180 Chapter 180: Such Enmity

    " I believe so! If even his family member told me this much, just think how worse would he actually be in reality." Ling replied to Long Chen.

    " His family member? Who?" Long Chen let out with a confused look on his face. He couldn't understand who would lie about him in such a way.

    "His... Wait a minute... Why are we talking about him! He's out of my life for good. There's no need to talk about him anymore" Ling let out abruptly.

    "Sorry, I was just curious. I'll change the topic. Who actually found this map amongst you three? " Long Chen asked her as he unwillingly changed the topic. He decided to ask her about this later.

    " It was Senior Brother Ruan who found the Map. He was also the one who found the page with it. He found it when he went out on a mission. He came back and informed me and Senior Sister Meng about the map." Ling told Long Chen.

    "A page? What was on that page? " Long Chen asked her with a curious look on her face.

    "Senior Brother Ruan and I couldn't understand the words at all as all the characters were pretty ancient and incomprehensible, but thankfully Senior Sister Meng had studied some of the Ancient languages, thus she was able to understand read the letter," Ling said as if she was telling a story.

    "What did she tell you about that letter?" Long Chen asked with great interest.

    "Well... Since you've been told about the tomb and this mission by Senior Sister Meng, I feel like there shouldn't be any problem with telling you. She said that the letter was most probably written by the enemy of the cultivator whom this tomb belonged to. He had an enmity with the owner of the tomb and chased him throughout his life. By the time he located the person, he found out that he was already dead. He wanted to hurt that person even after his death but he couldn't downgrade himself to invade someone's tomb. Thus he made this map which pointed to the tomb and wrote the letter in which he described the reason he made the map and the details about the cultivator and his treasures. He hoped that the future generations will invade the tomb of his enemy to get his treasures. " Ling said to Long Chen as she tried to imagine the scene where the person wrote this letter.

    "Wow... such hate that it can't be quenched even after a person's death..." Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

    "That person must have done something really bad to warrant such hate," Ling said with a thoughtful look.

    "Not necessarily. We can't know what happened between them..." Long Chen said in a soft voice as he looked towards the sky.

    As Long Chen and Ling were talking, Meng and Mingyu were having a chat amongst themselves.

    "Your boyfriend looks really interested in Ling" Meng chuckled as she glanced at Long Chen.

    "It's his choice whatever he wants to do. I won't interfere in his decisions" Mingyu said as she smiled.

    " Interesting. Anyways, how did you guys meet? " Meng asked as she glanced at Mingyu with a smile.

    " He saved my life on our first meeting," Mingyu said with a smile.

    "Wow... You are so strong...yet he is the one who saved your life? He must be quite strong!" Meng exclaimed as she looked somewhat shocked.

    " Yea... he is pretty strong," Mingyu said as a smile blossomed on her face.

    "He is so young yet so talented. He must be a Prince from a Royal Family of a really strong Empire, right?" Meng asked with a stunned look.

    Mingyu only smiled at her question but didn't answer her.

    'She's keeping it a secret as well... These two really know how to hide their identities..." Meng thought on the inside but she didn't let her thoughts show on her face.

    "Have you guys done that yet?" Meng asked as she looked at Mingyu with a mischievous smile on her face.

    "What?" Mingyu asked with a confused look on her face.

    " You know... Things that boyfriend and girlfriend do in bed" Meng said as she chuckled.

    " Yu... " Mingyu thought for a while before she realized the meaning of her words... her face turned crimson as she stuttered to find words to react.

    "You don't need to tell me if you're shy." Meng laughed as she said to Princess Mingyu.

    "When did you leave your Empire with him?" Meng asked again.

    "It feels like forever..." Mingyu let out suddenly as she remembered her family. Her expressions became downcast.

    "You miss your family?" Meng asked as she saw her expressions.

    "Yea..." Mingyu said as she nodded her head.

    "I have never been in love so I can't understand the feeling and what it must be like, but your love must be really amazing as it made you leave your family behind just to be with him.

    Mingyu didn't say anything as she sat with her head down.

    "I apologize if I'm in boring you," Meng said with a wry smile on her face as she noticed that Mingyu wasn't saying anything.

    "It's nothing like that." Mingyu shook her head as she said.

    "You ... Oh, looks like we're already there.."Meng was about to say something when she noticed that they were almost at their destination. She lowered her Soaring Lunar Eagle as she began to land.

    Ling and Ruan noticed this as well and followed the lead of Meng as they lowered their beasts as well.

    Soon after landing on the ground, they all got off their beasts.

    Long Chen saw the place he had landed and realized that it was a place he had passed through when he was going to the peak of the mountain. This place was somewhere in between the peak and the bottom of the mountain.

    Meng looked around and soon looked like she found something. She walked straight to a large rock that was placed in the open. Long Chen and the others followed her as they walked to the Rock as well.

    Long Chen gazed with curiosity as Meng picked that large rock up with ease. Meng put that rock to the side. As Meng removed that rock from its original place, Long Chen was finally able to see a large hole that was previously hidden by that rock.

    "It's deep... so be careful when jumping." Meng let out with a smile as she jumped into that hole.

    Ruan was the second person to jump inside.

    Ling silently walked forward as well, as she jumped inside.

    "Be careful..." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at Mingyu. He jumped inside as well. Long Chen used his Demon Monarch Physique along with his cultivation so as to be prepared for a deep fall.

    Long Chen fell for over ten meters before he saw the ground. He got ready for the landing and soon enough he landed on the ground, perfectly safe. He stepped aside as he cleared the place for Mingyu.

    In about a minute, Mingyu landed in the same spot as she joined up with Long Chen who was waiting for her.

    Long Chen walked with Mingyu as they walked in the slim corridor. The corridor widened soon enough as a big room appeared in front of everyone.

    Long Chen gazed around the room and noticed a big door at the center of the room.

    "This is where the actual entry to the tomb is..." Meng said as she gazed towards the large door.

    " To open it, we need to push the four symbols on the four sides of those walls at the same time... That's why I said that we need four people to enter the tomb," Meng said as she pointed towards four symbols on each of the walls in the room.

    "How do you know such details? " Mingyu asked as she looked as she gazed at Meng.

    " Oh, We found some directions about some of the formations and traps along with the map. Anyways let's get started." Meng said briefly as she walked towards the wall on her front. Long Chen smiled as he picked the wall on the right side. Ruan walked towards the left wall while Ling chose the last wall. Mingyu stood near Long Chen.

    "Everybody... touch the symbols in front of you on the count of three!" Meng let out loudly as she looked back.

    " 1.....2...3... Now!" Meng said loudly as she pressed the symbol in front of her. Long Chen, Ling, and Ruan all did the same at the same time. The symbols started shining as soon as their hands touched them. They shone for a short time before a heavy sound came.

    The still door moved a few inches backward and started sliding towards the right.

    "As soon as you cross that door, the real trial begins. There might be many unknown dangers that will most probably be life-threatening so I'll tell everyone to be careful! Yours and others life depend on it as one mistake can cause the death of us all. " Meng let out as she glanced at everyone.

    "I guess everyone is ready" Meng muttered as she saw the casual look on Long Chen's face and the determined look on Ruan's face. Mingyu and Ling both looked confident as well.

    "Let's go.." Meng let out with a smile on her face as she entered the tomb.

    "It's good that we have five people with us. Even if you die, we won't have to worry" Ruan laughed loudly as he glanced at Long Chen. He entered the tomb as well. Ling entered soon after along with Long Chen and Mingyu.
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