9 Chapter 9 : Together

    Long Xue Ying turned back towards the direction of that voice and saw that it was Elder yang. He had a hair full of white hair and white beard.he was a little chubby as well.

    He was the  Elder in charge of treasure Hall. Although he wasn't as strong as her grandfather, Long Mu, he was still in the top few in Long clan when it came to strength and responsibilities.

    "Greetings elder yang"    She calmed herself down and greeted him politely. Seeing her calm down, Elder yang praised her nature in his mind

    "What happened? why are you hitting him?" asked elder yang looking towards Long Tian.

    " He... He...." Long Xue yin stuttered. she wasn't sure how to describe it to an elder. She felt shy. she couldn't say that Long tian Forced her down, kissed her lips and squeezed her ass.

    "He what?" asked elder yang again in a questioning tone

    "He touched me inappropriately! " At last, she said it, although she simplified it a lot. Because she still couldn't describe the even in full detail.

    "Are you sure he did that? do you know who he is?" asked elder yang with a weird expression on his face.

    " what has this got to do with who he is?" asked Long Xue yin with a questioning gaze

    " Have you heard about Long Tian ?" asked elder yang

    "Who hasn't ? of course I did as well," said Long Xue Ying stating like it is a matter of fact

    " it is him.... he is Long Tian. you should know that since that accident his brain is like that of a 2-year-old child now, Although his body is that of a 12-year old's body. I do not think he would do it intentionally. is it possible in my opinion unless there was an accident? was there ?" said Elder yang in a questioning time

    " He's Long tian? the guy who lost his intelligence after an assassination attempt? " She looked at him clearly and could see some similarities. She had heard about him before, she had even met him a few times before his accident but in these last 4 years, she didn't see him much. so she couldn't recognize him at first glance.

    Now that she knows who it was she thought that it must have been an accident. Now she felt bad and guilty for attacking him. Before she felt like a victim but now she felt like a bully.

    "Elder yang, I think you are right. It was probably an accident. I am so sorry for attacking him, I even injured him" she said as her eyes got slightly wet.

    "I will bring him to his courtyard so that he could rest and then I will also ask for Aunt Ziyi's forgiveness for injuring Long Tian," said Long Xue Ying in an apologetic tone as she took him with her and left.

    Elder yang looked at them walking together for a while then walked back to his treasure Hall as well.

    As everyone passed by, no one noticed a guy standing at some distance watching everything with an ugly expression on his face. This person looked to be about 18-19 years old. He had long black hair and dark eyes like abyss.

    He was Long Su. His cultivation was at the  8 th stage of the Spirit establishment realm. Although he was young as well, he was not considered a member of the younger generation as he already passed the age of 18 quite a while ago. he was the son of supreme Elder of Long clan, Long Hua. Although Long Hua was the second strongest in Long clan he was still weaker than Long clan's patriarch Long Ren by a lot.

    Long Hua mostly only got involved whenever there was a need for taking care of the Clan's important matters. Other than that he would always be cultivating in his room. He had two sons, one Long Su and the other was only 5 years old right now. He did not get involved in their matters much unless special circumstances.

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    At this moment Long Su was filled with hatred towards Long tian. He liked Long Xue Ying ever since he first saw her in skill Hall 5 years ago and had always been trying to make her fall for him but she never gave him any importance. Whenever he approached her, She always talked to him politely but he could see that she was trying to keep a distance from him.

    Today he was going to Skill Hall to choose another Martial skill for himself when he saw Long Xue Ying come out of treasure Hall. he stopped in his tracks. Just as he was about to go approach her he saw Long Tian fall on her.

    The scene of them kissing kept stabbing in his heart like a needle again and again. He wanted to go there straight away and crush that guy to a pulp but he recognized who it was so he didn't Dare to.

    He had seen him before. He knew it was Long Tian, grandson of clan patriarch Long Ren. even if his grandfather was strong, he knew Long Ren was stronger.

    Right then he saw Long Xue Ying attacking Long Tian, he was praying that she would kill him in anger and then he will save her from the consequences by saying he witnessed Long Tian molesting her and her retaliation accidentally killed Long Tian. He thought that Long Ren would not be so narrow-minded as to come after him if he knew that it was his grandson's fault and the crime he committed.

    But things didn't go as planned. Elder yang came out and stopped her and also told her about his identity. Long Tian survived this calamity.

    Even after a long while, Long Su's anger did not subside and he decided to make a plan to get rid of Long Tian

    'how dare that bastard kiss my  Xue Ying' though Long Su in his mind while gritting his teeth.

    While there was a deadly plan being hatched against him, a plan that will forever change his life. Long Chen had no idea about it. He was happy walking with Long Xue Ying. She kept holding his hand while she brought him towards his courtyard. Long Chen enjoyed the smoothness of her Jade like hand. Many people saw this along the way and were filled jealousy towards Long Tian.

    'that bastard Long Tian. why is he so lucky to hold miss Xue Ying's hand' thought many losing themselves to jealousy

    Long Xue Ying was bringing him towards his courtyard but stopped before that as she noticed that his mother's courtyard had arrived. She decided to bring him there first and clarify the misunderstandings and ask for forgiveness for hurting her son.

    She knocked on her door a few times. The door opened and a beautiful woman came out. She was Long Tian's mother. Long Chen was again amazed.

    He thought in his mind 'every time I see her, she looks even prettier than before. Father had a really good taste. '. He also felt sad after thinking about his father. Although Long Jun was Long Tian's father and not his, he still felt bad. As he shared the memories of Long tian as well as some of his feelings.
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