182 Chapter 182:Is he dead?

    "He is so... strong..." Ling muttered as her gaze fixed at Long Chen. She stared at Long Chen with wide eyes as he kept destroying one Stone Giant after another.

    Soon, he was on the tenth and the last pair of Stone Giants.

    The last pair of Stone Giants looked somewhat taller and bulkier than the previous ones.

    Without wasting time, Long Chen stepped towards the Stone Giants as he attacked them. He attacked the right Stone Giant first.

    The Stone Giant punched back as its fist collided with Long Chen's fist. The Giant's whole arm was broken into pieces from the impact while Long Chen flew back and landed on the ground.

    He again attacked the Stone Giant and after some effort, the Stone Giant was destroyed as it's pieces flew everywhere.

    A few minutes after that, the last Stone Giant was destroyed as well.

    "Finally finished" Long Chen smiled as he walked back.

    Ling saw Long Chen coming towards her as her heart began beating faster.

    "Th... thank..." As Long Chen reached near her, she opened her red lips to thank Long Chen but her face turned sour as she saw Long Chen not stopping in front of her. Instead, Long Chen passed by her as he continued walking.

    "Sorry for making you wait," Long Chen let out with a smile as he stopped in front of Little Snow. He picked her up as he turned around.

    "Let's get going," Long Chen said as he finally looked at Ling.

    "Hmph... alright" Ling let out with a sour look on her face.

    Long Chen suddenly felt something strange as he looked around. Long Chen saw that the pieces of the destroyed Stone Giants began moving. All the stone pieces floated in the air as they moved towards the tenth pair of the Stone Giants that Long Chen had destroyed a few moments ago.

    Long Chen and Ling couldn't help but grow stunned as they saw the stone pieces combine as they took the form of a Stone Giant but this time the Stone Giant was over ten times bigger than the previous times. It stood at a height of over twenty meters.

    There was also a stone armor around the Stone Giants' chest. A stone hammer also took form in the hands of the Stone Giant.

    "Ah, man... Can you give me a break!!!" Long Chen let out with a tired look on his face as he saw the 20 meters tall Stone Giant.

    "I'm sorry for doing it again, but can you wait for longer?" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he put little snow to the ground again.

    Long Chen disappeared from his spot as he ran towards the Stone Giant. He used his Demon Monarch Physique as he punched at the chest of the Stone Giant. A large crater appeared on the Stone Giants chest but unlike previous times, this damage was somewhat lacking to the correct form factor of the giant.

    Long Chen moved backward but he was struck by the hammer of the Stone Giant as he flew away like a broken kite.

    Long Chen crashed on the ground as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    "That actually hurt," Long Chen let out as he gazed at the Stone Giant.

    Long Chen stood up from the ground as he got ready.

    "Thunder blade!" Long Chen let out loudly as he pointed his finger towards the sky.

    A few dark clouds formed on top of their heads which started to blare. Lights appeared amidst the clouds and soon a lightning blade appeared out of nowhere as it moved towards the Stone Giant.

    The Stone Giant felt the thunder blade coming towards him and swung his hammer towards the blade. The blade and the hammer collided but other than some damage to the hammer, no damage occurred on the Stone Giant.

    Long Chen again disappeared from his original spot as he punched out at the stone giant. The Stone Giant again swung his hammer but Long Chen dodged it as he again punched the same spot on his chest. The previous crater got even deeper. Long Chen kept dodging and attacking the Stone Giant as the damage to the Stone Giant kept increasing. The body of the Stone Giant was soon filled with cracks yet it was fighting Long Chen full of zest.

    After half an hour of dodging and attacking, the Stone Giant was destroyed as its body broke into pieces and fell to the ground.

    "That was a good exercise..." Long Chen let out as he sat on the ground. Long Chen turned to look back and noticed that Little Snow had climbed onto his lap.

    "Didn't I tell you to stay there?" Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face as he gazed at little snow. Little Snow didn't respond to Long Chen as it rested on his lap.

    "Alright little guy. Keep ignoring me..." Long Chen chuckled as he stood up.

    " Hopefully it's finally over... Let's get going" Long Chen said as he looked at Ling but he noticed that she was standing in a daze at her initial position. It was as if she couldn't believe her eyes. She couldn't believe what she had just witnessed.

    'Such strength...' She thought as she looked at Long Chen with a daze.

    Long Chen stood up as he walked towards Ling. He got near her as he stood in front of her.

    "Are you coming or should I leave your behind." Long Chen said with a smile as he tapped her shoulders.

    "Ah... ah... I'm coming..." Ling let out with a stunned look on her face. Her face was already crimson as she noticed Long Chen standing at such a close distance to her.

    Long Chen walked ahead while Ling followed him. The rest of the way, they didn't face much trouble as they soon reached the door on the other end. Long Chen pushed the door open as he left with Ling.


    On the other side, Mingyu, Meng, and Ruan were going through their own trials.

    Mingyu was walking on the deserted land as well. Sand storms kept appearing again and again as they kept being strengthened but Mingyu passed through them with ease. Amidst halfway through her journey, Mingyu noticed that the sandstorms were not only getting stronger but now there was one more threat to her. The sandstorms contained various bees like creatures that were flying inside the giant sandstorms. Those creatures attacked Mingyu as the sandstorms decreased her visibility.

    On the other hand, Ruan was cursing his luck as he was swimming in a large sea. Sea Monsters kept attacking him, though he killed them with ease. The thing that was troubling him the most was the swimming. He was getting tired as he cursed choosing this door.

    Meng, on the other hand, was walking through a place filled with heat and fire. Though she was prepared as she had an artifact to increase her resistance against the flames. The thing which troubled her was the creature that kept attacking her. They looked like they were made of fire, but her artifacts helped her immensely in resisting the attacks as she walked through the flaming field.


    Long Chen walked through the door as he entered a room. Ling crossed the door behind him.

    Long Chen looked around the room and noticed that there was a long corridor ahead of him. Behind him were four doors, one of whom was the door that Long Chen had passed through.

    "Have others not come yet?" Ling looked around the room as she let out.

    " I believe so... "Long Chen let out as he gazed at the doors.

    "They're quite slow... Do you want to go ahead?" Ling asked as she looked at Long Chen.

    " Nope, I'll wait for Yu" Long Chen said in a straight manner as he walked to a corner and sat down. His back rested against the walls as he gazed at the doors.

    "Oh..." Ling let out with a downcast look on her face as she looked down. She also walked towards Long Chen and sat beside him.

    Time passes slowly as Long Chen waited for others to walk through the doors.

    Half an hour passed when the first door opened. Long Chen gazed towards the door and saw Meng exit the door. Her clothes looked somewhat burnt at places, including her shoulders, her thighs, and in between her neck and her chest. It revealed her milky white skin to Long Chen.

    'Her clothes are burnt but not her skin... She must have something to defend her body against fire." Long Chen thought as he glanced at Meng.

    "Senior Sister Meng!!!" Ling stood up excitedly as she ran towards Meng.

    "Are you alright?" She asked with concern as she looked at Meng.

    "I'm fine Junior Sister Ling. What about you? " Meng asked back.

    " I'm fine as well. Master Chen protected me." Ling said with a smile as she looked back at Long Chen.

    "Oh? I must thank Master Chen then." Meng said with a chuckle as she gazed at Long Chen.

    "As expected, you are the first one to exit," Meng said with a smile as she walked towards Long Chen.

    " I was expecting you to cross first. Quite disappointing" Long Chen let out with a smile.

    "Hey? I'm still faster than your girlfriend" Meng laughed lightly as she winked at Long Chen.

    As Long Chen opened his mouth to say something, the second door opened as well.

    Long Chen smiled as he saw Mingyu exit the door. She dusted her clothes which were covered in sand.

    "Need some help?" Long Chen said to Mingyu.

    "No thanks," Mingyu said with a smile as she walked towards Long Chen.

    " Only Ruan is next. Seeing his cultivation, I never expected him to be last." Long Chen let out with a smile as he looked at Meng.

    "Senior Brother Ruan will soon be here." Ling let out with a confident look on her face.

    "If you say so.." Long Chen said casually before he turned his attention to Mingyu.

    "What did you face inside?" Long Chen asked Mingyu with a curious look on her face.

    Mingyu began describing the events with great interest.

    Four hours passed as they waited for Ruan, but the fourth door didn't open.

    "Is he dead?" Long Chen let out with a curious look on his face as he saw Ruan not exiting even after so long but just as he said it, the fourth door opened.

    Ruan passed through the fourth door with fully drenched clothes as he breathed heavily. He fell down to his knees right after crossing the door.

    Long Chen couldn't help but burst into laughter as he saw Ruan's condition.
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