19 Chapter 19: Heavenly demon wings

    Just as Long Chen picked up the book, he could see that this one was a little different than the previous book. its material was different than the previous one and did not feel as good, although it was still way Superior than anything he had seen back home.

    One more thing that was different about this book compared to the previous book was that there was actually a name written in this.

    The words written on it were :


    " Heavenly demon wings....what a good name. I hope this technique is just as good as its name suggests" Long Chen said to himself while looking at this book

    Long Chen liked reading such a dominating name, he was already impressed with the name of this technique. Long Chen decided to read it.

    Long Chen opened this book and started reading. As he was reading this book page by page his expressions were constantly changing, from curious to amazed then to shocked then to thoughtful, and between them regularly.

    As Long Chen read the last page he finally had a smile on his face, after finishing reading it he closed the book.

    "Amazing  ... such amazing Martial skills. If this Martial skill was made available on his world, empires will wage wars over it. why was it thrown in the dustbin".   Long Chen was talking to himself as he wondered why such a good technique will be thrown in the trash can but he could be sure about a reason.

    'Maybe this person don't like this technique as he thinks it is weak and not worth his attention, or he has bad memories attached to this technique, there is  a good chance that it is related to the author who wrote this technique, but it is only a guess at this moment as I don't know anything about it'   Long Chen was thinking in his mind as if trying to make sense of things, but since he could not be sure he gave up

    Long Chen gave up on trying to find the reason for it to be thrown in trash can and decided to focus on the content only.

    As Long Chen could see it, This book contained a flying type Martial skill. Long Chen was happy as he got a flying type Martial skill .flying type Martial skills were very rare in the world Long Tian was from and only very few people possessed it. There was none in the Shui kingdom who had one, including the emperor himself.

    And as only cultivators having sky realm or above cultivation could fly without any flying type Martial skills, these skills were very useful for people weaker than the sky realm.

    The importance of these techniques could be understood from something Long tian has read in a book about them. All the flying type techniques available were core inheritances of some of the largest clan in his world and sharing them with the others was prohibited and punished by death.

    Although average flying type Martial skills were useful until the Earth realm. But Long Chen knew that this heavenly demon wings were even better than those techniques and would only grow stronger as his cultivation grows and mastery in this skill increase

    As this Martial skill's name suggested. using it a cultivator would be able to make wing using his own qi and would be able to fly with the help of those wings. After learning it Long Chen would be able to fly until his Qi lasted  and as his mastery in this Martial skill increased, his Qi consumption will simultaneously decrease allowing him to fly for longer duration without rest

    Long Chen wanted to start learning and practicing this skill right here but Just as he was about to there was a loud crash heard outside the room and suddenly heavy knocks started resounding in this room's door. Before he could understand anything his dream broke and he woke up.

    He found himself lying on the ground just like he was last night. there was a cold breeze flowing àround probably due to cold lake water.

    He got up and yawned. the sun was shining brightly in the sky. He noticed a few changes on his body and had a big happy smile on his face.

    Long Chen was a little taller than the last time even though it was by a small margin only, it still could not escape his observation, and his skin looked even better then it did before. but these were not the changes he was happy about.

    Long Chen was smiling about a completely different thing. As he got up he noticed that he still had the same strength he had in his dream after he broke through to Spirit Establishment realm. Long Chen tried sending his consciousness inside again and his golden soul seed was still inside.

    Long Chen was so happy after finding out that he was still in the spirit Establishment realm. He wondered how it was possible that a breakthrough achieved in a dream was able to make him a Spirit Establishment cultivator but Long Chen could not think of a reason and did not think much. Long was happy as long as he had a breakthrough

    After celebrating for a little while, his stomach started making noises indicating that he was hungry and it was time to eat.

    Long Chen sat down in the nearby stone and took out a golden fruit from his storage ring. He started eating this golden fruit slowly.

    He was feeling a little bit of sadness as he looked in the lake while eating the golden fruit. He could not help but remember the time when he was back on Earth, his father and mother had one took him camping near a lake.

    Just like today, Long Chen was eating in front of a lake but his father and mother were around him. But this time he was all alone sitting at the bottom of a cliff because of someone's scheme.

    Long Chen could not help but think of his father and mother. he felt sad that he had died on Earth and left them all alone, how sad they must be after hearing of his death.

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    Long Chen missed those innocent days off school where he did not need to worry about schemes and threats of death all the time. and of the girl who sat beside him in school and was also his childhood friend. and how they both enjoyed their school life. His melancholy had filled the atmosphere.

    Hours passed just like this. Finally, he decided to stop thinking of such depressing thoughts and focus on getting stronger and getting out of here and now he had a tool to do that.

    'heavenly demon wings'.

    He decided that he will use this Martial technique to get out of here.
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