156 Chapter 156: Disappear Forever

    Half an hour after Prince Wang left, Princess Mingyu arrived in his room.

    "Brother?" Princess Mingyu called out as she entered the room.

    Noticing a letter in the bed, she picked it up and started reading it.


    Four hours passed. It was 3 in the afternoon based on the time when Prince Wang reached the place which was mentioned in the letter. After looking around in the deserted land, he found a lone hut that looked pretty worn out.

    Prince Wang entered the hut and saw Jiayi sitting on a chair inside that hut. She gazed at Prince Wang and smiled gently.

    "You're here... It was real... You and I can be together..." Jiayi let out as she ran towards Prince Wang and hugged him with tears in her eyes.

    " Of course it's true! You're my woman and you're carrying my baby. Even though I can't marry you, you'll still be mine forever. Father has agreed as well" Prince Wang hugged her back as he said with a gentle smile on his face.

    "I apologize for creating trouble for you by calling you to meet me but I just couldn't believe that written letter" She let out in a guilty tone.

    "It's fine. Don't worry about it" Prince Wang said in a soft tone.

    "Did someone follow you here? You won't be in trouble for coming here right?" Jiayi asked with a worried look on her face.

    " No one followed me. I took precautions coming here and even if someone was following me, they are most probably lost somewhere. You know I'm a Heavenly Realm warrior right." Prince Wang let out with a smile.

    " Your father won't be mad at me for calling you here, right?" She again asked

    "He won't know that I came here. I'll find some excuse for him" Prince Wang said in a gentle voice.

    *Oh... it's good then" Jiayi smiled as she kissed the lips of Prince Wang. The Prince kissed her back.

    Suddenly, the door opened.

    "I never expected to see Prince Wang in this place inside the embrace of a woman. It's your marriage tomorrow and you're here enjoying the lips of another woman? I pity the Princess that's going to marry such a beast" A mocking tone came from outside.

    Prince Wang separated himself from the girl as he walked outside, only to find a man in his early twenties standing outside.

    "You are... Prince Zen? What are you doing here?" Prince Wang asked as he looked at the young man.

    "Me? You can just say that I was passing through here with my entourage to get to the Royal Capital to attend your marriage tomorrow but I never expected to see you here" Prince Zen said with a smile.

    "Can you not tell anyone about this?" Prince Wang asked with a wry smile on his face.

    " You don't need to worry about anyone finding out about your little affair..."Prince Zen said but before Prince Wang could smile, he continued.

    "... as there are many more important things for you to be worried about"Prince a Wang continued.

    " What are you talking about? " Prince Wang asked with a serious look on his face.

    "Your life, for instance. I don't like cheaters, so you'll be dying today" Prince Zen said with a smile.

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    " Do you take me for a child? Tell me the real reason" Lu Wang asked as he gazed at Prince Zen.

    "Do I need to talk about reasons with a dead man?"Prince Zen chuckled as he said to Lu Wang.

    "Your Tricion Empire and my Esteria Empire are friends... Why do you want to kill me?" Prince Wang asked with a slight smile on his face.

    " You don't need to know that, "Prince Zen replied.

    "Well... Do you really think that you can kill me? Are you forgetting that I'm way stronger than you?" Prince Wang asked with a smile.

    "I'm not forgetting about anything, but maybe you're the one forgetting about something. Did you forget that I mentioned my entourage?" Prince Zen said with a mocking look on his face.

    Prince Wang grew stunned as he saw two middle-aged men appear around Prince Zen.

    "Peak Heaven Realm warriors... Your joke is going too far, Prince Zen" Prince Wang looked at them with a serious look on his face.

    " I'm not joking, Prince Zen. Today will be your last day" Prince Zen said with a smile.

    "I might not be able to defeat you but even your two followers can't stop me from escaping" Prince  Wang pulled Jiayi closer to himself as he said to Prince Zen but his expressions soon changed. Disbelief was clearly written on his face.

    "What happened? Can't use your powers?" Prince Zen chuckled as he gazed at Lu Wang.

    "Why?" Prince Wang looked towards the girl near him with a melancholic smile on his face.

    "Why not? She just accomplished the mission that was assigned to her long ago." Prince Zen said with a smile.

    " Mission?" Prince Wang asked without looking back at Prince Zen.

    "To intensify the war between Esteria and Qiandi just like we did decades ago. I can't believe the same plan worked twice. Looks like stupidity runs in the family" Prince Zen started laughing as he walked towards the girl.

    "But... Our... baby?" Prince Wang asked with wet eyes.

    "There's no baby. She isn't pregnant" A female voice sounded from nearby. Prince Wang looked around and saw an old woman standing there. She was the same woman who informed Prince Wang about the pregnancy.

    "It was all a trap?" Lu Wang fell down to his knees with a defeated look on his face.

    "Prince Wang ran away with the girl he loved just before his marriage and disappeared forever. All the efforts of Tricion to make peace between them were wasted because of Prince Wang. In anger, the Qiandi Empire attacked Esteria with all its force causing both empires to weaken. As both empires lost their strength, Tricion took over both Empires without any effort whatsoever in the name of ending war. All of it happened because Prince Lu Wang abandoned his empire. That's what the history books of the future will say. It's a good narrative, Isn't it ?" Prince Zen said to Lu Wang as he stood near him.

    Lu Wang looked towards Prince Zen but before he could reply, his eyes opened wide as a dagger penetrated his heart. He looked around only to find Jiayi gazing at him with a smile. Prince Wang opened his mouth to say something but only blood came out of his mouth. Soon, he fell to the ground.

    "Make the body disappear forever," Prince Zen said to the man standing near him. He turned around but grew shocked as he saw a horse standing at some distance and a girl sitting on top of that horse.
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