10 Chapter 10: Daughter in law?

    Sima Ziyi was sitting on her bed thinking about something when she suddenly heard someone knock on her door. She walked over and opened the door. She saw a beautiful girl standing there holding Long Tian's hand.

    Since she had seen her before, She knew who this girl was. Sima Ziyi knew that it was Long Xue Ying, daughter of Grand elder of Long clan but She couldn't imagine what was happening in front of her, why she was here and why was she holding Long Tian's hands.

    ' Did Long Tian already found a lover?  ' thought sima Ziyi in her mind.

    Long Xue Ying saw sima Ziyi standing on the door looking at her. She did not know what to say now that she was actually here. When she was coming here she thought about everything she would say and how she would apologize but now that she was here she was silent, looking for words to say.

    Suddenly she noticed that she was still holding Long Tian's hand in front of his mother. Her face turned red like a tomato and she hurriedly left freed her hand from his.

    " ah... aunt Ziyi ..... Actually " she wanted to explain

    "Why are you both standing outside. come on inside, I'll bring you some tea"   before she could say anything Aunt Ziyi stopped her and invited her in. After Long Xue Ying and Long Chen entered sima Ziyi's room she closed the door and went inside as well.

    "You do not need to bother aunty," Said Long Xue Ying but Sima Ziyi did not stop. after a few minutes, she came out and served tea to Long Xue Ying before sitting near her.

    "It's rare for a beautiful girl such as yourself to come here with my tian'er. Did you fell in love with him? Are you finally mesmerized by his charm? My tian'er is pretty handsome, so there is a pretty good chance. I'll give both of you my blessing" said sima Ziyi jokingly.

    Long Xue Ying couldn't help but imagine the scene where Long Tian's lips touched hers and that feeling. And she turned even redder. In the backdrop, Long Chen was enjoying seeing her turn red and this conversation, although he knew that his mother was just teasing her.

    " hahaha... I am just teasing you little ying." said sima Ziyi laughing finally ending the charade.

    " So tell me, why are you here today?" asked sima Ziyi in a gentle tone.

    " Aunt Ziyi..... I am here to apologize to you  . I am really sorry. Actually what happened was that there was an accident. This morning, near treasure Hall, Long Tian tripped and fell on me, I didn't know he was Long Tian and in retaliation, I hurt him.. " said Long Xue Ying in a guilty voice.

    " Although it was a total misunderstanding and not his fault, still it's the truth that Long Tian got hurt because of me. I am here being him back and to apologize to you Aunty" said Long Xue Ying apologetically. Then she told her the whole story in great detail.

    Sima Ziyi was so shocked after hearing the whole story. When she saw Long Tian and Long Xue Ying stand there together with hand in hand, she didn't expect there was such a story behind it.

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    She brought Long Tian closer to herself trying to look for any injury in a worry, but there wasn't any serious injury, just a few light injuries. She breathed in relief. Long Xue Ying saw her worried look and felt even more guilty.

    After some time Sima Ziyi finally said,

    "it is fine little Ying. It was a misunderstanding and Long Tian isn't seriously hurt. so it's fine little ying"   trying to calm Long Xue Ying and decrease her guilt.

    "At least because this incident he got to meet such a pretty girl" she teased her again and touched Long Xue Ying's cheeks with her hand as she said this is a gentle tone.

    Long Xue Ying finally felt relieved as she heard it. she instantly thanked sima Ziyi

    "Thank you aunt Ziyi," said Long Xue Ying smiling again.

    " You don't need to thank me little Ying....." she stopped as she had another idea and continued

    " Still If you really want to thank me there is a way you can do it," said Sima Ying smiling

    " Which way?" asked Long Xue Ying. Long Chen was also wondering what was 'his' mother talking about.

    Sima Ying looked at Long Tian tenderly for a moment. then looked back at Long Xue Ying.

    "You know Long Tian changed after his accident. He had always been alone since then. Although he goes out to play often, I have known since Long  that he does not have many friends in the clan. "  said sima Ying

    " I think that's true. he was alone when he met me, and no one greeted him along the way when I brought him here," said Long Xue Ying while thinking and looking at Long Tian.

    'well, that's true. At least they are not totally oblivious. I do not have any friends here. In fact, they should be glad not everyone targetted Long Tian before, and only a few did "    thought Long Chen in his mind.

    " Can you be a friend to my tian'er little Ying?"  asked sima Ziyi while looking in her eyes.

    "you do not have to say that Aunt Ziyi, even if you did not say that, that is what I would have done," said Long Xue Ying.

    After taking for some more time Long Xue Ying left the courtyard and went back.

    Sima Ziyi looked at her leaving, she was wondering    ' how amazing it would be if Long Xue Ying became her daughter in law, she's pretty and kind. but there is already Ling, and if he married Long Xue ying it would be polygamy.'

    Although polygamy was normal in this world and many strong people did it and had many wives like the emperor of the Shui Kingdom. But it was different for Long tian, he was not strong anymore. If there was an argument between his wives, he would not know how to solve it and would not be able to do anything, leading to a tense life of all three. So she thought it was better for Long Tian to be with only one woman unless some miracle happened and he returned to normal. If that happened then she would be happy even if Long Tian brought her many daughter-in-laws

    "Why am I thinking about it. It is all in the distant future, no benefit worrying about it now. Also, it's not like Long Xue Ying would even agree to marry my tian'er"  muttered sima Ziyi to herself before taking Long Tian towards his room.

    Long Chen heard her muttering but did not know whether to laugh or cry at her thinking. while on the outside he kept normal expression

    After bringing Long Tian to his room, she went back towards her courtyard leaving Long Tian alone in his room.

    Long Chen sat on his bed alone thinking.
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