181 Chapter 181: Against the Earth

    "It's good that we have five people with us. Even if you die, we won't have to worry" Ruan laughed loudly as he glanced at Long Chen. He entered the tomb as well. Ling entered soon after along with Long Chen and Mingyu.

    As soon as he entered the room, Long Chen and the others saw four doors in front of them.

    There were words written on the doors. Although Long Chen couldn't read the words, Meng cleared his doubts.

    "Fire, water, Earth, wind..." Meng let out as she read the characters.

    "Xun, Is she telling the truth?" Long Chen asked Xun through his thoughts.

    "Yea... that's what the words say... although the order of the characters is different. The first door has a Water character. The second door has wind. The third one has the Earth, and the fourth door has fire... " Xun told Long Chen.

    "At least one person must enter each door. In other words, all four doors need to be entered by at least one person or we will die as soon as we enter any of the doors. " Meng let out as she looked at everyone.

    " I'll choose wind then ..." Ruan said as he looked towards the fourth door.

    "I will choose water..." Ling said with a smile.

    "Junior Sister Ling, you are still not strong enough to go alone. We have five people with us. How about you enter with one of us? " Meng let out as she gazed at Ling.

    Long Chen frowned as he heard her words, as her words meant that he and Mingyu would have to separate for now.

    "It's fine... If they can choose one door each, I'm stronger than them... I am sure that I'll come out with ease" Mingyu said with a smile as she saw the frown on Long Chen's face.

    "But... Alright, what is the element, amongst the four, that you are most confident about? " Long Chen wanted to dissuade her but gave up as he saw her determined expression.

    "Wind... but Ruan already chose that..." Mingyu told Long Chen.

    "Choose the second door then," Long Chen said to Mingyu with a mysterious smile on his face.

    "Alright! We agree that Ling is weak and shouldn't go alone. I'll take the second door then. " Mingyu let out with a confident look on her face as she followed Long Chen's advice.

    " See? Miss Mingyu understands it as well. I can't let you go alone." Meng said as she looked at Ling with a smile.

    "Alright, I'll come with Senior Sister Meng then" Ling nodded her head as she said to Meng.

    "Not me! I feel like since Master Chen is the strongest, how about you go with him?" Meng asked as she suggested.

    Ling didn't know how to deny her Senior Sister thus she only nodded to her suggestion.

    "Is it alright with you, Master Chen?" Meng asked as she looked at Long Chen.

    "It's fine with me" Long Chen let out after thinking for a brief moment.

    "Which door will you enter?" Meng asked Long Chen.

    "I'll choose the third door... Earth" Long Chen smiled as he walked towards the third door. Ling followed him and stood behind him.

    "I'll choose the first one then," Meng said as she smiled and walked towards the first door.

    All of them pushed their respective doors open and entered. As soon as they entered, the door closed behind them.

    Long Chen found himself standing in the deserted land. There was no grass on the ground and only sand. There were also two Stone Giants standing on both sides of him just over two steps ahead. Those Giants had a body that was over two and a half meters tall and over a meter wide. Their arms were as big as Long Chen's waist.

    "Uhmmm..." Long Chen let out with a stunned look on his face as he saw two more Giants at about two meters of straight distance from the first two Giants. There were two more ahead of them and so on. In total, Long Chen could see over Ten Stone Giants on the right side and the same number on the right.

    "I feel like they are our enemies that we need to defeat" Long Chen let out softly as he gazed at Ling.

    "You are being scared over nothing. They aren't even moving? I think that they are just statues used for decoration? " Ling said to Long Chen as she looked at the still Stone Giants.

    "Maybe... Why don't you take the first step?" Long Chen let out with a smile.

    " Sure I will... What's there to worry about?" Ling snorted as she stepped forward.

    As soon as Ling stepped ahead of Long Chen, a cracking sound was heard. She stopped where she was as she looked around. She gazed at the stone Giant but it was still looking as still as before. She didn't know why but she had a strange feeling but she ignored it. She thought that it was just her imagination. She took a second step forward. Again a cracking sound was heard but this time it didn't stop.

    She looked to the right as she saw the stone Giant which was standing in a different position. Instead of the previously blank eyes, there was now a yellow light in his eyes. She looked to the left and saw the second Stone Giant was the same.

    Both the stone Giants began moving towards Ling.

    Ling grew stunned as she saw both the Giants coming at her. She immediately began utilizing her cultivation as she attacked the giant on the right.

    "Wind slash! " She let out loudly as she attacked the giant. A sharp blade made of wind moved towards the stone Giant on the right as it slashed his chest.

    A deep gash appeared on the chest of the stone Giant but against its bulky body, it looked like nothing. The giant kept coming towards her.

    She kept attacking the Giants on her left and on the right constantly without wasting a single breath as she tried fighting them off but it looked like her attacks were having no major effects.

    "Earth is known for its strong defense. Its defense can't be broken so easily. To crush one such giant, one needs immense physical or offensive strength. She is too weak in front of them... "Long Chen muttered as he looked at the scene in front of him.

    "Can you wait here for a little bit?" Long Chen said in a soft voice as he gazed at little snow. He softly put little snow on the ground as he gazed at the scene ahead.

    The left Stone Giant was the first to reach Ling as he made a fist and tried hitting Ling.

    Ling was stunned as she saw no chance at survival. Her body stopped listening to her commands as she felt like her body grew extremely heavy. She couldn't move her feet even an inch as the first Stone Giant's fist came towards her.

    Ling closed her eyes as a tear fell from her eyes.

    "Aren't you forgetting someone?" A light voice came suddenly. Ling opened her eyes as she gazed in the direction of the sound.

    She saw Long Chen in the air as he punched towards the giant. She couldn't understand how Long Chen could jump that high but at that moment she only wanted one thing... to Survive.

    Long Chen packed a fist as he punched towards the head of the Stone Giant. The pressure in the air increased as a gust of wind began flowing along with Long Chen's fist.

    The fist landed on the head of the Stone Giant and soon enough, the Stone Giant broke into pieces as its pieces flew into the air.

    Long Chen landed on the ground amidst the crushed pieces of stone but he didn't stop as he disappeared from his spot. His speed was such that Ling couldn't even see his trail as he appeared behind the second Stone Giant.

    Long Chen kicked at the neck of the second Stone Giant and immediately his neck broke apart as his head fell to the ground but the Stone Giant didn't stop.

    Even without his head, The Stone Giant turned around as he attacked at Long Chen but Long Chen again disappeared from his spot as he dodged the attack and punched at the back of the Stone Giant. The Stone Giant broke into bits and pieces, just like the first since giant.

    Long Chen landed on the ground and turned back to gaze at Long.

    "Most of the time, things aren't the same as they seem. The same goes for inanimate objects, beasts as well as humans" Long Chen said with a smile as he gazed at the tear eyed Ling.

    "Just wait there little guy... there are still some things to take care of," Long Chen said with a smile as he glanced at Little Snow who was looking at him with its curious eyes.

    Long Chen turned back as he looked at the remaining Stone Giants who were still not moving. He walked forward and as he reached in front of the second pair of Stone Giants, they began moving as well. They attacked him. Long Chen kept fighting and destroying Stone Giants as he kept moving ahead.

    "They get stronger the further they are along the line" Long Chen muttered as he noticed that the Stone Giants he kept facing were stronger than the previous ones.

    "He is so... strong..." Ling muttered as her gaze fixed at Long Chen. She started at Long Chen with wide eyes as he kept destroying one Stone Giant after the other.

    Soon he was on the tenth and the last pair of Stone Giants.
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