32 Chapter 32: Fighting 10th stage spirit beas

    After a while, Long Chen had crashed on the ground from the air as soon as Spirit devouring beast used its spiritual attack. While his consciousness was holding on a thread, trying not to be devoured, Spirit devouring beast was running towards him with him at his full speed.

    Long Chen was felt like his consciousness was being devoured. His head was hurting so bad, that he could barely open his eyes.

    Long Chen looked at the Spirit devouring beast struggling to stand up, but he couldn't stand up. Long Chen could only see Spirit devouring beast running towards him, He felt like it will be the end of this test as he knew that this formation won't kill him.

    "Is this the end? the limit of my strength? ....No! .... I will fight for it. I will not give up. I Will take the strength I need to defeat my enemies with my own hands. Absolutely nothing will stop me!!! " Long Chen Roared as he gathered all his power and barely stood up with a sword in his hand and slashed out.

    But this attack could do nothing to Spirit devouring beast as Long Chen could not use all his strength in this attack as his qi was pretty much drained trying to hold onto his consciousness.

    Sprit devouring tiger attacked Long Chen making him crash far away. Long Chen felt like a few of his bones were broken. His consciousness at its most vulnerable state. Just as he felt like it is the end.

    Suddenly Time seemed to stop, Long Chen's Martial soul opened its eyes and looked in the direction of Spirit devouring tiger, it's eyes turning blood red from their usual golden color., a large amount of Spirit energy spread in the atmosphere and returned back to normal as soon as his Martial soul closed its blood-red eyes a moment later.

    The splitting headache long Chen was having disappeared without a trace, and so did that void trying to suck his consciousness inside.

    After a while, Long Chen opened his eyes and looked around. He could see Spirit devouring tiger lying on the ground, dead. Long Chen knew that a large amount of spiritual energy had come from inside his body just as he was about to lose his consciousness and saved him.

    Long Chen understood it was because of his Martial soul but he couldn't understand how it could do this, why it was this strong that it could kill a 10th stage Spirit beast, spirit devouring tiger in just a few seconds. Long Chen had never heard something like this happen before

    Before Long Chen could think more, the illusion disappeared and he found himself sitting back in the formation room.

    Long Chen could see that the formation had stopped working. He knew it was because he had passed all 5 levels. Long Chen sent his consciousness Inside his body and inspected his martial soul, but he could not discover anything unusual.

    Long Chen's Martial soul was still standing with a  sword in his hands, eyes shut. There was not a single trace of any strange spiritual energy that could be felt from it.

    While Long Chen was going through the 5th trial, Elder yang was standing outside looking at the top of the door of the formation room. There were 5 crystals there, 4 being green, one still yellow.

    when the 5th crystal did not turn green for a long time and Long Chen didn't come out either, Elder yang could guess that long Chen was going through a tough battle inside the formation.

    Although Elder Yang knew that this formation was safe, he could not help but worry about Long Chen.

    Elder yang still decided to wait for longer, but soon he sensed a large quantity of spiritual energy coming from the room which even shocked himself. This spiritual energy was nothing like he had ever seen before, there was something powerful in it

    He wondered if there was a problem with the power source of the formation. Just as he was about to break the door and enter, that spiritual energy disappeared like it was never there. He could see that the 5th Crystal had turned green.

    Elder yang entered the room and saw long Chen sitting at the core of the formation exhausted

    "Are you alright little tian? What was that energy wave just now? " Elder yang asked as he looked at Long Chen for any injury

    "I don't know what it was, it just appeared out of nowhere as soon as I passed the 5th level. It  might have been from the formation" Long Chen said with a confused look, looking at the formation

    "Uncle yang, Is it supposed to do that if someone finishes the 5th level?" Long Chen looked at Elder yang as he continued asking trying to divert his thinking.

    "I do not think it's supposed to do that, but as no one has ever passed the 5th level, I can not say for sure"  Elder Yang didn't have any explanation for this phenomenon himself

    "Anyways how did you pass the 5th level, it was supposed to be a 10th stage Spirit beast right?" Elder Yang changed the topic and asked another question that he was confused about.

    " I was lucky I guess, I...."  Just as long Chen was about to give an excuse, Suddenly a door opened inside the room.

    "I think that's for me. We can talk later uncle yang" Long Chen said as he started walking towards the door

    "Go on, your destined weapon is waiting for you at the end of this door, I am sure it will be a high-level Spirit grade weapon, seeing your results"  Elder Yang stopped his questions and said looking towards the door.

    Long Chen entered the door, and after walking in the passage, he finally reached a room, long Chen could see inside the room there were a few  Spirit grade weapons floating in their place.

    Long Chen was amazed to see that all these weapons were peak Spirit grade weapons. when Long Chen passed the 5th level of this trial, he knew that he would get a high-grade Spirit weapon, but all the weapons In front of him were king of Spirit grade weapons, peak level Spirit grade weapons and he could choose anyone from them. He could not help but smile.

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    Long Chen started walking towards the weapons, looking at them one by one. Long Chen could see that There were many kinds of weapons. There were weapons including swords, blades, saber, ax, staff, spear, there was even a hammer shining brightly.

    Just as Long Chen was looking at these weapons and wondering which one to get, he noticed that at the farthest corner of the room, there was a weapon floating there alone. It looked like no other weapon dared to go near it.

    Long Chen started stepping towards that exact weapon
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