body refining realm. he was way weaker than Long Chen even now.

    Long Mantian kept trying to move him without any result. while Long Chen was laughing in his mind at his futile struggle.

    Finally, Long Chen turned back to look at him, his face smiling. Long Mantian was shocked to see him smiling, but he felt even more shame and anger than shock.

    "You little crazy piece of trash, How dare you laugh at me, your father!!" roared Long Mantian as he punched towards Long Tian's stomach. He used his full 10th stage cultivation behind that punch.

    Long Chen saw that punch coming towards him and could see a high force and momentum behind that punch. it was a really fast punch but this speed was nothing in front of him. He also unleashed his full cultivation at peak of body refining and punched out.

    As soon as Long Mantian's punch connected with Long Tian's punch his expressions had a wide variety of change. From angry to shocked to in pain. Just after a brief moment of contact, Long Mantian flew away like a broken kite and crashed 20 meters away. He felt like his hand's bones were cracked. He got up after much difficulty, after getting up he saw ahead and saw Long Tian standing just 1 meter ahead of him.

    Long Tian caught him by his throat and pulled him up in the air. Long Mantian tried to get him to loosen his grip but couldn't do anything.

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    "Uhu uhu ...Young master tian. you.. you .... please release me. I was wrong, forgive me, don't kill me, master Tian. I can be of use to you, I  can be your slave even your dog, just don't kill me" Long Mantian said through much difficulty and with a fearful expression

    Long Chen smiled at him. To Long Mantian this smile looked like a devil's smile...
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