179 Chapter 179: Bad Deeds of Long Chen

    "Senior Brother Ruan! We are here to ask them to join us... not to fight them." Mingyu let out loudly as she looked at Ruan. Ruan stopped exerting force and soon enough, Long Chen freed his hand.

    "I apologize for that. It was just that we were knocking for a long time and there was no response, so senior brother Ruan got a little impatient." Meng said as she bowed her head lightly.

    "Sometimes impatience can get a person killed," Long Chen said to Ruan as he looked at him with a smile.

    " Same goes for overconfidence." Ruan talked back with an annoyed look on his face.

    " Hah, right. Anyways, what are you three here for? Wouldn't Meng had been enough to hear our answers?" Long Chen inquired worth a curious look on his face.

    "I brought them with me so that we could straight away go to that tomb without much time waste," Meng replied to Long Chen.

    " How did you know that I will agree to your request?" Long Chen asked with an interested look on his face.

    " I just had a feeling. So get ready fast... we will leave now" Meng said to Long Chen.

    " We are ready. Just wait a minute... I'll be right back" Long Chen said as he hurriedly walked towards his bedroom. He picked up little snow who was still sleeping as he walked back. He came out of the house while Mingyu followed him and locked the door.

    "So you're bringing your pet? Do you think we are going on vacation?" Ruan let out in a condescending tone.

    " It is coming with me. I can't leave this little guy alone." Long Chen said as he smiled.

    "Anyways, Can you guys show me the Map?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Ah...yeah... alright,"  Meng said with somewhat of a hesitant look. She brought out the map and gave it to Long Chen. Long Chen gazed at the map carefully as he tried to study it.

    "It is indeed quite old." Long Chen muttered with a serious look on his face as he gave back the map.

    "Didn't you say that the kingdom is suspicious of you? All of us leaving together... won't it attract further attention? " Long Chen inquired as he gazed at Meng.

    " We already have four people on our team and soon we will be inside that tomb. Before they could do anything, we will be out with all the treasures." Mingyu said with a smile.

    "Alright. By the way... do you guys have a travel beast or are we to walk all the way?" Long Chen asked her.

    " We won't walk there... we will fly

    " Meng said as a mysterious smile appeared on her face. She whistled loudly and soon enough Long Chen could feel a large gust of wind above him. He looked upwards and saw three flying beasts above their head.

    "Soaring Lunar Eagle..." Long Chen muttered as he recognized the beasts. All three of those beasts were in the Spirit Establishment Realm. They looked like eagles from Earth but their size was much larger. Their wingspan itself was over five meters long.

    "Those are our personal travel beasts that we received from the sect. They can carry two people with ease. " Ruan said with a proud look on his face.

    "They are quite good." Long Chen said but he did not look even a little bit impressed.

    "They are good for travel but quite weak... Nothing like the strong-flying beasts we have back home. I guess their Empire is indeed behind on the strength. "Mingyu let out as she looked at Long Chen without minding others.

    "You...!" Ruan fumed with anger but before he could say anything someone else chimed in.

    "Weaker than your Empire? Are you really serious or just bragging?! You can't even name your Empire. Why don't you tell us which Empire claims to be stronger than the North Moon Empire in this continent? I know there are some stronger ones but they are quite far... I don't believe that you people came from there, as you would have named your Empire if you weren't ashamed" Ling commented as she looked at Mingyu with an upset look on her face.

    "I apologize if I offended you... I just said the truth but don't mind my words. There's nothing to feel sad about... Your Empire is still Stronger than most. " Mingyu said as she looked at Ling in a comforting manner.

    " Hmmph... Whatever" Ling looked the other way as she ignored Mingyu.

    "Let's go... we are getting late," Meng said as she tried to divert everyone's attention. Their group of three called for the Soaring Lunar Eagle to come down, which they did as they stood in front of their owners.

    "Master Chen can sit with Senior Brother Ruan while I can sit with Miss Mingyu. How is my suggestion? " Meng suggested as she looked towards Long Chen.

    "I'm not sitting with him! " Long Chen and Ruan both said at the same time as they rejected her suggestion.

    "Then how about Master Chen sit with me and Miss Mingyu can sit with Junior Sister Ling. ' Meng suggested again.

    "Senior Sister Meng... I don't want to sit with her." Ling immediately rejected the suggestion as she told Meng.

    " Ohh Junior Sister Ling, There's no reason to be so petty. Alright, Miss Mingyu can sit with me and Master Chen can sit with Junior Sister Ling. Now, who has a problem with this suggestion?" Meng said with a wry smile on her face.

    " Alright... Let's go" Meng beamed a smile as she finally breathed in relief after seeing everyone agree.

    She climbed on the back of her Soaring Lunar Eagle and Mingyu sat behind her while Long Chen sat behind Ling on her Soaring Lunar Eagle. Ruan was the only one sitting alone on his Eagle.

    They soon took to air as they began their journey towards the Mountain range.

    "At this speed, we will get there in less than half an hour" Long Chen muttered as he saw the flying speed of the eagle.

    "Yea, We will get there in around twenty minutes," Ling replied to him as she enjoyed the breath of fresh air on her face.

    "Oh, by the way, can I ask you something? " Long Chen let out as if he thought about something.

    " Yes. As long as it's not a secret that I can't say." Ling replied in a casual tone.

    " Your senior brother Ruan... He is the strongest one in your group, then why does it look like Meng is the leader? " Long Chen asked her with a curious look on his face.

    " Oh... That's because Senior Sister Meng has a higher position than Senior Brother Ruan. Although Senior Brother Ruan is stronger and gave a good background, Senior Sister Meng has a way stronger and intimidating background. Also, her talent is said to be above Senior Brother Ruan's as well." Ling replied to Long Chen.

    " Which one do you like more? Senior Brother Ruan or your Senior Sister Meng? " Long Chen casually asked with a smile.

    "Of Course it's Senior Sister Meng. She is like my real sister. She helped me a lot throughout my life. She also gave me the courage to go against my father's wishes and break off my engagement. She even came with me all the way to support me " Ling said as a smile appeared on her face.

    " It was good that she did that. As if she didn't, I most probably would have succumbed to my father's wishes and gotten married to that guy. Do you know? Only when I went to the place where he lives, did I discover that the guy was even worse than I had imagined. I don't know what my father was thinking when he got me engaged." Ling said to Long Chen with an annoyed look on her face.

    "Worse than you expected? How?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face.

    "He lives in a small second rank kingdom. When I went there, I talked to some people to find his address and some information about him, and what I found out stunned me. I have expected that he was a small genius in a small kingdom. Although he couldn't be at my level, he would still be better than trash, but I was wrong. Turns out that the guy was worse than trash. He was a kid who went crazy and as for his cultivation... from what I heard, he was still in Body Refining realm. "Ling let out casually.

    " Really? I don't think that's enough to call him worse than a trash" Long Chen let out a wry smile on his face.

    "There's more! Do you know how he went crazy? " She asked Long Chen as he turned back to look at him.

    " How?" Long Chen asked with a smile.

    "I heard that when he was young, he was a big pervert who always molested the girls of their city just because he had a stronger background! One day, he molested a girl who had just come to the city. What he didn't know was that the girl was the heir of a strong family from the First Rank Kingdom. The girl's family got involved and beat him till he was almost dead. Only because his mother groveled in front of them did they leave him barely breathing. Although he recovered, later on, he went crazy." Ling explained to Long Chen.

    "What the heck? Who told you that?" Long Chen couldn't help but exclaim with an impossible look on his face.

    "Unbelievable right? How can such an evil guy exist? At least he got the punishment he deserved! Now he can't hurt any girl." Mingyu said as she smiled.

    " I can understand your decision in that case" Long Chen said as he recovered his expressions.

    "So his bad deeds were famous throughout the city?" Long Chen asked again.

    " I believe so! If even his family member told me this much, just think how worse would he actually be in reality." Ling replied to Long Chen.

    " His family member? Who?" Long Chen let out with a confused look on his face.
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