169 Chapter 169: Against Tian Shen

    "Oh, Shi* ." Long Chen cursed his luck as he looked ahead.

    Long Chen saw a 16-17-year-old boy standing in front of him. The boy was wearing worn-out clothes that were covered in blood. His eyes were pitch black which stared at Long Chen without an ounce of emotion in them.

    "Tian Shen... That too the version which was under the effect of that strange pill that he ate... " Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face as he looked at the boy standing in front of him. The boy looked to be in a similar condition as Long Chen had seen him inside that dream. He was wearing the same clothes and looked just as skinny.

    "If I'm not wrong, you must be the illusion of Tian Shen from my dream. Just when he had just found the ring. As far as I could guess, you had no cultivation at that time but you used that strange pill to increase your strength temporarily even after knowing the side effects, just to kill all those people you wanted to kill." Long Chen let out as he looked at Tian Shen but Tian Shen didn't reply.

    "It's gonna be a tough one" Long Chen muttered as he moved. He disappeared from his spot.

    He appeared behind Tian Shen but just as Long Chen was about to strike him, Tian Shen disappeared from his spot as well.

    Before Long Chen could even react, Tian Shen appeared behind him as he punched him. Long Chen flew ahead as he crashed twenty Meters away.

    "That hurt.." Long Chen said in a serious tone as he stood up and looked at Tian Shen.

    Long Chen again moved towards Tian Shen as he punched towards his face. He utilized his Demon Monarch Physique to its fullest potential as he attacked Tian Shen.

    Tian Shen reacted to Long Chen's attack as he punched back. Their fists collided.

    While Long Chen was forced ten steps backward. Tian Shen was forced back by only five steps after their initial collision. Instead of stopping, Long Chen kept attacking Tian Shen as they kept attacking each other. They were using only their physical strength for this fight.

    "You don't have Cultivation knowledge and skills as you gained temporary strength through that pill. Since that's the case, even if you are stronger than me physically, I can defeat you!!! " Long Chen let out loudly as he brought out his king's sword.

    A fierce aura spread in the atmosphere as soon as the sword came out. Long Chen looked at Tian Shen with a determined look on his face as he got ready to attack.

    Against Long Chen's expectation, another aura began spreading in the atmosphere. This new aura clashed with the aura of the King's sword and wasn't losing in the slightest.

    Long Chen saw a pitch-black sword in Tian Shen's hand which was excluding this aura. It was the sword that Tian Shen had just taken out from his storage ring and now he firmly held it in his right hand.

    "His inheritance came with a sword as well? Why do I feel that his inheritance is way more awesome than my inheritance? All I got was an egg that refuses to hatch" Long Chen muttered with a wry smile as he looked at Tian Shen's sword.

    "Whatever, you can have all you want and I will still defeat you" Long Chen let out loudly as he attacked Tian Shen. Their swords kept colliding for nearly twenty minutes with no apparent winner. Although Long Chen was skillful in his swordsmanship, Tian Shen had the raw strength in his arsenal. There was no clear winner as the fight continued.

    Long Chen suddenly created distance between him and Tian Shen as he got into a stance.

    "Seven Forms of Sword saint: Fourth form- Desolation! " Long Chen let out loudly as he swung his sword. A bright arc of light moved towards Tian Shen while a powerful wave of air following it.

    The attack looked like it could destroy anything standing in its path whether it be nature or man. Everywhere this arc of light passed through was left with nothing but desolation.

    Tian Shen stood tall in front of the attack as he looked at it without a change in expression. He picked his sword high up in the air as he swung it down with full force and cut towards the arc of light that had reached near him.

    The light was cut in two parts as it passed through both sides of Tian Shen but it still wasn't enough to protect him as he realized that there were deep sword wounds on both his arms which had now started bleeding.

    There was no change in Tian Shen's expressions even as he bled. It was like he couldn't feel the pain in the slightest as he kept fighting back.

    "His speed and strength are both at a completely different level than mine but how come the effects of that pill isn't over by now. In that dream, the effects were over pretty soon... but so far, it's been hours but I see no signs of the effect wearing off..."Long they let out with frustration in his voice.

    "This is the place to learn the law of Illusion... this whole world is an illusion with no rules to govern the natural restrictions..." Long Chen muttered with a thoughtful expression as he felt like he received an idea. He created some distance between him and Tian Shen as he finally got a chance to breathe.

    "What can I do to use this lack of restriction in my favor... I'm here to learn this law... To learn it, I need to use it to my advantage, only then can I master it. The illusions... How can I use it?" Long said with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Illusions can make anything reality. The laws don't exist for them as anything is possible... and this whole world is as such...an orderless creation. "  Long Chen said with a determined voice as he stood tall.

    "Heaven's Shroud! "Long Chen roared loudly as he activated his martial skill. Although this skill only increased the aura and cultivation level of a cultivator to a higher realm, it didn't actually increase their actual power even by a little compared to their original level. In a simpler term, it could be said that this skill was only making them look like a stronger Cultivator but didn't contribute even a little bit to their strength.

    "If there's no order in this world, then I'll use it to my advantage! I am a 9th strange Earth Realm cultivator! Nothing can change that in this world" Long Chen let out as his heaven's Shroud activated. His aura increased explosively as it reached the level of a 9th stage Earth Realm cultivator.

    "I might be cheating to defeat you but I think that's the whole thing about this law. It's cheating and changing the reality to your desires. It is to create a world in which you're the god even though that world is not real! I will be that person! " Long Chen let out as he attacked Tian Shen with his sword.

    Their swords again collided, but this time, the effects were different. Instead of being an equal fight, this collision made it seem like Long Chen was the clear winner as Tian Shen was thrown back. Tian Shen crashed on the ground and twenty meters away from Long Chen.

    "Seven Forms of Saint Sword: Fifth form- Chaos!!".

    Long Chen got into his sword stance as he attacked Tian Shen with the strongest skill he had learned.

    A blinding flash of light moved towards Tian Shen who was still lying on the ground. Long Chen's attack looked like it was on a journey to destroy all creation as it moved towards Tian Shen.

    Long Chen had used this same attack against his grandfather in this illusory world but this time it looked like the strength of this attack was many times more than the last time.

    Using this illusory world and the little bit of entitlement he had gained about the illusions and the lack of the rules that they must follow, Long Chen modified the effects of his heaven's Shroud so that he was actually a Peak Earth Realm Cultivator in this world.

    His attack was amplified by his sudden jump in cultivation from the 9th Stage Gold Core Realm to the 9th Stage Earth Realm.

    Tian Shen had stood up by this time and he again swung his sword as he struck back. His sword collided with Long Chen's attack but unlike previous times, the effects were completely opposite. As soon as the blinding flash of light disappeared, Long Chen noticed that Tian Shen had disappeared from his spot along with it.

    The only thing still remaining was his pitch-black sword was left behind.

    Long Chen sat on the ground with a dead tired look on his face as soon as he was sure of his victory.

    He was breathing heavily as this battle had completely exhausted him.

    "What now..." Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the sky.

    He turned his gaze downwards as he noticed something strange. Tian Shen's sword that was left behind had started shining. The shape of the sword started changing as well. Soon it was transformed into a scroll.

    Long Chen stood up as he slowly walked towards the scroll and picked it up. He opened it and saw words written inside.
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