30 Chapter 30 : Entering the formation

    Long Chen started walking towards the entrance of the second floor with elder yang closely following behind. Long Chen soon reached near the energy barrier of the second floor of treasure Hall

    Long Chen took a deep breath and started walking towards it, and he passed through this barrier easily. Long Chen didn't even feel like there was any obstruction there for him.

    Long Chen knew that he could pass this barrier easily as he was in the 5th stage of the sprit Establishment realm, but he did not know that it would be so easy.

    Elder yang was standing shocked at his place where he stood as he saw Long Chen pass through this barrier. He couldn't believe Long Chen passed through it.

    Elder yang had thought of two possibilities for this to happen, one being that Long Chen used an artifact that allowed him to pass through the barrier and cheated, second being that Long Chen actually broke through 5 cultivation realms in just 2 days

    Whatever being the case, Elder yang knew that he can not stop Long Chen from taking the test and he can't even search him for any artifact as if he did not find anything, Elder Yang will just end up offending the patriarch Long Ren for doubting his grandson of cheating.

    " You passed it, now come with me"

    Elder yang decided to give up thinking and bring Long Chen to the testing site as he passed the barrier as well and started walking towards a particular direction.

    Long Chen kept following him and looking around curiously as this was the first time he came to this floor. Long Chen could see various low-level Spirit grade treasures lying on shelves as they passed by them.

    "Elder yang, why do I only see low-level Spirit grade treasures. Are the better ones deeper?" Long Chen asked elder yang

    " hahaha...of course, stronger treasures have their own special place. Just like a king does not stay in a commoner's house, we keep stronger weapons In their own designated areas. You will have a chance to see them if you perform better" Elder yang laughed as he continued

    After walking for a while, they reached the entrance of a room. It was tightly shut and had a completely black door

    "This is the room where you will go through your test. The test is simple but different than the one you faced when choosing your first weapon last time on the first floor."Elder yang told Long Chen

    "Last time's test was about your talent, and you were a peak grade talent, your such strong cultivation at such a small age already proved it at that time, but still you were tested and passed. But this time the test is about pure strength and potential"   before Long Chen could ask anything Elder Yang continued talking.

    "Uncle yang, can you tell me more" Long Chen asked politely

    " Of course little Tian, since you are about to go through it, I will tell you about it. This test is pretty simple and yet pretty difficult. There is a  formation inside this room, as soon as you enter this room this formation will start and your test will begin

    You will face 5 spirit beasts one by one. starting from the same cultivation as the Challenger is in, and their cultivation will increase by a  stage each. and the 5th beast you face will have a cultivation of 5  stages higher than yours, but all your 5 opponents will be in the initial level of their cultivation rank. " Elder yang told Long Chen about the test with a straight face

    "So if I am at the 5th stage of  Spirit Establishment realm, the 5th beast I faced will be at the initial level of  10th stage of sprit Establishment realm? and I need to defeat him to get the best score available? So if I was at 8th stage spirit Establishment rank, I would have to face an initial level  3rd stage gold core realm beast at this test? " Long Chen was shocked as he asked.

    " That is  Only if you passed the previous test. You do not need to defeat  all of the 5 demonic  beasts in this formation to get a Spirit grade weapon, just the first one, but the more levels you pass in this test, the better grade your Spirit weapon will be"

    " What is the farthest someone reached in this test? " Long Chen asked Elder yang with curiosity in his eyes

    " Amongst your generation It was supreme elder's son, Long Su, he defeated a beast having cultivation realm 2 stages higher than his while he was at 6th stage of Spirit Establishment realm.

    I am sure you know that beasts are mostly stronger than humans in the same cultivation realm. Till now no one has passed the third level of this test in your generation. As for the previous generation..... " Elder yang stopped and looked at Long Chen for a moment before continuing.

    " In the previous generation, it was your father, Long Jun when he was in Spirit Establishment realm who held the record. He passed the third level in this test and reached the 4th but Even after staying in the 4th level for a long time, he  could not pass the 4th level" Elder yang told Long Su

    " Wow, father was really Amazing, wasn't he? Alright, I will be going inside. Let's see how I perform" Long Chen said as he started walking towards the door.

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    Just as Long Chen was about to open the door and enter Elder yang stopped him and continued saying

    "One More thing, As soon as you finish the test, if you passed the second level or above, later when you are defeated this formation will Stop and a door will open right there in that room,

    According to your performance, it'll lead you towards the place where the grade of that weapon you deserve based on your result is being held. I wish you all the best".

    Long Chen opened the door and entered inside. There were 5 transparent crystals at the top of this black door, as soon as Long Chen entered, one of them started shining with a yellow light, Elder yang knew that the test had started. He waited there as he wanted to see Long Chen's result.

    As Long Chen entered the room, he saw the formation at the bottom of the floor started shining brightly. before everything turned white. When his vision returned, Long Chen found himself standing in a large field.

    Long Chen knew the test had started.
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