172 Chapter 172: Ling

    "Isn't that the same girl that you molested when we had just entered the city? Looks like you are in luck" Princess Mingyu let out as she glanced at Long Chen with an amused look on her face while Long Chen had an annoyed look on his face.

    Long Chen looked in the direction she was staring at and saw the red-haired girl he had faced when he had just entered the city. The girl was sitting on one of the tables. She was accompanied by the same old man whom Princess Mingyu had beaten. There was one more person on the table.

    A girl who looked to be in her early twenties was sitting with the red-haired girl. Her hair was deep black which was a bit short on the length and they barely came down to her neck. Although she was a girl, She had short hair but it didn't look awkward, it made her look charming in her own way as she looked unique compared to the other girls Long Chen had seen.

    She had black eyes and porcelain-like skin that was being highlighted even further because of the black dress she was wearing.

    Her bountiful breasts were full of themselves as they filled the top of her dress and made the dress stuck tightly to them.

    "I didn't molest her... I only teased her a little to scare her a bit and to teach her a lesson. You know it." Long Chen reacted to Princess Mingyu with a wry smile on his face.

    "Let's go to that table, I feel like it would be interesting to be near them. " Princess Mingyu let out with a smile as she held Long Chen's hands and moved towards the table which was nearest to those people.

    "You?" The red-haired girl stood up shocked as soon as she saw Long Chen coming towards them. Her reaction shocked the people present in that room.

    "Don't worry, I won't eat you up" Long Chen said to her with a smile as he passed by her and said on the nearby table.

    "Sit down, Maia. Don't lose your composure" The woman who was sitting with her said in her soft voice. The red-haired girl known as Maia sat down on her seat silently.

    "Are they...? " The black-haired woman inquired.

    " Yes, Aunt Zhiqing ... He is the boy who attacked me and that's the girl who beat up Uncle Yao! They're the ones father is looking for! " Princess Maia said in a low voice as she looked towards the black-haired girl.

    "Of Course my brother would look for them. They are so strong at such a young age, they must be the heirs of some strong clan or the disciples from a strong sect and even if they aren't affiliated with any strong association, We can try adding them to our own. Either way, It would be good for the Royal Clan if we got to be close to them." The woman known as Zhiqing said with a knowing smile.

    "My brother might even try to get you married to him. You might be in luck if that happens, he's quite a good looking kid" Zhiqing chuckled as she teased Maia.

    " Hmph... I would never be with a guy who doesn't know how to treat a woman" Maia said with an annoyed look on her face.

    "I'd learn to treat you better when we're married" Long Chen interrupted their conversation as he chuckled after hearing her words.

    "Why don't you guys sit here with us." Maia was about to say something when her aunt interrupted her as she started talking to Long Chen. She ordered the waiter as two chairs were placed between her and Maia

    "Sure.." Long Chen smiled as he stood up and walked to their table. Mingyu followed him. While Long Chen sat on the seat closest to the women in black known as Zhiqing, Mingyu sat right beside him and between Long Chen and Maia.

    "Let us introduce ourselves first. I am known as Su Zhiqing and this girl here is my niece and the Princess of this kingdom, Maia. You two have already met though. And he is our general, Yao. "Zhiqing said as she looked towards Long Chen.

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Long Chen and this here is my friend Mingyu." Long Chen replied with a smile.

    " You two aren't native of this country. May I ask what you're here for? " Zhiqing inquired as she looked at Long Chen.

    "I came here for a person. I had heard that the Princess of Huanji Kingdom is a real beauty, so I came here to see her. And I must say, she is even prettier than I had initially assumed" Long Chen said with a smile.

    " You're so young, but I must say that you do know how to talk," Zhiqing said with a smile.

    " Hmph, All he knows is how to talk.No matter how much he likes me, I will never like him. " Maia interrupted their conversation with a proud expression on her face.

    "You don't have to take her words seriously. If you really like her, I believe she will soon fall for you. " Zhiqing said with a smile as she looked at Long Chen.

    " Why would I want her to fall for me? She can do whatever she wants. The girl I was talking about is you. "  Long Chen let out with a chuckle.

    " The Senior Princess of this kingdom and Youngest Sister of the King, Su Zhiqing. Also known as the most beautiful girl of this kingdom. It's nice to actually meet you. "Long Chen said with a laugh.

    Both Zhiqing and Maia looked at Long Chen with a stunned expression as their mouths opened wide. Even the man sitting beside them was gobsmacked as he looked around as if he was dreaming

    "Aren't you too young for me?" Zhiqing finally asked after a long time.

    "I don't think so. Don't you know? I'm a 700-year-old man who has retained his looks through the use of Alchemy. That's why I look so young" Long Chen smiled as he teased the girl.

    "What's your Cultivation then? " Zhiqing asked as if not believing him.

    "I don't think you have even heard of that Realm. Nor do I feel like telling you." Long Chen talked back as he smiled. Mingyu looked at him with an amused look on her face.

    Long Chen was about to talk further when three people entered the hotel. Their strong aura attracted everyone's attention as people started looking at them. They were all wearing red robes with a symbol on their robes which looked like two swords were colliding. Their group of three contained two girls and a boy.

    The boy looked to be the oldest amongst them and looked to be around 21-22 years old in age while the youngest girl looked to be 16-17 years old. The third person was a girl who looked to be 18-19 years old.

    Their group of three sat down on the same table that Long Chen and Mingyu had just vacated to sit with Zhiqing which resulted in them seating near Long Chen.

    'Their clothes...' Long Chen thought as he looked at their clothes. He had read most of the book that he brought from Jiandie Pavilion about the information of this continent thus he knew what the symbol on the clothes of those three signified.

    "They're from a sect of the North Moon Empire..." Long Chen brought his lips closer to Mingyu's as he whispered softly.

    "The boy is a 3rd stage Earth Realm Cultivator... And the girl with him is the 1st stage Earth Realm Cultivator. The youngest is at the 5th stage of the gold core realm" Long Chen informed her again.

    Although the three were sitting on the nearest table to Long Chen, they couldn't hear his whispers. Even the people sitting on the same table as he wondered what Long Chen was saying to Mingyu with such a serious expression on his face.

    "This time's mission is really critical for us! We must get what we're looking for..." The boy in the red robe said in a low voice as he looked at the girls with a serious expression.

    "Don't worry senior brother Ruan, we will definitely get it." The youngest girl said with a gentle smile.

    " I believe your words, Junior Sister Ling. I have faith in our combined abilities. We even have Junior Sister Meng with us for help." The man said as he nodded in agreement.

    Although they were talking softly as well, Long Chen through his heightened senses was able to hear their words clearly.

    'Ling... from an Empire... What are the chances of her being the same girl? 'Long Chen wondered as he glanced at Ling.

    "What are you looking at? Do you want to die?" The red-robed man known as Senior brother Ruan let out loudly as he noticed Long Chen looking at Ling.
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