70 Chapter 70 : Monster Emperor

    "Since you are all here, come on inside. I infer something significant must have happened since you finally came to visit this old man" Before they could even knock, A deep  voice came heard from the inside

    Tiger King slightly pushed the door as it immediately opened. They all saw someone sitting on the ground who could only be described as a tall, bony humanoid creature with disproportionately long limbs, to the point that its knees reach above its head when it squats down. He had the head and feet of a horse.

    "Emperor balang, we have something really urgent to talk to you about!"Bull king immediately said

    " I know you do, or you wouldn't be here at my place. Tell me what happened" Balang said to them slowly

    " Emperor balang, another human had appeared in our world! This is how he looks"Tiger king said as he showed Monster Emperor Balang the image of Long Tian. Monster emperor Balang's eyes couldn't help but widen a little as soon as he heard this news and saw the image but soon returned to normal before anyone could notice as he resumed hearing them

    "We know that this human is a probably a kid if we compared him to Tian Shen, so he can't be as strong as him and most probably not a danger for us in the short term, but we want the Monster Emperors to guide us about what should be done!"Skeleton king said to Monster Emperor Balang in a low voice

    "Where is he  right now?" Monster Emperor asked gazing at them

    "He is presently Residing at the banshee tribe. last information we received stated that he had already started there for 3 days and will probably stay there for longer"Tiger king replied

    " You all can go now, I will talk to others about this and we will come to a decision! Till then, don't let anyone else find out about this. I don't want any panic on our lands" Balang told them. Soon they all left his house and went back to the palace leaving Monster Emperor Balang alone

    "After so long, Another human had appeared! it can be a good opportunity for us or a disaster! It all depends on our choices and that human's decisions" Monster emperor balang muttered to himself as he stood up. When he stood up, he was over three meters tall, he was said to be one of the tallest monsters in the tribe. He walked towards the door and exited the house as he stood at the edge of the city, right before the surrounding forest

    "Old friend, I know you don't like to be Disturbed, but I guess it is time I wake you up from your slumber. But first I'll talk to him and bring old Shentia with me  " Monster Emperor Balang muttered to himself as he took the first step inside the forest. After walking for over ten minutes, Balang reached at the opening of a cave

    "Old Shentia? Aren't you going to invite me in?" Monster King Balan screamed from outside the cave"

    "Hahaha, Old Balang, even if I invite you inside, can you enter? I intentionally made the height of this cave just enough so that you old fogies won't ever disturb my peace" A heavy laugh could be heard from inside the cave as a voice was heard. After a few minutes, someone finally emerged from the cave.

    He had a humanoid shape, with bowed legs and long arms of varying size, looking muscular. He had two prominent fangs emerging out from his mouth and had facial features looking like a combination of an ape and a pig.  His skin was light grey in color making him look even weirder. He was carrying a large hammer in his hands

    "I always wondered why you stay in the forest when you could clearly stay in the city," Monster Emperor Balang asked

    " I don't find the city any better than this place! In fact, I find it even better as this place is so peaceful and calm unlike our monster city"Monster Emperor Shentia replied

    " But it is too peaceful! you don't even know what troubles our time might be facing right now"Monster king Balang said with a slight smile

    " Hahaha, Aren't you staying there to keep an eye on what's happening? I am sure that you will tell me if something worth my attention happened. Isn't that why you are here today old man" Monster Emperor Shentia laughed as he said

    " Of course, while both of you enjoy life, I am keeping an eye on our tribe! But that's not important! A human was discovered In this world, he has been staying with the banshee tribe. We need to wake Taras from his sleep as well"Monster Emperor Balang said in a serious tone

    " I agree with you. Let's go get that fella up, he already slept a lot" Monster emperor Shentia uttered as he got out from his cave

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    After about half an hour, both of them could be seen standing in front of a  huge seven meters wide and over ten meters tall stone

    Monster emperor Shentia pushed that stone far away using only one of his hands, revealing the entrance of a deep tunnel below, both of them entered the tunnel. After finding their way through various branches this tunnel divided in, they finally reached a large space underground, which was over a Kilometer wide and over twenty meters tall. A huge creature could be seen lying inside this tunnel, in deep sleep

    It was a gigantic lizard-like creature that looked like it came straight from the depths of hell. It was very large, four meters tall and 9 meters long, and had a tyrannosaurus rex like form, but it was much more broad and muscular, with a differently shaped head, and with larger and more developed front arms. It had red skin

    Protecting its back and tail was a thick, glossy black-colored shell. It has spikes coming from its chin, the sides of the mouth, the underside of its neck, the elbows of its front arms, and its shell. The creature also had two pitch-black horns projecting forward from the top of its head. It was Monster Emperor Taras

    "Wake up old friend!"Monster emperor Shentia screamed at the top of his lungs trying to wake this creature up but it didn't wake up! He continued trying to wake him up, but his words didn't work.

    Finally, Shentia became impatient as he picked up a large nearby stone and threw it at Taras. This stone broke apart as soon as it Touched the Shell of Taras, who still gave no response

    "I'll see how long you can sleep!"  Shentia picked up his huge hammer getting ready to attack

    " You remember that you need to control your power carefully right? If Taras got even a little wound on him, he wouldn't be much happier when he wakes up" Monster Emperor Balang warned Shentia

    " Don't worry, You know how strong this guy's shell is. Unless I use my full strength, I don't think he will be injured! He will only feel a slight impact as I will only use half my strength" Monster Emperor Shentia replied as he swung his hammer in taras' direction hitting him.

    A huge roar was heard as the monster emperor Taras opened his eyes.
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