7 Chapter 7 : Seeing a beauty

    "Oh? ... And just why would I need a slave like you? wouldn't it be even better for me to just crush you right here and right now? " said Long Chen while his charming smile still on his face. Which scared Long Mantian even more

    "Please... please forgive me master tian...I would never do it again." by the time Long Mantian said it had tears in his eyes.

    "Don't hurt me, master Tian.... it, it, it is against the clan rules to hurt a clan member, especially killing. Even if I am from a branch family, You'll get punished if you do it" said Long Mantian while still crying

    " Firstly, how would anyone know that I killed you? we are all alone here right now .secondly, I can't even kill a fly in their eyes. I'm just a harmless little guy. No one would even think that I killed you ." long tian stopped for a moment then continued

    " And most importantly, You know even if I'm not a genius I once was in my clan members' eyes I'm still the grandson of Patriarch. with my position, even if I kill you, do you think I would be killed? Are you really  sure anything serious would happen to me? " smirked Long Chen as he said it

    Long Mantian was scared out of his mind as Long Chen tightened his grip around his throat. After a few moments of this, Long Chen closed the distance between him and Long Mantian. He bought his lips closer to Long Mantian's ears and said

    "if anyone, especially Long An found out that I'm better now or that I'm the one that beat you up. I do not think that I have to explain what could happen to you, do I? He might save you for a while but Not even he would be able to save you forever " said Long tian with an innocent smile on his face.

    As soon as Long Mantian saw this smile he knew that now he was in the hands of a devil. he promised to himself in his mind that he would never do anything like this again and stay far away from Long Tian if he could survive.

    "Although I don't need a servant right now, you were right in saying that you could be of use to me someday. I think so as well. But not right now.I'll meet you the day I need you. Till then act like you often do, but never cross me again" said Long Chen to him. Long Mantian finally felt relieved and knew that he won't die.

    " I... I promise! " said Long Mantian still crying. after that finally, Long Chen put him down.

    "Go on now, if anyone asks how you got hurt, I'm sure you'll think of some excuse like.... you feel down while walking," said Long Chen, a smile still hung on his face. This was the same excuse they gave every time Long Tian was injured in the slightest.

    After saying that, Long Chen started walking towards a different location. he was planning to Roam every part of Lin Mansion once

    As Long Tian walked away, Long Mantian's eyes never left him until he went far away. Finally, he breathed a sigh of relief. He looked below and noticed that his pant was slightly wet... he hurriedly ran towards his room.

    While Long Chen was roaming around the mansion, he saw many amazing things. this place was huge and had many important places.

    There was a Skill Hall in Long clan containing many Martial skills. when he was younger he had personally went there and saw many skills. hundreds of mortal grade skills were there and quite a few Spirit grade skills as well although Long Tian didn't have a chance to see them.

    This building was golden in color and it had three floors and covered an area of a few hundred squares meters it's door was three meters wide and five meters high. There was a dragon symbol on its doors like In most of important places of Long clan.

    The first floor contained mortal grade skills, from low-rank mortal grade skills all the way up to peak rank mortal grade skills. There were hundreds of them. While the second floor contained only Spirit grade Martial skills, once someone broke through to Spirit refining realm, only then were they allowed to choose Martial skills from this floor.

    If Long tian had not suffered that horrible accident, he could have been the youngest person to go on to the second floor and choose a Spirit grade Martial skill as he would have broken through to the Spirit refining realm soon. But everything changed after that accident

    As for the third floor, No one other than the Patriarch and a few high ranking elders were allowed inside. But it was said that this place contained highly sought for Earth grade techniques. Long Chan thought so as well, this could be the only possible explanation as per him about what the third floor contained.

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    "It's not the right time to go inside, even if they allowed me to enter ,I already have mortal grade skills from inside and I wouldn't be allowed to go to second floor as I have yet to break through to Spirit refining realm"  muttered Long Chen to himself before deciding to walk past it. He walked for a few minutes and saw the next big building.

    The next place that made him amazed was also a huge building. It only had 3 floors but it was even wider and longer than the skill Hall. It was called treasure Hall. there were many treasures inside for cultivators, especially weapons. It also contained many mortal weapons as well as Spirit treasures.

    Long Tian did not know if it contained Earth grade weapon as well as he had never heard about it, but he was sure there must be Earth grade treasures in Long clan somewhere looking at the Clan's strength.

    Every clan member could choose a mortal grade treasure after they reached the 7th stage of the body refining realm, and they could choose a Spirit grade weapon only when they reached the above the fifth stage of the Spirit Establishment stage.

    Whether they would get a  Low level, mid level, high level or peak level treasure depended on themselves. Which level treasure they would get was decided by a special test inside treasure Hall.

    When Long Tian first went through this test he was only seven years old and at the 7th stage of the body refining realm. After going through this test he received a peak level mortal grade sword called "Mountain destroyer". Unfortunately, he did not have the habit to carry it with him whenever he went outside, that's why he did not have it with him when he was attacked by that masked man

    But even if he had it with him at that time, Long Chen knew that it would not have been of much help. As his opponent was two cultivation realm higher than him and had a low-level Spirit grade knife.

    Just as long Chen was about to pass by treasure Hall, A beautiful young girl came out from inside.
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