165 Chapter 165: You cant leave

    " How can the Jiandie Pavilion not have any information about it?" Long Chen asked with a stunned look on his face.

    "There's a good chance that the Empire you are talking about doesn't exist in this continent. That's the only possible explanation I can come up with. If you want information from other continents, you must get it from the branches of the empires that reside in this continent." The man replied to Long Chen before he turned his gaze downwards to look at his book.

    "Can you tell me about the nearest empires where we can go to get this information? " Long Chen asked again in a kind manner.

    "As this information is not that big a secret, it will cost you only five white gold coins," The man said to them without looking upwards.

    "Here..." Without taking any time, Long Chen placed the coin on the table in front of that middle-aged man.

    "You must be from a pretty rich family... Alright. Here, take this. " The man smiled as he gave a book to Long Chen.

    "This book contains complete information about this continent, including all the empires and kingdoms. There are maps inside as well which can help you navigate through various regions of this continent. It is made after extensive research by our Jiandie Pavilion. " The man explained to Long Chen.

    "Alright, thanks," Long Chen said to the man as he left the building with Princess Mingyu.

    "Although we didn't find out about the whereabouts of the Esteria Empire, at least we know that it doesn't exist in this continent. We also know where we can get the information when needed" Long Chen said to Princess Mingyu with a smile.

    " Yea,"  Princess Mingyu nodded her head as she looked towards Long Chen.


    Long Chen and Princess Mingyu left the city as they kept advancing towards the core of the Huanji Kingdom which was known as the City of Thunder.

    They passed through the forest and the intermediate cities. Long Chen battled many beasts along the way as he traveled with Princess Mingyu. The princess also joined in some of the battles when Long Chen was faced with a strong Earth Realm beast which he couldn't handle alone.

    They traveled during the day and rested and cultivated during the night. Although Princess Mingyu was kind of wary during the night, as their days passed together, she began trusting him and slept without any worries.


    Their trip took over 10 days as they finally reached the City of Thunder. The city was situated near a tall mountain range which was barren of any greenery.

    "Such Dense clouds. It's just as I had read about this city. A perfect place to train" Long Chen muttered with a smile.

    He made his horse advance towards the main entrance.

    Suddenly a bright light flashed in the sky which looked like lightning falling on the nearby mountain range, the flash of light was soon followed by a  loud thundering sound.

    As soon as the sound came, Princess Mingyu wrapped her arms around Long Chen as she embraced him from behind. Long Chen was stunned as he felt her soft breast sticking to his back tightly.

    "Are you scared of the thunder?" Long Chen asked with a smile as he looked at her.

    " I'm not! " Princess Mingyu replied loudly as she separated herself from Long Chen, but not for long.

    Soon, there was another thunder as Princess Mingyu again embraced Long Chen. Long Chen placed his hand on her soft hands which were placed on his chest. Princess Mingyu felt a current pass through her body as soon as Long Chen touched her hands. Before she could react, Long Chen's soft voice sounded in her ears.

    "It's alright. Just stay like this. I'm here for you" Long Chen said in a concerned tone.

    " Thank you... " She muttered as she rested her head on Long Chen's back.

    " Where are you two coming from?" The guards inquired as soon as Long Chen reached the entrance of the city.

    "We are from the kingdom of  Shui. Here to visit this city" Long Chen said with a smile.

    " The entrance is 10 silver coins for one person. 20 for two" The guard said to Long Chen.

    " Alright" Long Chen smiled as he gave the coins to the guards. They entered inside as soon as the entrance was opened.

    As he entered the city, Princess Mingyu kept hugging him. All the city was covered in the shadow of dense clouds and no sign of sun could be seen.

    Long Chen traveled through the busy streets of the city as he traveled towards his destination. He kept asking for directions from strangers as he traveled.

    "Get out of the way! " Suddenly, a loud voice came. Long Chen looked in that direction and saw a red-haired girl coming towards them at high speed. The people in the way kept escaping to the sides as they cleared the path for the girl and her horse.

    Long Chen looked towards the girl who was followed behind by three young men on horses as they traveled at rapid speed.

    Long Chen decided to pass from the gap in between them instead of stopping. His horse kept charging towards the girl and just as he was about to pass from near her, the girl made a movement.

    "Didn't I tell everyone to get out of the way? What are you doing barging ahead"  A red whip came towards his chest as the girl attacked him.

    Long Chen grabbed the whip before it could strike his chest but he felt a burning sensation in his hand.

    "It wasn't a normal attack, was it? " He muttered as he pulled the whip towards him in an instant. The girl who was still holding the other side of the whip was shocked as she was suddenly pulled. In her shock, she didn't release her grip and was pulled along with the whip and fell on the ground while her horse kept advancing ahead.

    The three guys behind her abruptly stopped their horses as they looked at the girl on the ground.

    They all got down from their horses as they hurriedly ran towards the girl.

    "Princess !! Are you alright?" They all asked with a concerning gaze.

    "I'm fine," The red-haired girl said as she stood up.

    "How dare you attack me! You will regret it! I will have you killed!!!" She gazed at Long Chen and said with a furious expression on her face.

    "Oh, did I attack you? I apologize " Long Chen smiled as he got down from the horse.

    "You think you can just ask for forgiveness after brutally attaching the Princess! You deserve to get your head cut off for such disrespect" One of the three guys behind her said.

    Long Chen started laughing as soon as he heard the man's words. He disappeared from his original spot and appeared right beside the girl.

    "Since I'm already going to get my head cut off, why don't I do a little more disrespect and enjoy my last few moments to the fullest" Long Chen said with a smile as he roamed his fingers on her soft cheeks.

    The girl's face turned red as she punched Long Chen's face with her full strength. Instead of trying to dodge, Long Chen smiled as he easily grabbed her oncoming wrist with his other hand as he pulled the girl into his embrace.

    "You should behave yourself if you want to live a long life" Long Chen softly whispered in her ears before he freed her and went back to his original spot.

    "You bastard!" The guys who were with the girl roared in anger as they all brought out their weapons and ran towards Long Chen.

    Easily doing their attacks, Long Chen immobilized all three of them and made them lie flat on the ground as they groaned in pain.

    "I'm sure you must be from good families and you have sufficient reason to be proud of your cultivation, but you should know that there are mountains beyond mountains" Long Chen smiled as he looked at the guys.

    " And you... They called you princess, so I assume you're the daughter of the ruler of this city. How dare you behave in such an unforgiving manner inside this city and risk the safety of its citizens. Learn from your mistake or I'll make you learn the next time I see you" Long Chen said in a serious tone as he walked back towards his horse.

    "There are mountains beyond mountains...Wise words coming from such a young person. But do you think you can go after hurting them? " An old man arrived near the girl and said with a serious look on his face.

    " Uncle Yao!" The girl exclaimed with a smile as she saw the old man.

    "Little girl, did you again create trouble? I'll handle things from here" The old man said with a gentle smile on his face as he looked towards the girl.

    "You must come with me to his Majesty. We can decide on your punishment there" The old man said as he looked at Long Chen.

    " Earth Realm Cultivator... " Long Chen muttered as he looked at the old man.

    'If I try, I feel like I can handle him' Long Chen thought as he looked at the man with a serious expression on his face.

    "I don't feel like going anywhere with you. I'm in a hurry I'll take my leave" Long Chen said as he turned towards his horse and stepped towards it but he was ready to bring his King's sword out at any moment.

    "As I said, you can't leave," The old man said as he moved from his spot and disappeared from his original spot.
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