152 Chapter 152: Introductions

    Emperor Lu Junwei looked to be in his early forties. He looked like a gentle person but his eyes were like that of an experienced warrior. His long black hair came down to his shoulders making him look even more charming.

    Emperor Qian Wei, on the other hand, looked like a warrior whose whole life was spent fighting. He looked to be in his late forties but he looked much older than Emperor Lu Junwei. The left side of his face had a scar. No one knew how Emperor Qian Wei got that scar but it was in his face for as long as anyone could remember. It was said that he received this scar when he was just a kid. He was donned in beautiful robes and a crown while carrying a heavy sword on his back.

    Emperor Ji Hanjian was the one who looked the best out of all three emperors. He looked like he was just in his early thirties making his real age tough to guess. He had a charming face that somewhat had a feminine charm. His long deep black hair moved due to air as he walked. He had a gentle smile on his face which made him look like a generous person.

    "I always wanted to solve this thing through talks, it's just Emperor Wei who didn't agree to this peaceful suggestion. In his eyes, suggesting peace was like accepting our weakness which in turn made him increase the intensity of his attacks. We could do nothing but retaliate to his kind knocking on our doors"Emperor Lu Junwei chuckled as he replied.

    "Aren't you forgetting how it all started? It was all because of Esteria. It was you and your empire who started all this. What can I say, I didn't trust the words of the empire who created all this chaos because they couldn't keep their promise in the first place." Emperor Qian Wei replied in a downcast tone.

    "It's all in the past guys. I think it's finally time to forget all the negativities and create an era of peace. Do it for your kingdom, do it for your future generations" Emperor Ji Hanjian lightly said with a smile.

    "You people have been fighting like this for years, and you can fight for years to come but that's not a world that I want for anyone. What happened in the past was bad. I agree that Esteria broke its promise to Qiandi but can't we get past that? Everything's possible with talks. All we need to do is find ways to make everything right." Emperor Ji Hanjian continued.

    "We will talk about that later. " Emperor Qian Wei said in an expressionless tone as he looked ahead.

    "Oh, little Wang, Mingyu, and Sister in law Jing. You're all here" Ji Hanjian exclaimed with a smile.

    " It's the first time Emperor Qian Wei has come to our kingdom. Even though we had our differences, it's proper for us to welcome him to our empire with dignity. " The wife of Emperor Lu Junwei, Su Jing said with a smile.

    " Hahaha, that's right. You can't be Petty when welcoming a guest. Was this the idea of brother Junwei? He's good at politics. I must say" Ji Hanjian chuckle as he said.

    " Brother Hanjian, why don't you introduce your sweet family to us." Emperor Ji Hanjian said to Emperor Lu Junwei.

    "This little guy here is my son, Lu Wang. My daughter Lu Mingyu and my wife Su Jing" Emperor Lu Junwei introduced them with a smile.

    "Your son ... He is really talented" Emperor Qian Wei commented as he gazed at Wang for a brief period of time.

    "Of course my son is awesome. How can my only son be a Trash" Emperor Lu Junwei said with a wide grin on his face.

    " Your daughter on the other hand... is quite average when it comes to potential and strength. I guess every good comes with some bad. It's the same at my house. My daughter is the talented one while my son is trash" Emperor Qian Wei further commented. Although his words caused people to frown, they could see that he wasn't trying to insult Mingyu as he talked about his own family as well.

    "Ahh ... We should go and get on with the talks." Emperor Ji Hanjian interrupted with a wry smile on his face as he saw the foul mood of Emperor Lu Junwei.

    "Alright... come with me," Emperor Lu Junwei said as he continued ahead. Emperor Qian Wei followed him while Emperor Ji Hanjian was the last. Before leaving, he walked towards mingyu.

    "Don't mind the words of Emperor Wei. He's always the serious one with a somewhat pessimistic mind. You are quite talented so don't take his words to heart" Emperor Ji Hanjian patted mingyu's head with a gentle smile on his face as he left as well.

    "Why would I mind his words? All he said was the truth.I've always known that I'm not as talented as brother" Mingyu muttered with a light smile as she saw that everyone has left, but a little sadness was hidden behind that smile.

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    *Little girl, we talked about it before. You're way more special, so don't feel down" Wang chuckled as he said

    " Right," Mingyu replied with a smile.

    " By the way, mother, What was Emperor Wei talking about when he said that the war between us started because of our Esteria k

    Empire? What broken promise was he talking about? " Mingyu suddenly asked with curiosity on her face.

    "Oh right. I want to know as well. Why did I never hear anything about it?" Lu Wang inquired as well.

    " Of course, you wouldn't know about it. This thing is not written in any history book as it was indeed our fault." Su Jing said as she looked towards both of them.

    "Did we really break a promise? How could breaking a promise cause such fierce war that killed millions of people? What promise had the power to cause all this?" Mingyu inquired as she looked towards her mother.

    " The promise that caused death... and made Qiandi go mad with anger" Su Ming replied in a low voice.
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