151 Chapter 151:Divine Oracle Physique

    On a faraway planet, there existed an empire known as 'Esteria '. It was an empire surrounded by beautiful greenery. Two suns were high above in the sky providing the necessary warmth to the planet.

    "Mingyu!!! Wake up! How long are you going to sleep? It's already afternoon!! "  A beautiful woman who looked to be in her early twenties was waking up a girl who was sleeping comfortably in her bed.

    "Ahh.... just one more minute. I'll wake up I promise" The girl replied in her childish tone.

    "You are saying the same thing from the last hour. Come on!! When will you start acting responsibly?" The woman said in an annoyed tone as she tugged at the blanket of the girl.

    "Why do I need to start acting responsibly? I have such a loving father and mother. I don't want to be responsible. I just want to enjoy the comfort of life, " The girl said with a chuckle.

    "Little girl, your father is waiting for you! " The woman said in a low voice with a tired look on her face.

    The girl soon sat up like a spring with a cheeky smile on her face.

    "Why didn't you inform me before," She said with a smile.

    " You..." The woman was visibly stunned after she heard her words.

    "Some important guests are coming today! Your father wants the whole family to be there. Your brother is already there with your father. You and I are the only ones behind. Hurry up" That woman said to the girl as she gazed at her.

    "Alright, mother" The girl acknowledged as she hurriedly stood up and went to get dressed.

    Soon the girl came out, wearing a beautiful blue dress. Her shiny silver hair was tied to a ponytail. She had a height of 5 feet 5 inches and looked to be younger than eighteen years old. Her soft delicate skin, long legs and almond-shaped eyes only added to her charm further. Her thin arched eyebrows, soft pink lips and tiny nose made her look beautiful and cute at the same time.

    "Let's go, mother!!! You're making me late"  Mingyu said with an eager tone.

    "I'm making you late? You're just as shameless as your father" The woman chuckled as she left the room with the girl.

    They both reached a lavish hall and saw a boy already standing there.

    " Brother! " The girl exclaimed as she walked towards the well-dressed boy who looked to be in his early twenties. He also had Shiny silver hair similar to the girl but his hair was shorter.

    "Wang... where is your father?" The woman asked as she gazed at the boy.

    "Father went to welcome the guests. You know how he is when his friend arrives. And this time his enemy is arriving as well. Of Course, he had to go meet them himself despite being the emperor. " Wang said with a chuckle.

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    "He is always like that. Also, today is a special day so I can understand his eagerness" The woman said with a smile.

    "What's so special about today, mother?"  Mingyu asked with a curious look on her face.

    "You know, Our Esteria Empire and our neighbouring Qiandi Empire has always been life or death enemies. There has been bloodshed and war between our two countries so many times that it's hard to even count. " The woman said with a thoughtful look on her face.

    "True! Those bastards are really stubborn." Mingyu muttered.

    "Your father's friend is the Emperor of the Tricion Empire which shares a boundary with ours and Qiandi Empire. Although the Tricion Empire is a friend of our Esteria Empire, it has always stayed out of the troubles between ours and Qiandi Empire. Of Course, we all know that it is because they had no choice as there are many empires which have a conflict with them and might decide to attack them at any time so they decided to stay out of other's conflict." The woman explained further.

    "I can understand. They have their borders to defend as well" Mingyu said with an understanding look on her face.

    "But now Tricion has taken action. It got in contact with Qiandi about our conflict and convinced them to stop war and solve all the disputes through peaceful talking. When he told your father, he agreed as well. Today is the day when Emperor of Tricion and Emperor of Qiandi is coming to our kingdom for the talking" The woman said as she gazed at Mingyu.

    "Oh wow! Why didn't you tell me such an important thing before? " Mingyu asked as she puffed her cheeks in anger.

    "Well, Who knows, maybe she told you but you fell asleep on her like you always do. That does happen a lot with you, my sweet little sister" The boy chuckled as he pinched Mingyu's cheeks.

    "Brother? Did you achieve another breakthrough?" Mingyu suddenly asked as she noticed something.

    "Hahaha right. I reached the heaven realm today" The boy laughed proudly as he said while gazing at the girl.

    "As expected of brother. You're so talented and then there's me, with such poor talent. How amazing would it be if I had even ten percent of your talent" The girl said with a self-deprecating smile.

    "Stop sounding so pessimistic little girl. You're pretty talented yourself. Just 17 years old and already at the 3rd stage of Earth Realm. That's not bad in the slightest" The man named Wang replied with a gentle smile.

    "Of Course it is bad! You were at the 7th stage of Earth Realm when you were 17. I'm not even close to your level" Mingyu replied with a downcast look on her face.

    "Don't compare yourself to me, little girl. You're way more special than me. You have 'Divine Oracle Physique'. A special physique that's said to only appear once in millions of years. In Fact, I should be the one feeling jealous" Wang said with a gentle smile.

    "What's the use of this stupid special physique. There's nothing good about it" Mingyu said with a slight protest.

    "Oh? Seeing the future is not special? I wonder what your definition of special is then. Care to enlighten me, sister?" The boy said with a light chuckle.

    "Of Course there's only one definition of special in my life. My special family! As for this special physique? I would indeed consider it good if I was able to actually see the future when I wanted, but I can't even control the times I get the visions. That too would have been good enough if the visions were completed and understandable, but all I see some strange glimpses of incomprehensible events that don't help me understand the future in the slightest" Mingyu replied with an annoyed look on her face as if she was cursing her physique.

    "Be optimistic little girl. I'm sure you'll gain more control over it as you grow older" Lu Wang replied with a smile

    "Hahaha... It's such a great occasion. Finally, you two are ready to talk on piece." A happy sounding voice suddenly came as steps could be heard coming near.

    The door of the hall opened as three men, dressed in beautiful armour entered the hall.

    Walking in front was the Emperor of Esteria Kingdom, Emperor Lu Junwei. Walking behind him was the person who had just spoken... Emperor of Tricion Empire, Emperor Ji Hanjian. The last person walking was the person who ruled the Qiandi Empire. He was known as Emperor Qian Wei.
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