176 Chapter 176: The Egg Hatches

    Soon, the shell of the egg was turned to pieces as Long Chen finally saw what was inside.

    A tiny little creature stood in front of Long Chen on its four legs. This beast looked like a cat but there were a few differences. It had a tail that split into two tails at the center.  While one of its tail was flaming red, the other one was cold blue. Its eyes were of different colors as well. While it's left eye was red, the other eye was blue.

    Its body was covered in snow-white fur which was covered by some strange ancient characters which made it look uniquely charming. There was a silver crescent moon symbol on its forehead which was shining like a real Moon.

    "A cat?" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he looked at the small little creature. The cat walked towards Long Chen as it snuggled its head on Long Chen's hands.

    "No matter how weak you are, I must say that you are quite cute"Long Chen couldn't help but smile as he saw the cat cozying up to him. He picked it up in his arms as he looked in its eyes.

    "Xun, what is this cat?" Long Chen asked as he looked towards Xun who was standing beside him with a frown on her face.

    "I'm not sure..." Xun answered back.

    " You don't know?"  Long Chen let out as he looked at Xun.

    "From the looks of it, I think that it should be an Ethereal Moon Cat...but" Xun let out as she looked towards the cat.

    " But what? " Long Chen asked with a curious look on his face.

    "But there are some unknowns that are making me doubt it. The Ethereal Moon Cat looks just like the creature in front of you as it also has a tail split on two. It also has snow-white fur and a silver crescent moon symbol on its forehead but... that's where things start getting different. The eyes of Ethereal Moon Cat are supposed to be black and so are its tails but the eyes of the cat in your hand are blue and red and so is the color of its tails... " Xun explained to Long Chen.

    "Maybe it's a unique breed of Ethereal Moon Cat." Long Chen let out with a smile as he played with the cat in his hand.

    "There's one more difference. Unlike this cat, there are no patterns on the body of Ethereal Moon Cat.. and more important.... they don't come out from eggs...  That's what makes it so strange... It's like the Ethereal Moon Cat but it can't be... how is this possible..." Xun let out with a thoughtful look on her face.

    "Looks like I was wrong... you are indeed quite special..." Long Chen let out with a smile as he looked at the cat.

    "Does Ethereal Moon cats have any specialty or powers? " Long Chen inquired as he glanced at Xun with expectation.

    "They have some unique tricks of their own. Although they aren't good at offense or defense, their main specialty is their stealth. An Ethereal Moon Cat has the ability to go invisible and it would be almost impossible to find them. All traces of their being would disappear along with them." Xun Said to Long Chen.

    "So it's good at hiding... Not what I was expecting but It's quite fine... I quite like this little one " Long Chen smiled as he gazed into the eyes of the cat.


    In a faraway place, there existed a land covered in clouds. There was no sun in the sky nor the moon. The only thing that was visible in the sky were 9 bright stars. Each of these stars looked to be of similar size but had a unique shape of their own. These 9 stars could be seen on a similar level as none could be seen in a higher position than the other.

    There was a large throne on this land. A large bearded man was sitting on the throne with his eyes closed as he looked like he was in a deep slumber. The man looked similar in size to a human from a distance but, when seen from closer, one would realize that the man was over seven meters tall. Although he was a giant, his body structure and face looked just like a human. He had deep black eyes like the abyss.

    He was less like a human and more like a Giant. As he was still in his position, he felt something. The gravity of this land, the wind, the feeling... Everything was different as suddenly a different kind of pressure appeared in the atmosphere.

    The man opened his eyes with a grave look on his face. He looked towards the sky and kept gazing at it as his expressions kept varying.

    The Man could see that the sky, which had stayed still with 9 stars for millions of years, had one more star now. Instead of 9 stars, there were now 10 stars in the sky. Although the appearance of the tenth start shocked the man, what shocked him, even more, was the position of the star.

    While the 9 stars were on a similar level, the tenth star looked to be much higher. The tenth star was even bigger and brighter when compared with the other 9 stars.

    "For millions of years, there had been only 9 stars representing the 9 God Beasts and for there to appear another one? What is happening? Its position is even higher than the God beasts... how is this possible? " The man muttered with a grave look on his face as he looked towards the sky.

    "I must know who this star represents! " The man let out as he closed his eyes again but this time he looked much more serious.

    "All-Seeing Eyes of the Heavenly Guardian!!!" The man let out as he suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes which were pitch black precisely now looked completely golden.

    He gazed towards the tenth star as he focused. I'm less than a second, his expression changed as it looked like he was struggling. His eyes Began bleeding but he still kept trying to uncover the mystery behind the tenth star.

    The man finally closed his eyes after just 5 seconds as he looked visibly aged. There were tears of blood in his face.

    "For the second time in the history of my existence, am I unable to see what I desired...This world is soon going to change..." The man let out as he closed his eyes again.


    As Long Chen was asking Xun about the specialty of Ethereal Moon Cat when the cat in Long Chen's hand suddenly raised its head as it gazed towards the sky as it looked confused.

    "Well... At least now the suspense is over. Little guy, you made me wait for a really long time." Long Chen said as he looked at the Cat.

    The cat turned its attention back to Long Chen as it looked at him with an affectionate gaze.

    "I've achieved all I wanted to on this trip... Time to go back." Long Chen let out with a smile as he stood up.

    "Are you missing your Yu'er? " Xun chuckled as she looked at Long Chen.

    "I might be. Are you jealous? " Long Chen let out with a laugh as he faced Xun.

    " What will you tell her about this new partner of yours?" Xun asked Long Chen with a smile.

    " This little guy is someone I saved on this trip to the mountains." Long Chen answered back.

    " That reminds me... It's his first day in this world. It needs a name..."Long Chen let out with a smile.

    " You are technically his father. Give him a name..." Xun said with a smile.

    " I think I'm quite bad at naming..." Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    "I think you will do just fine" Xun comforted Long Chen.

    " Alright... Since it's so white, just like the purest of snow. I'll call him Snow." Long Chen said as he gazed at the cat.

    The cat looked like it didn't understand a single word as it gazed at Long Chen innocently.

    Long Chen began walking down the mountain as he held the cat in his arms like a baby. He kept talking to it as if it was a real human who could understand him.

    After a long trip, Long Chen finally saw the entry of the City of Thunder. He walked through the streets as he looked around and people still gazed at him with curiosity. It was as if they didn't forget the rumors about him.

    Long Chen reached the front of his mansion but he was stunned as he saw someone standing in front of his doors. It was a girl but not the one he had expected to come to his doors so soon.

    Long Chen looked at the girl and began walking towards her.
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