154 Chapter 154: My baby

    Prince Wang turned back as he walked towards the exit with heavy steps but suddenly a sound came from behind. He turned back only to find the girl vomiting behind the counter.

    "Jiayi!!!" Prince Wang exclaimed as he ran towards the girl.

    "I'm fine. It's nothing. I probably ate something bad which upset my health. Prince Wang doesn't need to worry about me" The girl let out as she stopped the Prince after somewhat recovering.

    Prince Wang stopped in his tracks as he gazed at her silently. The girl walked back into her room as she closed the door. The Prince remained in silence as he gazed at the door. Soon, he turned back and left.

    As soon as the Prince left, the girl opened the door as she gazed towards the exit.

    Prince wang roamed throughout the crowded city before walking back to his Palace.

    "Where did you go? I was looking all around for you! " Su Jing saw Lu Wang in the corridor and asked.

    " What happened, mother? Why were you looking for me" He inquired with a smile

    "To give you a Good News! It's about your marriage!! The date has been decided. The marriage is next week!! " Su Jing informed Lu Wang.

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    " What? Isn't that too soon for a Royal marriage? Why is everyone in such a hurry? " Lu Wang asked with a stunned look on his face.

    " This proposal came from the Emperor of  Qiandi. Maybe they still haven't overcome the trauma of the past. They're worried that you might fall in love with someone else and run away as well if you are given too much time ." Su Jing chuckled as she told Lu Wang.

    " Let's go! There's a lot of shopping to be done. There are so many preparations that must be done. Come with me" Su Jing said as she grabbed Lu Wang's hands and pulled him with her.


    Inside the Qiandi Empire, A 16-17 years old boy was walking through the long corridors of the Royal Palace. He soon reached in front of a big door and pushed it open. On the other side of the door was a  large hall in which a girl could be seen practicing her beautiful swordsmanship.

    Every stroke of her sword was filled with Heavenly Qi containing an immense amount of power. Her beautiful red hair flew with the wind as she swung her dark red sword making attacks one after another.

    "Sister!!!" The young boy exclaimed as he saw the girl. The girl stopped her practice and turned back. Her Serious look had changed to the one with a beautiful smile.

    "You're here... Do you want to practice with me?" She chuckled as she looked at the boy.

    "Me... no no no... I love my life too much to take that decision" The boy took a step back as he shook his head life and right.

    "Then why are you here little brother?" She asked as she looked at him.

    "I'm here to talk to you about your marriage. The date has been decided and it's next week" The boy let out as he entered the hall and closed the door behind him.

    The girl frowned for a second but her expression immediately returned to normal before the guy could notice it.

    "Are you really going to marry someone you haven't met before? " The boy asked as he gazed at the girl.

    "Of course I am going to. It's what our Royal father wants and as his daughter...  his wish is my command. Also, if this stops the years of rivalry between our Empires, then I see no harm in marrying a stranger " She said with a smile. She walked towards the young boy further closing the distance between them.

    " Also... if I marry the crown Prince of another Empire, I would definitely lose my right to our Empire's throne but if I marry someone else... father might find ways to pull that guy in our empire and still make me the Ruler and I wouldn't be able to deny him either. The current path is the easiest path to make my little brother the King of our Empire in the future without denying our father's wishes." She let out with a smile as she patted the hair of the young boy.

    "I don't want the throne if it makes you live your whole life with someone you don't like. I would much rather watch you to Rule our Empire with the guy you love instead. " The boy said as he looked at the girl with an emotional look on his face.

    " Hah ... You talk too much little brother. It's not like Prince Wang is a bad person. I've heard many of the good deeds he had done. All the stories I heard about him made him sound like a nice and brave guy. It... might not be that bad after all. " She said in a soft voice as she looked at her brother.


    Time kept passing as both Empires continued with the preparations. Soon, Five days passed.

    Prince Wang again went out of the palace to take some fresh air. He was walking through the city as he reached near that medicine shop. Unable to stop himself from taking one last look at the girl he loved, one last time before marriage, he walked inside.

    As soon as he entered, he saw that the shop was empty. He walked towards the room and found the door open. He entered the room. What he saw inside shocked him to his core.

    The girl he loved, Jiayi, was lying on her bad unconscious while an old woman was checking on him. She turned back as she saw the guy.

    "What happened to her? " Prince Wang asked in a heavy tone as he gazed at the old woman.

    "This little girl didn't eat properly for the last few days which made her weak and her pregnancy made it much worse. She lost consciousness because of weakness. Did Prince Wang came here to buy something? I apologize but I don't think she would be able to sell you anything" The woman replied as she looked at that girl.

    "P... pregnancy...? She... she is ... pregnant? " Prince Wang asked as he stuttered with a shocked look on his face.

    " Yes ... She is 2 months pregnant now. What unlucky girl, facing all of it alone. The boy's father should have been here helping her get through it. Anyways, I gave her the proper medicines and she will sleep for a few hours. I'll take my leave now and come back later to check on her." The old woman said as she stood up and left.

    Prince Wang stayed there for a brief moment as he looked at the girl on the bed. He dropped down to his knees as he muttered... 'My baby...'
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