97 Chapter 97:One more to go

    "Everyone! He is a tricky one! We need to strike him jointly so that we don't fall for his tricks!! "Skeleton king Let out loudly resulting in every monster king hearing him

    Remaining monster kings shouted in acknowledgment as they all got in attacking  stance

    Soon, Long Chen was bombarded with the attacks of eight monster kings, four of whom chose to use their weapons and have a physical fight with Long Chen while other half decided to use their Martial skills to attack Long Chen. Skeleton king was part of the later four who decided to use the same martial skill he used to free Tiger king from Ice prison

    "Inferno!" Skeleton king roared as a huge wave of fire spread out on the ground before taking the shape of a three-meter tall skeleton made of fire. It was carrying a large hammer in its hands as it walked towards Long Chen with its heavy steps.

    "Sword of judgment!"Another monster king roared as a large flaming sword appeared above him which was over five meters long.

    Other monster kings used similar attacks as a Crow and an ax made of fire was formed which was  flying in the sky

    The monster kings, including Bear king, who decided to fight physically with Long Chen, decided to step aside and let all the attacks land on him before finishing Long Chen at once

    Long Chen stood there with a slight smile as he saw all the attacks coming towards him. First came the flaming sword which advanced at rapid speed towards him. But as soon as it reached within a few inches of Long Chen, the flaming sword stopped there unable to move forward in the slightest, looking like it was trapped.

    All the monster kings were standing there watching with anticipated gaze when the sword was moving towards long chen as they thought that Long Chen will try to defend himself or be killed, but the reality stunned them all

    Long Chen didn't move an inch, but the Sword of fire couldn't even  touch him, let alone hurt him

    "He's using some kind of barrier on himself" Monster Emperor Taras muttered as he saw this happen

    "Hmph! Even the barrier of Queen of banshee tribe was broken when two monster kings attacked together, I don't believe that this barrier will stop all four of our attacks" Skeleton king said loudly as his Fiery Skeleton kept advancing towards Long Chen

    The second attack that reached Long Chen was the crow made of blazing flames but it was stuck as well when it reached within the few inches range of Long Chen. It couldn't even struggle as it looked like it was trapped in space unable to move forward or go back.

    Long Chen calmly stood there gazing at the battlefield. All he could see was the shocked reactions of everyone present there including Queen Mia

    'I thought only his offensive power was strong as he was able to break our Empire protecting barrier but his defense would be so strong as well, I didn't know' Queen Mia thought in her mind as she gazed at Long Chen

    Soon the Fiery Skeleton reached Long Chen and attacked Long Chen's head with his blazing hammer which stuck in its position as well when it reached within the few inches of Long Chen. The fiery skeleton struggled to move the hammer but he couldn't, no matter how much he tried. The ax made of fire was stuck at well.

    "The whole battlefield was completely silent as everyone was staring at Long Chain with their mouths wide open.

    "He... he can take the attacks of four monster kings so easily, instead it looks like he's playing with them," Mazumas muttered with shock written all over his face

    The fire of the skeleton, ax, sword and the crow all started dimming before eventually disappearing. While Long Chen could be seen standing there unscathed like nothing had happened

    "Oh by the way, since you four attacked me first, you'll be the ones dying first as well, "Long Chen said as he gazed at the ones who attacked him including skeleton king.

    "Before then you'll be the one dying!!" A voice came from nearby

    Long Chen turned his head and saw a giant fist covered with flames coming towards him. Without thinking for long, Long Chen moved from his spot as he dodged the attack.

    " Well, aren't you an ugly looking Bear" Mocked long chen

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    "Why are you running!! Come face me!!" Bear king roared looking at Long Chen

    "Not running, I just don't want to kill you accidentally as I promised that they'll be the ones dying first" Long Chen casually said as he pointed towards Skeleton king

    " You... Just because you can defend our attacks, Do you think you can kill all four of us? " One of the monster kings who attacked Long Chen with skeleton king snorted as he stared at Long Chen

    Long Chen smiled slightly giving that monster king a chilly feeling before disappearing from his position and in a short moment, he was standing near that monster king. Long Chen held him by his neck as two wings appeared behind Long Chen. He flew towards the sky as he held the monster king by his neck. Long chen reached a hundred meters height before releasing the monster king who kept howling as he kept falling towards the ground.

    As everyone was gazing at the falling monster king, Long Chen disappeared from his spot.

    As the monster king fell to the ground, a loud thumping sound came. But some people could also hear a faint scream mixed within the large sound of the fall. They looked around only to see two monster kings lying on the ground without their heads, while their heads were lying near their body. They saw Long Chen standing near one of the dead monster kings with a bloody sword in his hands.

    Long Chen slowly began walking towards the Skeleton king who kept retreating in fear when he saw Long Chen coming towards him

    "Three gone, one more to go" Long Chen muttered softly as he continued walking towards skeleton king

    " What're you doing watching!! Help me!!" Skeleton king roared at other monster kings as he asked for help

    Bear king came out of his daze as he ran towards Long Chen with other monster kings

    "Enough!! I've seen enough! " Came a loud voice

    "You've already destroyed the reputation of us monsters! Do you think you can defeat him? "
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