8 Chapter 8 : First Meeting

    Just when Long Chen was about to pass by treasure Hall, he saw doors of the treasure Hall open and a beautiful young girl coming out of it. Long Chen was able to recognize her. She was the daughter of Grand elder of the Long clan, Long Mu. Her name was Long Xue Ying.

    Long Mu was one of the most influential members of the Long clan. In terms of strength, he was only weaker than the Patriarch and the supreme elder of the  Long family. Long Mu only had one daughter. His wife had died when his daughter was only 12 years old due to sickness. Long Mu doted on her a lot and tried to fulfill every wish of hers

    Long Xue Ying looked to be about 16 - 17  years old. She had flaming red hair, which was long and shiny. She was wearing a  bright red gown, which ended only slightly below her knees, showing her Jade like milky white legs below.

    Long Chen was amazed as he glanced at her. She was big at places where she should be and thin at places where she should be. Her tight gown wrapped around her chest tightly, making it look even bigger.

    She looked proud and aloof. She had a light make up on her face, arched eyebrows, and beautiful eyes, and a perfectly chiseled nose making her look even more attractive, but her expressions were of excitement. She looked like she wanted to go somewhere fast.

    Long Chen was amazed as he had never seen a beautiful girl like her. He wasn't sure if it was the effect of cultivation or the natural Qi that nourished their body. He wanted to look at her from even closer, so he decided to walk towards the treasure Hall. As Long Chen was walking towards her, keeping his eyes on her, she was walking out of the treasure Hall. It somewhat looked like they were walking straight towards each other.

    Long Chen kept looking at her while walking. Just when the distance between them was about 5 meters, An accident happened. Long Chen suddenly tripped on something. As he was walking towards her at a fast pace, this accident made him fall forward even faster. As it happened, she was only about two meters away from him.

    He fell towards her. As he was falling, as soon as his body touched hers, he wrapped his arms around her subconsciously. He didn't think much about it as his mind subconsciously made him grab something that was near him when he was falling. And she was the only one near him. They both fell.

    Long Chen was stunned by his accident as he found himself on top of the girl. He felt something soft poking on his chest. He understood what it was. He realized that it was Long Xue Ying's bulging chest that was roaring to come out of her tight-fitting dress and show it's full glory. He could feel the softness.

    He tried sitting up.


    Long Xue Ying had been waiting eagerly for a long time to choose her weapon from treasure Hall. She wanted to get a Spirit grade weapon. She put all her effort into breaking through to the 5th stage of the Spirit Establishment realm just for this. Finally, today was the day she passed the last hurdle and reached the 5th stage Spirit Establishment Realm, but she did not rest.

    She went to the treasure Hall straight away after breaking through and got her first Spirit grade weapon after passing the test. The weapon she received was a low-rank spirit grade weapon called "Flaming Butterfly,"

    It was said that the artificer that made this weapon had named it in memory of the woman he loved. The woman he loved liked watching butterflies fly in her garden. She would stay in her garden fire hours watching them. Unfortunately, she died in a fire, and In her memory, he named this weapon "Flaming Butterfly" to always remind him how he couldn't help her. It was his most prized possession.

    Long Xue Ying was happy after getting her first Spirit grade weapon and wanted to show it to her grandfather as soon as possible. But as she was walking out of treasure Hall and towards her courtyard, a stranger struck her. He made her fall down, and he even wrapped his arms around her. She had never been touched by anyone other than her family, but now she was.

    Long Xue Ying's blood started billing. She wanted to kill this guy right here and right now. She started utilizing her full cultivation.


    While Long Chen was trying to get off her, The Qi in the air started getting restless. Until a fist suddenly struck Long Chen and made him fly far away like a broken kite. He crashed on the ground after traveling some distance. He coughed up a mouthful of blood as he tried getting up. He was injured, but it wasn't life-threatening. He felt pain all over his body. Finally, He stood up after some effort

    "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME!!!!!" Long Xue Ying roared. She moved to attack Long Chen again. Long Chen also got ready to protect himself, utilizing his full cultivation. He was prepared to use his Martial skills as well for his protection.

    "Stop!" Before she could hit Long Chen, a voice came from behind.
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