166 Chapter 166: Another Law

    "As I said, you can't leave just yet," The old man said as he moved from his spot and disappeared from his original spot.

    Before anyone could realize what happened, they saw the old man flying backward like a broken kite as he crashed on the ground.

    "You should listen to him... We are in a bit of a hurry, so stop wasting our time."

    People saw the girl who was sitting on the horse like a harmless girl was now standing between Long Chen and the old man who was now lying on the ground. A fierce aura was being excluded from her which made people get the feeling of danger as they looked at the seemingly innocent girl.

    "Did... She made Uncle Yao fall down? "The red-haired girl exclaimed as she took a few steps back in shock.

    "You... you are also an Earth Realm Cultivator. That too on a higher level of Earth Realm than me... How is that possible! You are so young... Even the first rank kingdoms don't have such talent. Who are you!! " The old man stood up as he gazed at the girl with a shocked look. He even forgot to wipe his face which was covered with dust from his fall.

    "My identity has nothing to do with you." Princess Mingyu said as she turned back.

    "Since it's all handled, can we go now?" She said with a smile as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Hahaha ..I like your style. And here I was thinking that I was a showoff" Long Chen said with a laugh as he climbed back on the horse. He extended his hand towards Lu Mingyu to help her climb like she wasn't an Earth Realm cultivator,  but a normal girl.

    Princess Mingyu held Long Chen's hands as she climbed back up and sat behind him. Long Chen made the horse move forward and this time no one stopped him. Instead, everyone moved aside to clear a path for them.

    "Who are these two... I can't see either of their cultivation. I am sure the girl has a higher cultivation than me but what about the boy... Is he also as strong? The confidence with which he faced me...I get such a feeling. Where are these monsters from! Are they from... " The old man muttered as he looked towards the departing figure of Long Chen and Mingyu.

    "You looked really badass when you thrashed that old man. Who would dare imagine that such a badass girl would become like a scared little kitten at the sound of thunder" Long Chen let out as he laughed.

    " You...! If you ever brought it up in front of someone, I promise you will regret it " Princess Mingyu said as she looked at Long Chen.

    Long Chen and Princess Mingyu traveled through the city and soon stopped in front of a place. Both of them got off the horse as they entered that place.

    "Hello. My name is Long Chen and this is my best friend. We are looking for a place to rent" Long Chen walked to the store in charge as he asked.

    The in-charge of this place was a girl in her early thirties. She was wearing a beautiful black dress that looked like a gown and covered her legs perfectly, not exposing her skin even the slightest. Her hair was tied to a bun while her glasses rested on her nose. She looked at the young people walking inside the door and looked quite bored.

    'Such bad kids. So young yet looking for a place to stay with their lovers. I'm sure that they must have run away from their home to have a romantic outing... So young yet so shameless... It must be the guy who fooled the girl... He looks so innocent, who would have thought...' She thought but she didn't let her thoughts reflect on her face.

    "Sure. I'll help you. My name is Caihong. What kind of house are you looking for? And how long are you planning to rent the house for?" The Woman asked Long Chen.

    "We don't have many requirements. A house that comes with furniture and two bedrooms and other basic necessities. The plan is to stay here for around two weeks." Long Chen said with a smile.

    "The minimum renting period is of one full month at least, so you'll have to pay full even if you stay two weeks or a single day," The woman said with a smile as she subtly tried to dissuade Long Chen.

    " That's fine. We'll take the place for a month then." Long Chen replied to her.

    "Alright. I'll respect your decision. There are three residences that match your criteria. The first and the second  would cost you ten white gold coins while the third one would cost you five white gold coins." The woman said as she showed Long Chen the painting of all three residences. She intentionally allowed Long Chen three of her most expensive places as she tried to teach Long Chen a lesson about him being too young to have a place of his own.

    "The third one looks way more luxurious and expensive. Why is it so much cheaper?" Long Chen asked the woman in black.

    "There's a story being it. This place used to belong to a Duke, but he vacated it. He kept saying that there was an Evil Ghost inside which almost killed him on many occasions. He put this place in the open market for sale and there were a few buyers, but they all vacated this place as well. Their reasons were similar as some saw spirits while others saw mysterious creatures. That's why this one is so cheap, otherwise, it would have a rent of at least 20 white gold coins for a month." The woman explained to Long Chen.

    "Ghosts? I don't believe in them. Do you?" Long Chen asked Princess Mingyu as he looked back.

    "Me neither. There must be something else going on" Princess Mingyu replied to Long Chen.

    "We are interested in the third mansion. " Long Chen said after thinking for a while.

    "I'm not being sarcastic, but just to be sure. Do you even have that much money?" The woman in black asked Long Chen with a doubtful look on her face.

    Long Chen smiled as he showed the woman five white gold coins in his hand.

    "That's sufficient. Come with me" The woman smiled as she stood up from her seat. Telling her assistant to take care of the place, she left with Long Chen and Princess Mingyu.

    There was a carriage placed in the front. The woman gestured towards the carriage as she looked at Long Chen.

    "Yu'er, Go with Miss Caihong, I'll follow behind on the horse." Long Chen said to Princess Mingyu.

    "Alright." Princess Mingyu said as she entered the carriage with Caihong.


    Long Chen stood in front of a large mansion with Princess Mingyu and Caihong as he gazed at it in amazement. The residence was all white in color but no dirt could be seen on the walls. It looked like it was just constructed with the purest of white marbles.

    "Looks nice from the outside" Long Chen let out as he looked at the mansion.

    " Looks even better from the inside," The woman said as she let Long Chen inside.

    Just as she had described, this mansion looked just as grand from the inside. It had many more than just two bedrooms. There were even a few guest rooms in that place. It was fully furnished with all the things one could need to have a comfortable stay.

    "We'll take it" Long Chen agreed after taking a tour of the mansion. They did all the necessary paperwork and Caihong departed.

    "Did you find something inside this place that you like? " Princess Mingyu asked as she looked at Long Chen.

    "No, why would you say so." Long Chen inquired with an ignorant look on his face.

    "When she was showing us around the house, I noticed that your expressions had suddenly changed. It was as if you had found something you were looking for for a long time. Since that moment, you looked really eager to get this place, even though you hid it well" Princess Mingyu said with a smile.

    "You don't have to make excuses. Don't tell me. I won't pry on your secrets" Princess Mingyu said as she saw a thoughtful expression on Long Chen's face.

    "Thanks" Long Chen smiled as he took a seat.

    "I'm taking that bedroom, you can choose the one you like from the other rooms. I'll go cultivate for a while" Long Chen said as he walked towards a room.

    " Alright. I'll take that room then." Princess Mingyu nodded her head as she walked to a nearby room.


    "Are you serious?... Is there really a law orb inside this place?" Long Chen muttered in a low voice.

    "Yes. There's a Law orb here. I sensed the orb when you were getting a tour of the house. That's why I told you to get this place at any cost. This mansion contains a real law orb made by master. " Xun said as she looked at Long Chen with a serious expression on her face.

    "Which law is it?" Long Chen inquired.

    "I don't know which law it is. All I know is that there is a law orb here." She answered vaguely.

    "There's a thought in my mind. Do you think that the ghost that scared the Duke and the spirits and mysterious creatures might have been the doing of that law orb" Long Chen asked with a thoughtful look on his face.

    " That's possible. If that's the case then this orb might be related to the dao of ghosts. It might even be the law of the soul as well. There are many laws in existence and this orb could be any of them. All you can do now is to get that orb and learn it's law" Xun said to Long Chen with a smile.

    "Where is it inside this house? " Long Chen inquired.

    " I don't know where exactly, but it's in here somewhere. You need to check every place of this residence to know" Xun answered Long Chen.

    Long Chen stood up with a determined expression on his face as he started the search from his own room.

    "Not in this room." Long Chen muttered as he finished the search of his own room. He exited his room and started going through the rooms of the mansion one by one.


    "I looked in every room, even in the kitchen and the bathroom but I didn't see a glimpse of the law orb. The only place still left to search is her room" Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the room that Princess Mingyu chose to stay in.

    He walked towards the room and was just about to knock when he heard strange noises coming from inside.

    "Ahh... Don't... You beast ... Why can't I use my cultivation? Ummm.... don't touch me there... How dare you do it to me... No... don't take it off" Sounds kept coming from the other side of the door.
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