69 Chapter 69 : Monster City

    Thousands of kilometers away from the Banshee tribe was a beautiful City having thousands of beautiful houses, all made from the same material banshee tribe was made from, Only difference being their Color which was deep black. Many beautiful trees could be spotted inside this city.

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    This beautiful City was over five times larger than the banshee tribe but it was covered by over 10 kilometers of the wide forest from all around. This city's existence was a mystery From every tribe as  No one knew that such a beautiful city existed inside such a dark forest.

    This city was the place where the monster tribe resided in. While weaker monsters lived inside the forest covering the city, the truly stronger ones lived inside the city. No one other than the monster tribe had ever entered this city.

    When the monster tribe was at its weakest after the great war when they faced the slaughter by Tian Shen, the remnants of the monster tribe escaped back to the forest.

    Tian Shen didn't bother with them and left this world as he had passed the test, but some of the other tribes sent squadrons of some of their stronger warriors In the hopes of utilizing monster tribe's misfortune and taking away their valuable resources by conquering their territory, but none returned alive. Instead of utilizing their full forces to infiltrate monster tribe, other tribes, Wary of the unknown, backed away.

    After thousands of years, this tribe had regained most of its strength.

    It was the fourth day Long Chen started his Cultivation to break through to the gold core realm. A big palace stood tall at the center of the monster city, Inside the Great Hall of this palace, a meeting was taking place. Ten big thrones were placed in a circular motion inside this Hall, sat on which were ten monsters kings of the monster tribe.

    "Old Tiger, why did you convene this meeting in such a hurry? I had to leave the embrace of my concubine to attend this meeting! you better have a good reason" One of the monsters sitting on a throne said as he looked fiercely at the monster king sitting in front of him. This monster had the head of a bull and a humanoid body filled with muscles all around. Even when sitting, he was over seven feet tall.

    "I Agree with Big bull, I don't think there can be any matter that needs all ten of our opinions. unless you want a life or death fight with one of the monster kings, all the other matters can be handled by yourself alone" Said a black skeleton sitting on one of the thrones.

    "Do you think all of your time is more important than mine? I'm not sitting idle at home waiting to convene a meeting for fun! Of course, this matter is of great urgency. In fact, I would say that we need to inform Monster emperors about it as well and I can only do that if all ten of us consider it important!" Said the One Bull king referred to as old Tiger. He had the head of a black tiger and a strong humanoid body just like bull king. All of his body was covered in black fur

    After they heard Tiger king's words, everyone started looking at him with a dead-serious expression

    "What happened?" Asked the skeleton king with a heavy voice

    "You all remember the calamity we all faced in the last great war right? It was something that brought most of the tribe to the brink of extinction! Almost all of our monster kings and monster emperors were slaughtered by that human in the great war who appeared out of nowhere."Tiger king said

    "  If one of our monster emperors hadn't stayed behind in our territory when most of our tribe went to war, all of the Monsters who escaped that slaughter would have been killed by the coalitions that were sent to conquer our tribe after the great war. Only because Monster emperor Adlet stayed in our territory and didn't face the slaughter of that death god was the reason we were able to kill the infiltrators scaring other tribes and preventing future invasions" Bull king said with a voice full of emotions

    "Right! it was a good thing that the human disappeared after that war and didn't enter our territory to kill the survivors, or we wouldn't be here sitting in this room" Tiger king replied

    "You are bringing that up now? Are the other tribes again forming up a coalition to infiltrate our tribe?" Asked one of the demon kings

    "I don't think it's that, as I don't think they will be stupid enough to attack us when we've recovered when they didn't have the guts to attack us when we were weak"Another demon King chimed in

    " Exactly! And their forming up a team isn't a matter of much concern as they can easily be wiped out now! Old Tiger wouldn't waste our time on such a matter! It's not even worth our concern" Bull king affirmed

    " What I'm about to say is more important! I just received the information that a human was spotted in this world! He had been seen entering the land of banshee!"Old tiger exclaimed

    Everyone stood up shocked as soon as they heard the Tiger King's words.

    "Is he the same as the one before?" Skeleton king asked in a heavy tone

    "No, I was informed by my general that the human this time, although had the same build, but was shorter and looked younger when compared with the portraits of the human we faced during the great war! We have an image of him in this imaging crystal, I think he's probably  a little kid amongst humans" Old tiger said as he showed everyone the image of Long Chen

    "How did your general knew about him and what was he doing outside the land of banshee?" Asked a monster kind who looked like a bear but had the horns of a goat

    "He was coming back from a mission I assigned him to. When passing by the banshee tribe, he spotted that human entering the tribe with some members of the Elphia tribe! Soon after he spotted Members of Elphia tribe exit, while the human stayed behind! they waited there for two days and after seeing the human not coming out, he stayed behind and left his trusted subordinate to inform me of this event with this imaging crystal as proof" Old tiger explained

    " Now what I need is your opinions about what we should do!" Old Tiger said loudly

    "This matter is of great importance! I agree that we need to inform monster emperors!" Bull king said

    Slowly everyone agreed to tell the monster emperors about it. As they all left the room and walked towards a certain direction

    They all left the palace and walked towards a shabby looking house at the corner of the city and stood at the door.

    "Since you're all here, come on inside. I infer something significant must have happened since you finally came to visit this old man" Before they could even knock, A deep  voice came heard from the inside
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