41 Chapter 41: Using the kings Sword

    "What? "Long  Chen turned back as he asked them.

    " Master Long, As we already told you that we owe a debt. We realized that  we are not strong enough to achieve success in this beast forest through hunting and may only bring endless trouble to ourselves." Xue said as she held mei's hands

    "Yes, and since great master is from the supreme Long clan, Can we request you to hire us as the servants of the Long clan?

    Although you already saved our lives and we should not be asking you of any favors, but can you please accept our one selfish request. We will work diligently and won't disappoint you master". Xue and Mei asked as they both bowed

    'Ah, they must have heard that three great clans pay their servants handsomely and want to use my connection and work for us. I guess there is no harm in that' Long Chen thought as he looked at both of them silently

    "Alright, I will accept your request. My carriage is standing outside, the farthest of the three carriages near the forest. Stay there until I come out. "  Long Chen said to them as he continued walking ahead

    " Also if you ever disclosed what happened here today, or any rumors related to it, you should know I would forgive you just because you are women. You Will end up just like those guys on the ground." those two heard Long Chen's voice just as they were celebrating. They couldn't help but shiver as they thought how long Chen killed all these people in front of them.

    After a while, they both started walking towards the exit.

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    Long Chen continued advancing deeper and deeper until he finally sensed something. He used his divine sense and was shocked as soon as he saw that a 10th stage spirit beast was running towards him and was just at a distance of 100 meters from him. There was no one else nearby except that Spirit beast.

    "Heavenly demon wings!" long Chen used his wings and flew upwards sitting on a high branch of a nearby tree.

    In a few seconds, that Spirit beast arrived there looking everywhere.

    'Seven colored panther!  this one is going to be tough!  this is a peak level Spirit beast with peak offense and defense, it's speed is even better. Should I fight it? I need to find an opportunity ' Long Chen thought to himself.

    'I have fought with a Spirit beast at 10th stage in treasure Hall formation, so I know that mountain destroyer won't have much of an effect on the defense of a Spirit beast of this level. I guess it is finally time to use that. I hope it won't disappoint me' Long Chen decided against using the sword he had used until now.

    "Let's see if you live up to your name. King's sword" Long Chen muttered to himself as he took out the king's sword from his storage ring. He had not used this sword till know, as he had not faced a tough opponent like today.

    As soon as the king's sword came out, a strong sword aura spread in the atmosphere. It was like the king of swords was awakened. Even the seven-colored panther sensed this aura and looked upwards.

    As soon as it looked upwards, it saw a human with a sword coming towards it at a rapid speed and was just above it.

    A layer of defensive armor appeared around seven Colored panther as it tried defending against this attack, but Long Chen's sword broke this armor and a large sword wound appeared on its neck.

    " Roarrrrrr. " Seven colored panther cried in agony as its neck got wounded while long Chen landed at some distance from it.

    "Seven forms of saint sword- Fourth form: Desolation!"

    Without giving this beast any opportunity, Long Chen attacked seven-colored panther with his strongest offensive Martial skill.

    In just a few moments since his initial attacks, the seven-colored panther's head was severed as it lied lifeless in front of Long Chen.

    'Compared to the test in the 5th stage of treasure Hall formation, this fight was much easier. ' Long Chen thought to himself.

    "These last few days in this wilderness had been really effective, I gained more proficiency in all my skills, and even mastered the 4th form of seven forms of saint sword after going through so many battles."Long Chen said to himself

    "Although this is the strongest offensive skill I know and played an important role in killing this seven-colored panther, most of the credit goes to this king's sword, its strength far surpassed what I guessed before. "

    "  In the previous trial at treasure Hall, I could barely make a dent on a 10th stage Spirit beast with my sword, but this king's sword was enough to kill it. Peak Spirit grade weapons are really strong, No wonder why so many desire them." Long Chen muttered as he kept this Spirit beasts body in his storage ring.

    Long Chen continued on his journey until another night came

    'Dammit, just how big is this forest, I have been walking for over two days and still have not found them. I have been traveling so fast, and still, haven't caught up to them, That can only mean that they are passing through this forest pretty fast as well. But Why?.'

    '  Did they actually come here for experience, or for something else that they are in such a hurry? ' Long Chen thought as he used his divine sense to check his surrounding,

    Seeing that no one was there in his divine sense range of 200 meters, he again for flew up using heavenly demon wings, and set up his hammock.

    'I feel like I can break through to peak of 5th stage Spirit refining realm tonight' Long Chen thought as He started cultivation using unnamed cultivation technique. He had never stopped cultivation and cultivated every night after he entered the northern black forest.

    Long Chen cultivated for some time before he finally achieved success and reached the peak of 5th stage spirit Establishment realm

    "Hah ... I can already feel myself becoming stronger than before, just a little more and I will be a 6th stage spirit Establishment realm cultivator. " Long Chen smiled as he said.

    Long Chen started cultivating for a little longer before deciding to stop. He brought out the beast egg from his storage ring that he got inside this ring at the bottom of the heavenly cliff and started feeding it his qi.

    Long Chen did this at least once every day, as he knew this will help the beast inside this egg to hatch. After doing it, he kept the egg back in his storage ring as he decided it was time to sleep.

    The next day, Long Chen decided to wake up early and continue on his journey deeper. After half a day passed he finally noticed the one he was looking for through his divine sense.
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