159 Chapter 159:Vision

    "Kyaaa" Princess Mingyu screamed as she covered both her peaks with her delicate hands.

    "Ahh... it's not what you imagine it is. I was helping you" Long Chen stood up as he said to the girl after seeing her reaction, but he didn't take his eyes off her.

    "Seismic slash!"  Princess Mingyu said loudly as she covered her breast with one hand and made a slash with her other hand as she used her martial skill.

    The Qi in the air became restless as a powerful arc of light appeared and advanced towards Long Chen.

    Without wasting a single moment, Long Chen brought out his King's sword as he slashed with his own attack which collided with the arc of light. As a precaution, he had also covered his body with armor of space.

    The arc of light was cut in two parts by Long Chen's sword as both parts missed Long Chen and struck the trees on both sides of him.

    "I'm being honest miss!!! There was a really bad sword wound on your back and to treat it, I had to take your top off. I couldn't ask for permission as you were unconscious. In Fact, I had to even use my 'Life-giving pill' to save your life. Instead of thanking me, you're assaulting me? " Long Chen said in a severe tone.

    Princess Mingyu was already stunned as she saw how easily Long Chen cut her attack with his sword when she heard Long Chen's words.

    "Sword wound... Tricion... that's right!!!! Where am I? " She exclaimed as she recalled what had happened to her.

    "You don't remember? You're in between the borders of Shui and Huanji Kingdom. " Long Chen informed her as he tried to keep his eyes focused on her face, but he was clearly having a hard time as he occasionally stole a few glimpses.

    " Shui?Huanji? Where is it? How far are we from Esteria Empire? " She asked in haste with a worried look on her face.

    " Esteria? Never heard of it. Since it's an empire, it's probably  pretty far off in my opinion." Long Chen said with a thoughtful look on his face.

    " Far ...? " She mumbled as her eyes became wet.

    'Here...An appropriate gift for a Divine Oracle. A Destiny Crystal. It will lead you to your destiny. If it's in your fate to die then you'll die the moment you touch it. If it's your destiny to stop the war, you'll be teleported to where you need to be and similarly if it's in your destiny to get revenge instead, you'll be teleported to where you need to be. If you want to fight destiny, don't pick the crystal but you'll die. If you want to go along with the destiny, pick the crystal. You'll be alive, but you'll be nothing but a slave of destiny, unable to do anything other than watching its desires being fulfilled. Treat it as a gift or as a curse ' She couldn't help but remember the words of the mysterious man. The words he stated before he gave her the destiny crystal.

    "Brother... Father..." She mumbled as tears started falling from her eyes.

    "Hey... Are you all alright? Don't worry about clothes, I have many with me. Here... you can use this new shirt and robe" Long Chen let out after seeing tears in her eyes. He brought away the clothes from his storage ring and walked towards the girl.

    Long Chen extended his hands towards the girl while the girl, being lost in her sense of grief, extended her milky white hand as well without thinking about it.

    As soon as her hand touched Long Chen's hands, her eyes opened wide as her pupils changed their color to white.


    Princess Mingyu felt like she had traveled through thousands of miles as she stood in a pitch-black space. The scene around her changed as she finally got a clear view of what was happening around her.

    She watched her father standing in front of her, but his face had become much haggard as if he had gone through a massive tragedy. Her mother stood near him. Before she could speak a word to her father, the world again became pitch black as everything disappeared.

    Another view appeared in front of her eyes as she witnessed a young man who looked to be in his early twenties standing with a pitch-black sword in his hand. He moved around a he kept slaughtering hundreds of people. He killed young, he killed old, he killed everyone who got in front of him and his sword. The man turned back as he looked at her, but the world again became black as the world again returned to darkness.

    The world again became colorful as she watched a woman who looked similar to her. That woman was kissing a man, but because the man's back was facing her, she couldn't determine who it was. She took a stride forward towards the couple, but the world again returned to darkness as the view disappeared.

    Another view appeared in front of her eyes, but this scene was much shorter for her to infer anything. She envisioned a man. The man seemed like the older version of the boy she had just met a little while ago. He was down on his knees as tears kept falling from his eyes. The guy looked defeated as he cried while on his knees. She didn't know what he was crying about but she somehow felt extreme sadness in her heart. The scene vanished as well.


    Long, Chen looked at Princess Mingyu who stayed like that with a blank facial expression on her face. Her eyes soon turned back to normal, but she began falling down as she became unconscious. Before she could fall on the ground, Long Chen grabbed her in his arms. His hands again touched her smooth back as he took hold of her.

    "What with you and getting unconscious? Geez... Looks like I need to be a gentleman again and dress you myself" Long Chen let out in a somewhat loud voice.

    "Hah, right ... gentleman. Why do I feel that you're happy at this chance? " Xun chuckled with an amused expression on her face as she appeared near Long Chen.

    "I wouldn't mind if you desire to do it? " Long, Chen let out with a grin on his face.

    " Hah... You know very well that I can't touch her. Go on...enjoy your day" Xun let out with a cheeky smile on her face.

    Long Chen safely put Princess Mingyu down on the ground and began dressing her up with his shirt. As he was closing the buttons, his fingers touched the smooth peaks of Princess Mingyu. Although he liked this feeling, he didn't misuse this opportunity and dressed her up as fast as he could.

    After dressing her up, He took out a mattress from his storage ring and placed her on top of it as he waited nearby for her to wake up.

    "Esteria Empire... Is she really from an empire? I've only heard about the term but don't know the name of any... " Long Chen muttered softly with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Empires are nothing special. They're simply a place where stronger cultivators reside and the Qi is denser. They govern kingdoms because they possess the strength. " Xun said as she gazed at Long Chen.

    " Do you know where Esteria is? Since she is here, it can't be far. But then again, why did I never hear about Esteria if it was nearby. It doesn't make sense. " Long Chen said in a soft voice as he looked back at Xun.

    " I have no idea... I don't know about the names of your measly Empires. I have many more significant things that I need to know about" Xun replied with a smile.

    " You are no help, " Long Chen said with an annoyed look on his face.

    " Hmph... You're as rude as ever" Xun said with a pouty face.

    "By the way, she's a Third Stage Earth Realm cultivator. You must be careful around her "  Xun said to Long Chen.

    "I know what I should do... I'm not stupid. I'll never play with my life" Long Chen let out with a smile as he looked at Xun.

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    "Oh, Don't worry, I know just how 'smart' you are. I've seen plenty of your actions. " Xun chuckled as she looked at Long Chen.

    "She's waking up." Xun suddenly said as she looked at Princess Mingyu. Long Chen looked back at her as well.

    Soon, Princess Lu Mingyu opened her eyes.
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