18 Chapter 18 : Breakthrough to Spirit Establishmen

    As soon as he read this book, he was amazed

    After reading the book he found out that inside it was written a cultivation technique. Long Chen could feel that there was something special about it.

    "Although I do not know much about  cultivation techniques, other than the ones I read in the Long clan, I can feel this one is extraordinary compared to our Clan's cultivation technique"  Long Chen  muttered to  himself

    But as there was nothing written on the cover, and as he had already seen this red-robed guy in front of him write in this book a few minutes ago, he understood that this red-robed person had made this technique.

    He did not know if it was the same cultivation technique this guy cultivated with and finally decided to write it down or it was something he made up just now. if that was true then this guy would truly be a heavenly genius, as he was creating his own cultivation technique.

    'This man is really amazing to write such a cultivation technique. Did he just think of this technique and wrote it down, or was he always cultivating with this amazing technique and decided to make a copy of it for someone?' Long Chen thought in his mind

    "whatever being the case, as this is just a dream I should not think too much, it is good enough to learn it. I Should be thankful to him for this opportunity, too bad it's just a dream and I can not interfere and thank him"   Long Chen said to himself

    Long Chen stood there trying to understand this method better. although this cultivation method had similar cultivation levels. Long Chen could feel that it was a completely different approach.

    Long Chen did not know what to call this technique as there wasn't any name written on it anywhere so he decided to think about it later and name it then.

    'As there is no name for it, I will just call in unnamed cultivation technique for now, and name it better if a think of a name later'  thought Long Chen

    He wanted to test this cultivation technique. He sat down right there and started moving qi according to the method described in this unnamed cultivation technique.

    Just as he did that, and started cultivating he found out that all of the surrounding Qi from the air was entering in his body at a speed faster than anything he had seen before. If he were to guess, he would probably think it is more than a hundred times faster than his cultivation speed before.


    While Long Chen was cultivating inside his dream, in the real world his body was greedily sucking all the surrounding Qi from the air at an incredible pace.

    Also, there was a slight increase in his blood conversion from red to violet but still it was only negligible and would take long to convert his blood fully.


    Whereas in his dream Long Chen was still cultivation according to the unnamed cultivation technique. Long Chen was already at the peak of the body refining realm for a long time, so now he wanted to break through to the spirit Establishment stage in one go and take advantage of such an increase in cultivation speed.

    He kept his focus on cultivation and followed every step mentioned in this cultivation technique. the surrounding Qi keeps entering inside his body and moving along the specific places that Long Chen willed then to according to unnamed convocation technique.

    After cultivating for a while, a small soul seed started taking form inside his body slowly getting bigger and denser

    After a while he felt like a barrier was broken, a complete small soul seed came into existence in his dantian. Long Chen knew at that moment that he had broken through. He smiled and opened his eyes.

    "Finally I have broken through to Spirit Establishment realm, I have my own soul seed now"  Long Chen smiled happily as he tried to use his consciousness to look inside his dantian. Long Chen could use his consciousness now as he had broken through to Spirit Establishment realm.

    As his consciousness entered his dantian, Long Chen could see a small soul seed floating there. Although it was called a soul seed, it looked less like a seed and more like an eggshell but Long Chen was shocked as soon as he saw it.

    This soul seed was nothing like he had ever heard about. Long Tian's father, Long Jun, had already told Long tian a lot about spirit Establishment and the changes that occur with it.

    Long Tian's grandfather Long Ren had also done the same when Long Tian was at the peak of the body refining realm before his accident. And Long tian himself had read many books about cultivation. through Long Tian's memories, Long Chen knew a lot about the spirit Establishment realm. that's why he was shocked as he saw his soul seed.

    "why..... why is it like this....?" Long Chen muttered to himself shocked

    Long Chen knew that the soul seed of a cultivator is always of while color with no exceptions, but the soul seed that long Chen had was different.

    Long Chen was shocked to see that his soul seed was golden in color and he could also see there were a few violet patters on his golden soul seed. He did not know why this why happening.

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    "why is it golden, normally it should have been white, was it because of this cultivation technique?  and what's with these violet patterns?  " said Long Chen to himself but he could not think of the answers to his own questions.

    ' I do not feel anything wrong with my body, in fact, everything is better than I could hope for, I am really at the Spirit Establishment realm. It fine even if my soul seed is different, it is mine and there is nothing wrong with being an exception'  Long Chen thought as he looked happily at his soul seed

    "The main question is since I am  in a dream I probably won't have this same cultivation in real life, but as long as I remember this technique, I can always breakthrough in real world as well," Long Chen said to himself with determination

    "I should look around this room more, maybe I can find some other techniques or books as well. although I feel bad looking at this man's things without permission, but since it's a dream, it's probably okay " Long Chen said to himself with a guilty look on his face

    After thinking for a while Long Chen decided to do it. he started looking around the room. He looked around everywhere but he could not find any book. and there were even a few drawers that were locked so he was not able to look inside them. Even after trying for a long time to open them, they did not open and Long Curren decided to give up on trying to open them.

    Just as Long Chen was about to give up completely, his eyes fell on the trash can in the room, he could see the edge of a book extending from it. Long Chen quickly ran to it and as he went there he could see clearly that it was truly a book. He wondered why this book was thrown inside the trash can.

    He picked this book up, but this time there were a few words written on the cover.
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