14 Chapter 14 : Heavenly Cliff

    Long Su started moving his hands on Tu Yue's soft back while looking into her deep eyes. Slowly he started bringing his face closer to her face. Tu Yue didn't stop him and just closed her eyes. Finally, Long Su's face was so close to her's that he could hear her fast-paced breathing. just a little closer and his lips would touch hers.

    He finally closed that distance and kissed her sweet lips. while kissing he put his hands on her bountiful chest. as soon as he touched her chest she moaned a little, slightly opening her lips, Long Su took advantage of this small and put his tongue inside her mouth trying to find her tongue.

    After finding it he started playing with it using his tongue while slowly moving his hands inside her dress on her soft chest. She kept moaning softly. Now there was no clothing between his hands and her chest. he could fully enjoy the sensation of her chest. they both fell on bed lost in each other.

    While this was happening in Long Su's room, Long Chen was still deep asleep on the chair outside. Just Like this 2 hours passed. Finally, the door of Long Su's bedroom opened. He came out full of vigor smiling, behind him came out Tu Yue with a deep red face and a pleasured smile on her face. Her hair and clothes were in a mess. After saying bye to Long Su she quickly went outside.

    "That bitch Tu Yue, although she's not as beautiful as Long Xue Ying, she's pretty amazing in bed and useful whenever needed. What a pity she's not my type, and only Long Xue Ying deserves me. but she's a good option to have occasional flings with and satisfy my needs" muttered Long su to himself as he laughed and thought about the things that happened in his bedroom. After coming to his senses, he came towards Long Tian.

    'it's only been 2 hours, there is still about one more hour left. I should cultivate for a while and start moving when it is the right time'     thought Long Su and sat down.

    After sitting down he started cultivating and absorbing Qi from the air to nurture his Martial soul.

    Every cultivator who had a stronger cultivation than the body refining realm had a Martial soul that they nurtured using qi in spirit refining realm. All Martial souls had one similar quality, they looked just like the cultivator who they Belonged to.

    In first stage of Spirit Establishment realm the cultivator will just have a soul seed, that was a requirement to breaking through to the first stage of Spirit Establishment realm, whereas to reach second stage of sprit refining, they needed to nurture that soul seed until that becomes a Martial soul, like a little version of themselves.

    In the second stage of the spirit Establishment realm, this Martial soul would only have a little resemblance to their cultivators, and as their cultivation increases, these similarities will also increase until in 10 th stage when this Martial soul will look exactly like the cultivator with no difference between them.

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    Long Su's Martial soul was just like this. Although it looked mostly similar to him, there were still only a few minor differences, signifying that he wasn't a peak Spirit refining realm cultivator, which was true as he was still only at the 8th stage of sprit Establishment realm.

    He cultivated for over half an hour absorbing the Qi to nurture his soul, and the similarities between him and his Martial soul started increased although at a very slow speed.

    'huh, I can sense I am still a long way behind a breakthrough. I need to work harder and reach the golden core soon, then I will ask my grandfather to talk to  Ying's grandpa for her marriage with me' thought Long Su.

    "it's about time to go" thought Long Su looking towards Long Tian

    Then he got up and walked towards Long Tian and put one of Long Tian's arms on his shoulder and one of his arm on Long Tian's back, and dragged him through his shoulder like he was helping a drunk guy walk who was too drunk to walk properly.

    He had already made an arrangement and brought him using a path where usually no elder or core member of Long clan passed though. As for the servants, his followers had already made sure that none were on this path at this time.

    After walking for a little over 15 minutes through this path, he finally reached near the South gate of Long clan. And Just as Tu Yue had said, there was no guard on sight, this area was completely empty.

    He easily walked outside while being careful of his surroundings. After walking out of Long clan he breathed in relief and walked inside his personal carriage waiting outside for him. then he ordered the carriage driver to take it towards a certain direction South of Long clan.

    Long clan resided the southern territory of dragon city while Qin clan resided in the Eastern territory and, whereas Gu clan resided in the Western territory With all three major clans having vast land belonging to them under them. The Royal palace was on center portion of dragon city with Royal clan residing in them.

    There was a large cliff South of dragon city. It was called 'Heavenly  cliff'.  it was so deep that no one could even see the end of it.No one knew why there was such a scary cliff South of dragon city, but they only knew that it existed even before the Shui kingdom was established here.

    Although no one could see how deep it was, one could only imagine by looking at the darkness at the bottom of it that it was scary deep, probably more than a few kilometers. And no one knew what was on the end of it.

    Although people were curious about it, no one ever entered inside it to search through it as they weren't even qualified. Because only cultivators having a cultivation of sky realm or above could fly in this world.

    Although there were many cultivators in this world having cultivation of sky realm or in an even stronger realms, there were none at this level in the Shui kingdom. Even the king of Shui himself wasn't at the sky realm and only at Earth realm, let alone other cultivators. that's why no one entered it from Shui.

    Whereas Stronger cultivators of even stronger kingdoms were not interested in weaker kingdoms like Shui and it's little resources and mysteries. So no one ever ventured deep inside heavenly cliff. Where Long Su's carriage was driving to was exactly towards heavenly cliff
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