26 Chapter 26: Getting back

    Long Chen reached his Clan's South Gate, the gate where he was taken out from in the first place. But This time this place wasn't empty, there were many guards stationed there this time. As soon as the guards saw who was entering were so shocked, one of them immediately went to inform his Superior.

    All of these guards had recognized Long Chen, as, during the time he was missing, his portraits were everywhere. Before his missing, there might have been a few people who didn't know how he looked now but now there was probably no one in the house right now who didn't know about Long Chen.

    The guards opened the gate for him and stood aside as he entered

    "Young master Tian, By heaven's grace, you are safe and sound! , I knew nothing could happen to you, how could anything happen the grandson of our great clan master"   A Person having a white beard came towards him as he said happily.

    Long Chen didn't recognize him but he could imagine that this person was probably the one in charge of security or an elder as they would be the one guards would most probably inform first. Long Chen was right as that bearded man was the new person in charge of security after Tu Yue, although he was not an elder yet, he was way stronger than Tu Yue and was in gold core realm. His name was Long Jin.

    Long Jin was in his room eating comfortably when a guard stationed at South gate came running towards his room and started knocking like crazy, Long Jin was then informed by him of Long Tian's return through Long Clan's South gate.

    Long Jin sent one of his subordinates to inform clan master Long Ren as he rushed himself to welcome Long tian.

    "Let's go, young master, your mother had been worried sick since you went missing, she had not eaten a thing since the day you went missing. Even master had been worried And had been trying everything to find you. Whole Long clan was worried. we are so happy you are safe" That bearded man said as he tried to put this hands-on Long Chen's shoulders to bring him with him, but Long Chen moved to the side.

    "I know the direction of mine and my mother's courtyard. You do not need to show me the way" Long Chen said as he started walking ahead.

    Long Jin was so shocked when he heard Long Chen talk., Long Jin  started stuttering as he said

    " Yo ..... yo ... young master tian, y...y....you just talked? "  Long Jin had heard that Long tian head become muddle-headed after the assassination attempt on his life.

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    Long Jin also knew Long Chen had never talked since then, and probably could not since he would not be able to process what to say. After being shocked for a while, he thought of a possibility and became excited as he started following Long Chen

    Long Chen walked towards his courtyard while Long Jin kept following him talking about how the clan had searched far and wide for him, but Long Chen paid him no interest.

    Finally, he reached his mother's courtyard but before he could knock on the door, Long Jin stopped him.

    "Young master Tian, madam isn't in her courtyard, since you went missing, she had been staying in your courtyard missing you," Long Jin told him as he pointed towards his own courtyard.

    "oh,"  Long Chen said to Long Jin as he stopped himself from knocking and looked towards Long Jin nodding in approval. But Long Chen's this one Action was enough to confirm Long jin's thinking.

    Long Jin realized that this young master Long Tian could talk and think now, meaning he was not mentally sick anymore. Long Jin knew what it implied. To him, it implied that  Long tian had recovered.

    Long Jin decided to get in the good side of Long tian as he knew that Long Ren loved Long Tian the most amongst all his grandson and Long Jin thought that, now that Long Tian had recovered, Long Tian could utilize Long Ren's love for him to the fullest and Long Jin could get some benefits as well for being with Long Tian.

    Long Chen started walking towards his own courtyard, just as he got near, Long Chen could see a beautiful woman sitting in his garden on a chair looking at the flowers, but this beautiful woman looked sad, which filled the atmosphere with melancholy.

    As Long Chen entered this garden, this beautiful woman turned her eyes towards him. Just as she looked at Long Chen's face, her sad face changed into happiness, but tears kept falling from her eyes as she ran towards Long Chen and hugged her. Long Chen knew that this beautiful woman was Long Tian's mother Sima Ziyi.

    Long Chen felt contented as well when she hugged him, although, for him, she was not his mother, since his soul and Long Tian's memories were with him, she was like a family member to him, she was someone important to him.

    Long Chen could feel her love for her son. long Chen felt sad as well when he saw her tears falling from her eyes. Long Chen thought about how sad she must have been when he was missing and he couldn't help but hug her back as he said in a gentle voice

    "It is fine mother, look I am safe and sound. You do not need to cry anymore. If you cry, I will be sad as well"

    " Yes, yes, I am just so happy that you are back I won't make you sad anymore. mother..." Sima Ziyi said to Long Chen but in mid sentence, she stopped as she noticed something unusual and her eyes opened wide.

    " Tian'er you ... you ..? have you recovered? "  She said he she hugged him tight and had a look of uncertainty and anticipation on her beautiful face.

    "Yes mother, I have never been better. Now that I have recovered I will never make you worry anymore" Long Chen said in a soothing voice.

    *Mother is so happy. this is the happiest day of my life "  Sima Ziyi said to Long Chen

    Sima Ziyi smiled as tears started falling from her eyes even faster as she cried while hugging him. These were tears of happiness. She had waited so long for her son to recover and enjoy lifelike normal kids. She prayed daily for a miracle to happen and finally it did.

    While Long Chen and Sima Ziyi were hugging, Long Jin was outside the courtyard standing at the corner, even he was feeling emotional and happy at their reunion.

    Suddenly there was the sound of someone running as  Long Ren entered this courtyard as well.
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