163 Chapter 163: Cruel

    "Isn't that Shen? He was peeking at Xiaoyun! Such a shameless behavior. No wonder his parents left him to rot when he was just born. " A sharp voice sounded about the students of the academy.

    " Yea, I've seen him stalking Xiaoyun many times. He just never learns" Another voice sounded.

    "He is such trash, still he thinks Xiaoyun will take notice of him? Such fantasy is laughable"

    A few people started laughing.

    "That's right. He is 16 and he still can't cultivate. Even though he is an orphan who lives on the streets of the city and can't pay fees, Junior Master Shu still decided to teach him cultivation. But he even disappointed him as even after two years of cultivation, he couldn't break through to the first stage of Body Refining Realm. Such trash... Even Master Shu had no choice but to tell him to go away and never come to this academy. Still, this trash shamelessly came here to peak on Xiaoyun. He should just die " A sharp eyes girl said with a smirk on her face.

    " I think he is a trash whom even the heavens detest! That's why he is not able to cultivate! Instead of learning his place as trash, he still comes here and instead of learning, he stares at Xiaoyun. Cheh... if I was as worthless as him, I would have preferred dying over living the life of trash and wasting the limited space on this planet" Another person commented in between.

    " Hahahaha... right! Dying should be a better option for him" All the kids started laughing as they gazed at the red-haired boy with a cruel look on their faces.

    "Tian Shen...." Long Chen muttered as he realized the identity of this young kid.

    The red-haired boy looked upset as he heard all their words. He tightly gripped the red flower in his hand as he turned back to leave but his expressions changed as he was held by his collar and thrown inside.

    The red-haired boy looked upset as he heard all their words. He turned back to leave but his expressions changed as he was held by his collar.

    "Tian Shen !!! You never learn, do you?" A mocking voice sounded in his ears as he was thrown inside the academy.

    He grazed his elbows as he fell on the ground. His wounds started bleeding but the boy didn't have any changes in expression as he silently stood up. He looked towards the door.

    A boy with blonde hair who looked to be 15-16 years old walked inside with big strides and he grinned.

    The boy was known as  Liu Shia. His family was considered one of the richest families in the city.

    He was followed behind by a pair of brother and sister, both of whom looked to be of similar age.

    "You little orphan! How dare you stare at Xiaoyun with your dirty eyes again? Did you forget the last time's beating? "  The boy said as he looked towards Tian Shen.

    "Hahaha... Young Master Shia, I think he must be itching to get another beating! "The girl behind him said with a laugh.

    Tian Shen didn't reply as he started walking towards the exit. The boy who has just thrown him inside stood in between the exit and Tian Shen with his followers.

    The boy smiled as he saw Tian Shen walking towards him. He extended his hand towards the shoulders of Tian Shen to stop him, but Tian Shen dodged his hand and continued ahead without stopping.

    "You trash!!! How dare you try to escape after being caught" Liu Shia roared loudly as he stared at Tian Shen.

    Seeing Tian Shen not react, Liu Shia brought out his blade as he used his movement skill and reached closer to Tian Shen. He swung his blade towards Tian Shen's back which cut his already worn-out clothes along with his flash. A light cut could be seen on his back as his clothes fluttered in the air. Blood started coming out from the cut on his back.

    "Amazing!! Did you see the attack of Liu Shia? Such precise control!! "

    " I understand what you mean. He controlled his strike so well. If there was even the slightest mistake, that trash would have been long dead"

    " He must have mastered the blade arts of his family. I heard that their special art helps with the precision and control of the attacks."

    "Really? That's amazing. It must have taken a lot of effort and teaching for him to reach this stage. As expected of the member from such a famous family."

    The students of the academy kept talking amidst themselves.

    Liu Shia felt proud as he heard everyone praising him. A bright smile appeared on his face.

    Despite being attacked, Tian Shen still didn't stop and kept walking towards the exit. He made no noise even when his flesh was cut.

    Liu Shia ran to the front of Tian Shen and grabbed him by his throat. He picked him up with just the grip on his neck and threw him down. Long Chen crashed on the floor.

    "Ugh..." Tian Shen finally made a noise as he grunted. He felt like some of his bones were broken as well.

    After a lot of effort, he sat up. He couldn't help but cough out a mouthful of blood.

    He was about to say something when Liu Shia kicked his chest and made him again lie flat on the ground. Liu Shia placed one of his feet on Tian Shen's chest as he stood tall with a smile on his face.

    "Trash will always be trash"  Liu Shia started laughing as he looked down.

    " Hahahaha....that's where this beggar belongs! At the bottom of people's feet! " Someone amidst the kids said with a mocking expression on his face.

    "Hey, Xiaoyun. He always comes after you. I think he might be in love with you. What do you say to that" A girl standing near Xiaoyun asked her as she grinned.

    Tian Shen turned his head towards the girl called Xiaoyun but he felt heartbroken to see her laughing as she looked at this scene.

    "I feel like a trash whenever I'm looked at by him. I've seen him many times, just looking at me but I didn't want to dirty my hands so I didn't beat him up. Instead, I asked Liu Shia to teach him a lesson. In Fact, I was there, enjoying the scene when he was being thrashed by Shia but who would've thought that this wastrel still wouldn't learn. He came here as well! It's good though. At least this situation created an opportunity for everyone to be entertained for a while" Xiaoyun replied to her friend with a smile as she looked at her.

    Her words sounded like current to the ears off Tian Shen. The girl he thought of as a pure and kind girl turned out to be the complete opposite. Even Long Chen couldn't help but look at the girl with a frown.

    He looked at her as a little tear fell from his eyes but soon his expressions returned to normal.

    "Do you feel superior by attacking me? Is this what cultivators feel proud of? I never fought with you nor did I ever hurt you directly or indirectly, yet you always come after me! Leave me or I swear that I will kill you right now! " Tian Shen finally couldn't stay silent as his heart felt like stabbed by sharpest of knives. He roared loudly as he lost his sense of reasoning.

    Long Chen watched everything happen in front of his eyes. He couldn't help but feel bad for Tian Shen, but there was nothing he could do to help.

    "Hahaha... This trash talk really big, doesn't he? I'd see how you kill me" Liu Shia started laughing madly as he heard Tian Shen's words.

    Tian Shen looked towards his left as he muttered something inaudible to others.

    A pink-haired girl appears near Tian Shen like a ghost.

    "Xun!!!" Long Chen couldn't help but exclaim loudly as soon as he saw the girl.

    "Do you really want to do it? The side effects are really bad. " Xun said to Tian Shen in a serious tone.

    "I want to kill!" Tian Shen exclaimed loudly making everyone hear his words.

    "You found the ring just yesterday, and today you are already using one of your inheritance items. I wonder if I should have told you the uses of the items that you received. I hope you don't regret the things that will happen next" Xun muttered softly as she disappeared.

    Long Chen noticed that for a brief moment a storage ring could be seen flickering on Tian Shen's previously empty finger.

    "That ring! It's the same one!!! I never knew it could go invisible?"Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the ring his finger.

    Tian Shen brought out a pitch-black pill with some strange patterns on it and swallowed it immediately before Liu Shia could react.

    "What did you eat? " Liu Shia asked loudly as he stared at Tian Shen but he received no response from him.

    "What the hell? " He exclaimed as he noticed that Tian Shen's eyes became pitch-black like the darkness of the darkest night.

    Under the feeling of uncertainty, he decided to kill Tian Shen first and worry about other things later. Liu Shia thrust his blade towards the heart of Tian Shen but before the blade could touch Tian Shen's chest, it stopped in its tracks. A hand could be seen gripping the blade and keeping it in its place.

    It was Tian Shen who grabbed the blade. He used his second hand as well and grabbed the blade. He applied some force and the blade immediately shattered into pieces, right in front of everyone's eyes.

    "What? How could it happen? Liu Shan's blade is a golden grade treasure! How could it break so easily" People started exclaiming loudly as they saw what happened. A fearful feeling way starting to grip their heart as they watched everything.

    Tian Shen stood up while Liu Shia kept stepping backward. Tian Shen disappeared from his spot and appeared in front of Liu Shia as he grabbed him by his throat.
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