161 Ch 161. I dont lose control around her

    " I ... I know that he must have had his reasons to do so and he helped me survive, but yes... I do hate him. I hate him a lot" Princess Mingyu said in an emotional tone and a little anger could be felt in her voice as well.

    "You know... you don't look good with anger on your face. You should smile instead as it will highlight your beauty more" Long Chen changed the topic as he said to the girl in an effort to lighten her mood.

    "Smile? " Princess Mingyu mumbled as the smiling face of her brother flashed before her eyes. Tears began falling from eyes as she remembered the last moments that she spent with her brother in the palace. She couldn't help but reminisce about the moments she spent with her brother in preparation for his marriage.

    "Oh god...I did it again. How come everything I say, makes her cry" Long Chen muttered with a depressed look on his face.

    "The past is in the past. Think about the future instead. Stay happy as crying never makes anyone strong." Long Chen said to Princess Mingyu who looked up as she heard his words.

    "Are you feeling hungry?" Long Chen asked her with a smile.

    "No" Princess Mingyu shook her head as she denied but Long Chen still threw a fruit towards her which she caught.

    "Hurry and eat it up. I'm in a hurry to reach somewhere." Long Chen said to Mingyu as he walked towards the horse to get things ready for travel.

    "Strange... So strange... She is so pretty and I have been in such close contact with her still my heart demon isn't troubling me" Long Chen muttered as he stood near the horse.

    "Why? Did you want it to trouble you? You must have been enjoying fulfilling your desires " Xun chuckled as her voice sounded in his ears.

    " That's not it...I just find it strange" Long Chen muttered.

    Long Chen climbed on the horse and came towards Princess Mingyu who had eaten the fruit given by him.

    "Let's go," Long Chen said with a slight smile as he extended his hand towards the Princess to help her get on the horse.

    "Thank you" Princess Mingyu grabbed his hand as she came on top of the horse and sat behind Long Chen. Long Chen began advancing ahead while Mingyu sat close behind him.

    "This horse is pretty slow," Princess Mingyu said in her soft voice after traveling with Long Chen for some distance.

    "This land isn't as resourceful and the empire the Princess resided in, nor am I as rich as the Princess. It's the best horse I could arrange" Long Chen said with a smile, though he still tried to increase his speed.

    "Can you not call me, Princess?" Princess Mingyu said in a soft tone.

    "Oh Right. I didn't ask for your name May I know your beautiful name?" Long Chen asked without looking back.

    "I am Lu Mingyu," Princess Mingyu said as she gazed at the passing trees.

    "It's nice to meet you, Princess Mingyu. My name is Long Chen" Long Chen said as he introduced himself.

    "Again with the Princess. Can you stop that? " Lu Mingyu said to Long Chen as a fake anger on her face.

    "What should I address you as?" Long Chen asked her as a smile appeared on his face.

    "Just call me by my name " Princess Mingyu replied to Long Chen with a beautiful smile on her delicate lips.

    "Alright, I'll call you Yu'er then," Long Chen said with a chuckle.

    Lu Mingyu became stunned as she heard Long Chen's name for her. She opened her mouth to say something but wasn't sure what to say.

    "Why did your eyes turn all white as soon as you touched me? You know... The time before you went unconscious? " Long Chen asked as he remembered something.

    " I saw... it's nothing" She opened her lips as she started speaking but she decided not to tell Long Chen about her special physique.

    "By the way,  can I ask you something as well?" She asked back as she tried to change the topic.

    "Sure, go ahead" Long Chen answered with a smile.

    "Just a hypothetical question, but what is the thing that can make you cry while you're down on your knees? Do you have a lover or something? " Princess Mingyu asked as she thought about the last vision she saw.

    "That's... that's a weird question. Something that can make me cry?... umm I'd say loss of loved ones most probably. Other than that ... I don't think there is anything else" Long Chen replied after thinking for a while.

    "You don't have lovers?" She asked again as she smiled.

    "You've seen me right. Do you think I won't have lovers? Of course, I have many..." Long Chen let out with a chuckle.

    " I have a feeling that you have none. " Princess Mingyu replied with a smile.

    " If that's what you want to believe" Long Chen answered back as he laughed.

    Suddenly, a little beast passed from the front of him which made him stop the horse abruptly. As the horse was made to stop at suddenly, Princess Mingyu couldn't help but feel shocked as she hugged Long Chen front behind to stop herself from falling.

    Long Chen could feel her soft breasts resting on his back as he stayed still without moving in the slightest. He looked down as he saw her milky white hands wrapped around his chest. He felt some sort of reaction as he felt like his little Chen might wake up soon.

    "What were you trying to do? Why did you stop so abruptly?* Princess Mingyu asked with a serious look on her face.

    "Some little beast came in front of me abruptly which shocked me and I halted the horse" Long Chen explained to Princess Mingyu.

    " Oh... Alright," Princess Mingyu said as she nodded her head.

    Long Chen and Princess Mingyu traveled for half a day and kept talking throughout the way as they got to know more about each other. Long Chen occasionally stopped his horse abruptly as he began liking the feeling of Princess Mingyu hugging him.

    " Looks like we're already at the border of Huanji  Kingdoms. I see the boundary of their border city. "  Long Chen let out as he saw the walls of the city.

    He made his horse divert and changed direction.

    "It looks like their official entry of right at the front. Why are you going in a separate direction? " Princess Mingyu asked with a confused look on her face.

    "Oh ... I'm not using the official entry. We'll be jumping off the walls like I always do. " Long Chen said with a smile.

    "Ahh... I have two questions. Firstly, it's strange that you always jump through the walls to enter the city and how do you do it? You are not a heaven realm cultivator who can fly? And secondly, are you going to abandon this horse? You know it can't jump that high right? "Princess Lu Mingyu said as she look at Long Chen with a confused gaze.

    " Oh Right... I forgot about the horse!" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he changed back the direction.

    "I've had a bad history with official entries, so I usually don't take that route but now I have a horse as well," Long Chen told her as they continued towards the entrance.

    Long Chen and Princess Mingyu entered the border city by giving the entrance fee without much hassle.

    "That was pretty easy. You should take this route more often from next time. " Princess Mingyu said with a smile.

    "I'm glad the guards here are more understanding. We're finally inside Huanji. Just a few more cities to pass through and I'll be in the City of Thunder" Long Chen muttered with a smile.

    "Is there someone we can ask the direction of Esteria from? I'll be at more ease if we knew where it was" Princess Mingyu said to Long Chen.

    "I know a place I can ask... but that will have to wait till tomorrow. It's already pretty late for the day. We first have to find a hotel to stay the night" Long Chen said to Princess Mingyu while the horse kept going ahead.

    "Excuse me, sir, Where can I find a hotel in this city?" Long Chen enquired as he stopped a person.

    " Oh... You must be new travelers who came here for the first time. There are three hotels in this city. They are..." The man said to Long Chen as he told him the direction of each hotel.

    "Thanks for the guidance" Long Chen said with a smile as they left.

    They continued ahead to the first hotel but it was full then they went to the second hotel but they soon came out with a disappointing look on their faces.

    "Can't believe both the hotels are full. I never knew that the border city was so popular. " Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    "Let's hope the third one has space for us or else we will have to camp out in the forest" Long Chen said as he made the horse go in the direction of the third hotel.

    "Civil Warriors Inn" Long Chen read the name on the board of third hotel as he entered inside with Princess Mingyu after giving the horse to the person assigned by the hotel to take care of the horse and carriage of the guest.

    "Do you have rooms available?" Long Chen asked with a smile as he stood in front of the receptionist

    " Yes, sir." The receptionist replied with a smile.

    "Oh... thank God. Finally, a place with rooms. We need two rooms. How much will it be? " Long Chen enquired with a smile.

    " Sorry sir, but we only have one room available" The receptionist replied with a smile.
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