157 Chapter 157: Seer of Destiny

    "Make the body disappear forever," Prince Zen said to the man standing near him. He turned around but became shocked as he saw a horse standing at some distance from m and a girl sitting on top of that horse.

    "What's she doing here!!! The Princess can't be allowed to bring this news back to the Empire!!! Grab her and kill her!!! " Prince Zen ordered as he looked at the girl in the distance.


    "Can't believe brother has a secret lover!!! He didn't even tell me. I must see what my secret sister in law looks like. It's worth the trouble to sneak out without informing anyone. Can't let brother get caught for my curiosity" Princess Mingyu muttered as she strode her horse towards the southern edge of the Empire.

    She reached near the spot that was mentioned in the letter yet she couldn't help but halt her horse as she saw the scene ahead.

    She saw her brother on his knees with a dagger in his heart surrounded by a few people. She recognized one of them as Prince Pei Zen of the Tricion Empire. She wanted to hurriedly go-ahead to save her brother but her brother fell to the ground. Before she could think much, she saw two middle-aged men flying towards her.

    She hurriedly made her horse turn back and started moving in the opposite direction. The horse started galloping as fast as it could. Although it was an Earth Realm beast, it's speed still lacked when compared to the speed of the Heavenly Realm cultivators. As they covered more distance, the distance between them started decreasing.

    "I can't get back to the city gates before getting caught. I'm going to get caught if it goes on like this" The girl muttered with a worried look on her face as she kept looking back at the decreasing distance between her and the men who were chasing her.

    She looked ahead as she tried to think of a way to survive but suddenly saw a person in her view. The person was dressed in all black while his face was covered behind a mask that covered his face completely. The upper half of his mask and his eyes were hidden because of the big hat he was wearing.

    The girl noticed that the man seemed unusual. Although no cultivation could be felt from him, there was an unusual aura surrounding the man which made him feel like a person that should never be offended. Moreover, she couldn't see his cultivation and she chose to believe that it was because he's had a way higher cultivation than her. She had a feeling that he was stronger than the guys following her. She has no choice but to have faith as if he wasn't strong, then she was as good as dead in the next five minutes.

    Princess Mingyu made her horse turn in the direction of the mysterious man. As she reached near him, she stopped her horse as she hurriedly jumped down from her horse.

    "Sir, Please help me!! " Princess Mingyu exclaimed as she got down on her knees in front of that man.

    The black-clothed man stopped in his tracks as he looked at the girl. The girl finally got a view of the man's eyes but was stunned as the eyes were completely blood red. His eyes made her feel fear but she chose to be brave.

    "You there!!! Leave that girl behind and escape, or we will have to kill you as well" The two followers of Prince Zen reached there as well and stood at some distance from him while one of them said to the black-clothed man.

    The man looked back at the person who had just spoken. As soon as the black-clothed man's eyes fell on the person, the person felt something strange but he decided to ignore it.

    "I'm warning you !! I'll kill you if you don't leave" The man again said to the black-clothed man.

    The black-clothed man moved his hand and brought his thumb and forefinger closer. He snapped his fingers. As soon as the snap happened, a void appeared in front of the man who had just spoken and sucked him inside before disappearing forever. The screams of the man echoed loudly in the ears of the other man as he took a step back.

    Princess Mingyu was stunned as she saw the power of this man.

    'This power... so strong' She thought as she gazed at the man.

    "I don't like people who threaten to kill me" The man muttered in a soft voice as he again turned back towards the girl. Without speaking a word to the girl, he continued ahead on his journey leaving the man and the girl behind.

    "Master!!! Master, please help me!!! Only you can do it. I'm the Princess of Esteria. I'll make sure that you get everything that you desire from our empire if you help me" Princess Mingyu stood up and again ran to his front and got down on his knees.

    "What I desire is not something this land can offer me." The black-clothed man muttered.

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    "Help me for justice then!!! Those people killed my innocent brother and want to kill me as well. I must get to my father." Princess Mingyu said in a pleading tone.

    "I'm not a savior of justice. If anything, I'm the one that the heavens need to punish, albeit it doesn't have the strength to do so" The man muttered as he looked towards the sky.

    "Please... I'll do anything... If I don't get home, there will be a war that will take thousands of lives. " Princess Mingyu said in a loud voice.

    "If you stop one war, another will begin. War and death are all written in destiny. If it's destiny, it can't be changed.  As the Seer of Destiny, you must know that '' The man said as he gazed at the girl with his blood-red eyes.

    The girl grew shocked as she heard the black-clothed man's words as she wondered if he had noticed and was talking about her special physique.

    " Please... I'm pleading to you. " Princess Mingyu said as tears appeared in her eyes. The man looked at her for a brief moment before he moved his hand.

    "Here...An appropriate gift for a Divine Oracle. A Destiny Crystal. It will bring you to your destiny. If it's in your destiny to die then you'll die the moment you touch it. If it's your destiny to stop the war, you'll be teleported to where you need to be and similarly if it's in your destiny to get revenge instead, you'll be teleported to where you need to be. If you want to fight destiny, don't pick the crystal but you'll die. If you want to go along with the destiny, pick the crystal. You'll be alive but you'll be nothing but a slave to destiny, unable to do anything other than watching its desires being fulfilled. Treat it as a gift or as a curse "  The Black clothed Man said as he threw a transparent crystal towards her.

    After throwing the Crystal towards Princess Mingyu, the black-clothed man left. The Princess kept calling for help again and again but he didn't stop nor he looked behind.

    The man who was following her was still standing there. He was fearful for his life as he saw his partner sucked inside a void so he didn't even move. As he saw the fear-inducing man leave, he looked at the princess with a confused look on his face.

    After waiting for a little more, he started moving towards the girl.

    "Looks like today is the day you die but I won't kill you right now. I'll bring you to the Prince. I might get rewarded, " The man said as he continued moving ahead.

    Princess looked at the man moving towards her and finding no other choice, decided to use the crystal. The man saw her moving towards the crystal and his expressions changed. He had heard the man's words and didn't imagine that she would take the risk of using an unknown crystal. As soon as he saw her move towards the crystal he decided to kill her before she could get there.

    He attacked the Princess as he swung his sword. An arc of light hurriedly moved towards the Princess at rapid speed.

    As the Princess touched the crystal the sword attack touched her. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared and the attack passed through.

    Far from them, The Black-clothed man stood as he gazed in the direction of the girl. As soon as Princess Mingyu touched the Crystal, He shook his head with disappointment.

    "Looks like you chose to be a slave instead" He muttered as he closed his blood-red eyes.

    He waved his hand as a portal appeared in front of him. He entered inside and disappeared.

    As soon as he entered inside the portal, another void appeared behind the man who had attacked Princess Mingyu and sucked him inside amidst his screams.
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