76 Chapter 76: Destroying

    Long Chen turned away and without looking back, walked towards the barrier.

    Long Chen threw a stone at the barrier to test it. The stone couldn't pass through and just dropped to the ground. Observing that the barrier only prevented things from going out and that there was nothing else noteworthy, he turned to look at the populace, ultimately resting his sights on someone.

    "You! Come here!" The guard instantly fell to his knees as he saw Long Chen ordering him

    " Please, don't execute me! I... I have a little kid waiting for me at home!" the guard said as he stood still, frozen in place with tears in his eyes as his gaze met Long Chen's.

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    "Don't fret, I'm not going to kill you! Had I needed to, I could just kill everyone here without even moving from this spot! You just need to come here" Long Chen said as he sighed in frustration at the guard's words.

    After hearing Long Chen summoning him again, he got up and started staggering towards Long Chen with trembling legs

    "What do you know about this barrier?" Long Chen inquired

    " It's our Empire Protecting Barrier. It is meant to be used only during emergency situations, usually when we are under attack and are facing a strong enemy, hence the need for us to stall them first in order to prepare ourselves." He replied hastily

    " Oh, interesting. What else? " Long Chen said, gazing at the guard

    " It... it can only be used once every thousand years as it needs a massive amount of energy to be used, hence the thousand years' worth of energy that needs to be accumulated. Once this barrier is erected, it lasts for seven days, during which not even monster emperors could break it" He finished

    "Hmm, Seven days huh...I can stay here for seven days and waste time; but...I don't want to stay in this place for a second longer. After all, it's a place where the queen herself falsely accuses me of being a thief to destroy my reputation!" Long Chen proclaimed with his voice amplified by his qi

    Long Chen's loud voice was heard by the public which in turn started chattering in a soft voice.

    "That's what transpired? The Queen accused him wrongly? "  Somebody amongst the crowd let out

    "It might be true. I saw the queen asking him to return her treasures and she was the one who assaulted him first. Anyone would react that way if they were accused and even attacked unjustly. No wonder he retaliated! I am confident that even great master Tian Shen from thousands of years ago would have been outraged as well  if somebody accused him like this" Another person whispered

    "That must be it! Why would he lie? He is so powerful that if he liked something, he would've just taken it with strength. He would not do a  shameless thing like stealing, right?" A girl whispered in the crowd.

    Long Chen who was listening to the crowd chattering had a slight smile but as soon as Long Chen heard the girl, his face turned beet-red as he coughed embarrassedly once.

    "Hahahaha.....I told you to select the path of the brave, but instead, you chose the shameless one!!"  Xun started laughing loudly as she emerged near Long Chen, though no one other than him could see or hear her pearl-like laughter.

    " You can go now." Long Chen told the guard, ignoring Xun who continued giggling.

    Long Chen took a few steps back as he entered an attacking stance

    "Seven Forms of Saint Sword - First form: Cleansing!!" Long Chen assaulted the barrier with his Martial skill. As this attack landed on the barrier, nothing happened. The barrier still remained the same as before, not even a scratch could be seen.

    "This barrier is really solid" Long Chen muttered as he stared at the area of impact on the barrier which apparently still looked the same

    'Let's see if I can shatter you with my strongest attack or not! If I can't, I'll just wait in this tribe for seven days,' Long Chen thought as he again got ready to attack again

    "Seven forms of saint sword - Fourth form: Desolation! " Long Chen attacked with the strongest attack that he had learned so far.

    An arc of light-filled with sword aura strode towards the barrier. Wherever it passed through, things looked bleak as all forms of life on its path were disintegrated completely.

    As soon as the arc of light touched the barrier, although the barrier still didn't break, Long Chen couldn't help but smile. Long Chen saw a slight crack materializing at the spot of impact

    "It's clear that you are not invincible. I'll see how long you can last!"Long Chen asserted as he once again struck the same spot with the same martial skill making the small crack grow even deeper. Long Chen guessed that with only one-two more attacks of the same degree, he would be able to break it.

    'Only a bit more and I can leave' Long Chen thought as he continued his assault

    "Seven Forms of Saint Sword - Fourth form: Desolation!"

    The attack landed exactly on the same spot as the previous ones. the barrier looked like it was attempting its best to withstand Long Chen's attack but it didn't last for even five seconds as the barrier shattered into thousands of pieces, not unlike glass shattering. But the arc of light from Long Chen's attack didn't dematerialize completely and continued moving forward, cutting down the trees in its path before eventually disappearing completely.

    "Hah, finally! " Long Chen muttered to himself as his eyes gleamed with joy. Long Chen continued walking not towards the exit, but went against all the expectations of the crowd, he strode in the opposite direction.

    After a while, Long Chen appeared on the same spot but this time, he wasn't alone. Long Chen was sitting on the Elphia horse that the Xia and Terra left here for him as a gift so that he could travel to the Elphia tribe with ease.

    'When you gave me this horse, you said that you had nothing good to give me. But as It turns out, it truly does seem to be a really helpful gift for me' Long Chen thought with a smile as he remembered Xia's words when the people from the Elphia tribe left after bringing him here

    The horse started galloping as fast as it could, taking Long Chen away from the tribe, bringing calm back to it.

    Some of the guards rushed forward with the royal physician to take care of the Queen's wounds and lacerations. Although her hands couldn't be restored, at least the pain could be countered.


    A few hours before the battle In the banshee tribe erupted, a monster was concealing himself in the forest at a considerably long distance away from the banshee tribe. He had a body that looked identical to a gorilla but with green fur and a single horn growing from the center of his forehead. He was glaring at the gates of the banshee tribe, keeping an eye on whoever entered and exited. He was monster general Baek, the same monster general that informed the monster tribe of Long Chen's appearance in the banshee tribe.

    "What the he** is transpiring here! Why did the banshee tribe use their life-saving formation! Did they realize that I am here? Wait, even if they did notice that I'm here; they wouldn't waste this barrier for me,"  Monster general muttered as he kept gawking at the barrier with interest.

    "What...!! It broke so soon. Shouldn't it last for a week as per our information?  Is there something wrong with it?" He was shocked as soon as he saw the formation break apart soon after.

    A few moments later, Monster General Baek was alerted as he saw  Long Chen speeding outside as he left the tribe. After seeing some distance being created between him and Long Chen, monster general Baek started following him together with his whole team.
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