164 Chapter 164: Merciless

    Tian Shen tightened his grip as a cracking noise was heard. Liu Shia's eyes opened wide and soon they became lifeless. Tian Shen threw the lifeless body of Liu Shia on the ground as he turned to look at the others.

    "He's a Demon! Run!!!"

    A scream resounded in the place as the whole place turned chaotic. Some people began running towards the exit while some brave ones brought out their weapons as they ran towards Tian Shen but it was all in vain as they noticed that their weapons couldn't even graze Tian Shen's skin.

    His previous wounds had completely healed as well. Long Chen watched everything with a stunned expression as he saw Tian Shen kill people one after another. No one could face him as people kept dying. Soon, the whole place was filled with dead bodies. Everyone was dead except one.

    A blue-haired girl was still alive. She was on her knees as she kept trembling in fear. Tears kept falling from her eyes as she watched the dead bodies of her friends.

    Tian Shen disappeared from his original spot and appeared right in front of her. He extended his hand towards the girl and grabbed her by her neck. He picked her up in the air.

    The girl was in mid-air, held by her neck as she tried her best to breathe. She looked in Tian Shen's eyes but found that they were pitch black and looked merciless unlike the eyes of  Tian Shen which looked completely opposite.

    "Master...w...will be ...back....You... will...die" She said after much effort with hate in her eyes as she gave up on any hope of survival.

    Tian Shen tightened his grip and her breathing stopped. He mercilessly threw her body on the ground and looked around. The place was filled with dead bodies and all remains of life were destroyed.

    He took a step towards the exit but before he could take the second step, he slumped on the ground as he lost all his strength. His eyes returned to their original color.

    He turned and saw everyone dead, but there was no change in his expressions. He turned his head on the other side and saw the girl he liked, lying there, lifelessly. His expressions flinched for a brief moment but they soon returned to normal.

    He tried sitting up but he realized that he couldn't move a single muscle of his body.

    "Someone's here..." Long Chen muttered on the side as he felt a strong aura. He looked towards the exit and saw two people entering the place. One of them looked like a man in his sixties. He had a white beard and a head full of white hair. He was wearing a white robe. The other person still looked young and in his late twenties.

    They both became stunned and their expressions turned grave as soon as they entered the place.

    "Headmaster Gu, this...? " The young man said with a stunned look on his face. He hurriedly ran inside and checked on everyone for any signs of life.

    After checking on them, he came back towards Headmaster Gu.

    "They're all dead..." Headmaster Gu muttered before the young man could say anything.

    "Except him... He is perfectly safe without any injuries in the slightest" He continued as he looked towards Tian Shen.

    "Who could've done such a cruel thing."The young man asked with a grave expression on his face.

    "Him..."  Headmaster Gu moved his hand slowly as he pointed towards Tian Shen.

    "He? Headmaster, he is Tian Shen!! I know him as I tried teaching him cultivation before. He was too useless for cultivation as he couldn't even break through to the first stage of Body Refining Realm.

    "Didn't you notice? He doesn't belong here, still, he is here. He was inside, yet he is safe. His clothes are cut in places but there is no wound on his body. He is perfectly fine yet he can't move... He must have used a demonic method to do all this" Headmaster Gu said in a serious tone as he looked towards Tian Shen.

    "This..." The young man was stumped for words as he heard headmaster Gu's words.

    "Why did you do it?" Headmaster Gu asked as he looked at Tian Shen.

    "Because I could... Because I was strong enough to do it... Isn't that why you cultivators do all the things, no matter how unjust? " Tian Shen said as he looked at Headmaster Gu.

    "You are a demon. You will have to die for your sins"  Headmaster Gu muttered as he pointed his finger towards Tian Shen.

    A small speck of fire appeared on the tip of his finger which kept expanding until it looked like a 20 centimeters wide orb of raging hot fire.

    "I never used my law of fire to hurt anyone but today, you must die," He said in an expressionless tone as he fired that fiery orb towards Tian Shen's head.

    Although others didn't notice it, but Long Chen clearly saw a ring flicker on Tian Shen's finger as a red talisman appeared on his hand.

    As soon as the talisman appeared in his hand, Tian Shen disappeared from the room and the fiery orb landed on the empty ground. A burning mark could be seen on the floor, but there was no sign of Tian Shen.

    "What in the world did just happen?" After a long silence, the young man muttered as he stared at the empty spot where Tian Shen was lying.

    "What happened is that we let a demon escaped. Many people will die by his hands because we didn't act faster" Headmaster Gu muttered as he looked towards the clouded sky.

    "Inform the family members of the students," He said to the young man beside him.

    Long Chen didn't know what to think either. What he saw today changed his whole view of Tian Shen. He jumped inside the building to take a closer look, but before he could land, everything turned white.

    Long Chen opened his eyes as he woke up from his dream. He realized that he was sweating but his cultivation was also stronger compared to the moment he went to sleep.

    Long Chen noticed that he had broken through to the 9th stage of Gold Core Realm. With a confused look on his face, he looked around and saw Princess Mingyu still sitting on the bed as she looked at him with a weird look.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked as he looked at her.

    " What were you dreaming about? Your expressions kept changing throughout your sleep. " She said in her soft voice as she looked at him.

    "I was dreaming about a friend, going on a rampage. " Long Chen replied to her.

    "Anyways, what's the time right now?." He asked as he stood up.

    "It's 4 in the evening. You slept for quite a long time" Princess Mingyu told him with a smile.

    "If you felt that I was taking a long time to wake up, why didn't you try waking me up?" Long Chen asked back.

    "I realized that you probably cultivated all night long, so I couldn't bear to disturb your sleep," Princess Mingyu said as she gazed at Long Chen.

    "I never thought that you would be so considerate. Let me get ready, and we'll go to inquire about the whereabouts of Esteria Empire before we leave this city" Long Chen chuckled as he said to her. He left towards the direction of the bathroom.

    Long Chen got ready and left the hotel with Princess Mia.

    "Where are we going? Princess Miao asked as she walked in the streets with Long Chen.

    "Have you heard of 'Jiandie pavilion'? " Long Chen asked as he looked towards Princess Miao.

    "Nope never heard of it. What is it?" She asked back.

    "It's an organization that is known for its intelligence-gathering abilities. They are one of the top three organizations that are present in almost every city along with Alchemy Hall and Artifact pavilion. They are the only possible hope I have of finding Esteria's location in a short time.

    They soon reached in front of a black building which only had one floor. Long Chen entered the building with Princess Mingyu.

    After taking his first step in, Long Chen noticed that the whole place looked completely empty. There was only one counter behind which sat a middle-aged man in green clothes. He was reading a book. He looked towards Long Chen at soon as they entered the premises.

    "What information do you want?" The man asked as he looked at Long Chen.

    "We need to know about the location of the Esteria Empire. We would also like to purchase the necessary maps to reach here. " Long Chen asked as he looked at the man.

    "Esteria? Never heard of it. Sorry, I can't help you" The man straight away rejected Long Chen.
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