167 Chapter 167: Xuns confession

    "Ahh... Don't... You beast ... Why can't I use my cultivation? Ummm.... don't touch me there... How dare you do it to me... No... don't take it off" Sounds kept coming from the other side of the door.

    With a worried look on his face, Long Chen pushed the door open and entered inside. As soon as he entered the room, what he saw shocked him to his core.

    "This..." He let out with his eyes wide open as he looked at Princess Mingyu.

    Princess Mingyu was lying on the bed as she struggled her body. Her clothes were torn off at places which exposed her some of her snow-white skin in front of Long Chen but thankfully her clothes were soon intact at the important places.

    "You beast !!! I swear I will kill you when I recover my cultivation." She roared loudly as she struggled.

    "Aaaa, not my remaining clothes!!! Don't take them off... please let me go" She said as she resisted but the strange thing was that there was no one there.

    She looked like she was stopping someone's hand from tearing off her clothes as she struggled.

    "I understand what it is now! It's the law of illusions!!! " Xun's excited voice sounded in Long Chen's ears which attracted his attention, though he didn't take off her eyes from the scene ahead.

    "Long Chen you bastard! I never knew you were such a person!" Princess Mingyu roared loudly.

    Long Chen was stunned as he heard her call his name. Though he still didn't take his eyes off of her. It looked like he was using his eyes to remember every minor detail of Princess Mingyu and her perfectly sculpted body.

    "So she is having an illusion that I am attacking her? Do I look like such a person? " Long Chen inquired with a wry smile on his face.

    "The way you are looking at her right now...I would say that you really do" Xun laughed as she said to Long Chen as she laughed.

    "Anyways...I remember that you told me about the classification of laws. What level is the law of illusion in that spectrum?" Long Chen asked Xun.

    " It's an intermediate rank special law. Two ranks below your first law that is the supreme rank special law, law of space and one rank below Tian Shen's first law which was a high-rank special law, law of slaughter."Xun said to Long Chen.

    " So... It's a pretty decent one" Long Chen smiled.

    " It's pretty versatile and useful law if you know how to use it properly" Xun replied as she looked towards Long Chen but she noticed that his little Chen was starting to stand high as Long Chen gazed at Princess Mingyu's movements.

    "Geez. Even when you're in such a serious conversation, you can't control yourself. Go and get that orb. Put that in the storage ring. You can use that to learn the law of illusion later" Xun let out as she facepalmed herself.

    Long Chen after much effort, took his eyes off of Mingyu as he began looking inside the room. He soon found a beautiful white orb placed on a shelf like a decorations item.

    Long Chen began walking towards the orb.

    "Long Chen!" He reached near the orb when he heard Xun's voice coming from behind.

    He stopped on his tracks as he turned around. He saw Xun walking towards him with small steps and soon, she stood in front of him.

    "There is something that I wanted to tell you for a long time," She said to Long Chen as she lowered her head.

    "What is it?" Long Chen asked back as he grew confused.

    Xun walked closer to Long Chen as the distance between them decreased to a meager one inch.

    Xun gazed in Long Chen's eyes with a serious look on her face. Long Chen couldn't help but worry about the thing that made Xun look so serious.

    He was about to ask her when suddenly Xun tiptoed as she closed the distance between them. Her lips met Long Chen's lips. Long Chen felt like his whole world started rotating as he got a taste of her lips. He wanted to keep sucking on those sweet lips till eternity but it didn't last for long. Xun separated her lips from Long Chen's lips as she looked in his eyes.

    "I love you, Long Chen," She said to him as her face turned slightly crimson.

    "You... love me?" Long Chen asked back with a stunned look on his face.

    "Yes...I want you to be mine...I have always wanted to be mine but I wasn't brave enough. I gathered all my courage just to confess my love to you. Right now, I have the strength I needed to make my love known." Xun said as she lowered her head.

    "Because of the orb's mysterious effects, we can touch now. I want to use this opportunity to make myself yours completely* Xun said in a soft voice as she looked in his eyes.

    She moved her small delicate hands as she took off her clothes and revealed herself completely in front of Long Chen.

    Her small breasts were not as big as Princess Mingyu's large chest but they looked perfect the way they were. Long Chen couldn't help but gaze at her peaks for an extended period of time.

    Soon, Xun's petite body fell into Long Chen's embrace. Long Chen began kissing her madly as he sucked on her lips. His hand rested on her ass while his tongue played with hers.

    Long Chen separated himself from her embrace as he hurriedly took off her clothes. He was just about to take off his pants when he stopped.

    "Something is not right..." Long Chen muttered as he looked towards Xun and then towards the orb.

    "It must be an illusion...Xun would never act like this. Also, how can the law of illusion allow me to touch Xun? It can only make people see illusions, but can't make things come to exist in reality" Long Chen muttered to himself as he extended his hands towards the orb.

    " Why... Don't you like me? Don't you want to be with me? " Xun asked as she looked at Long Chen with a little tear in her eyes.

    "I like the real one..." Long Chen said with a smile as he placed the orb in his ancient storage ring.

    He turned back and just as he had expected. Xun wasn't there. She was standing on her original spot as she looked at Long Chen with a weird expression on her face.

    "Why were you getting your tongue out of your mouth like a dog? Did you fall into the illusion at well? Who was the girl that you dreamt about? " Xun asked as she chuckled.

    "Yea, I fell for the illusion but I overcame it. As for the girl, let's keep it a secret for now" Long Chen said with a smile.

    " Please don't..."Princess Mingyu kept moaning but suddenly her voice stopped. Long Chen who was molesting her had disappeared from her embrace like an illusion. She looked around with a confused expression and soon saw Long Chen standing far away without his shirt, but thankfully he was still wearing his pants unlike the one in her illusion.

    "That illusion must have been a pretty strong one. Don't worry, I destroyed the evil spirit that was creating all this mischief" Long Chen said with a smile as he looked at her.

    Princess Mingyu was about to say something when a scream escaped from her mouth. She had suddenly realized that her clothes were torn off at places. She hurriedly covered her body with the nearby blanket.

    "I've already seen plenty"  Long Chen smiled as he muttered but he realized that he had said something wrong. He hurriedly left the room before Mingyu could understand his words.

    "You bastard!!!" Voice of Mingyu resounded in his ears as soon as he left the room. He hurriedly went back to his own room.

    "The timing of finding this orb is just right. If your heart demon wasn't going through its evolution process, you would definitely have lost yourself in the illusions" Xun muttered as she sat on the bed.

    " That's right... I should learn this law fast " Long Chen said to Xun.

    He brought out a letter and began writing on it.

    "Yu, I'm going on a closed for cultivation and won't come out for quite some time. If needed, extend the renting period of this mansion. You'll find the money on top of this paper. You can use the extra for purchasing things that you want." Long Chen wrote in a letter.

    He went outside his room and placed the letter in front of Xun's door. He also placed Twenty white gold coins on top of the paper before he went back to his own room.

    "You know how to do it right? Do just as you did before with the Orb of space law" Xun advised him.

    " I know" Long Chen smiled as he brought out the law of illusion orb.

    He placed the orb in front of him. With a serious look on his face, he placed both his hands on top of the illusion orb.

    As soon as he touched the orb, Long Chen felt like he disappeared from his original spot inside the room and appeared in a different city.
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